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  1. it would be cool if they had gifts like vanities that are very rare
  2. ZaoLi

    The bad parts of playing Pokemon

    wicked sig bro
  3. ZaoLi

    The bad parts of playing Pokemon

    u wasted all this time making this post when u could have been ev training or getting egg moves
  4. ZaoLi

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    bro i never complained lmao. i told him how it is rare to already encounter a regular rare pokemon, why make the shiny chance worse than the 1/27,000 rate it already is? that is all i have said edit: like what does he want? the odds to be 1/1,000,000 ? i dont even understand what the proposition is
  5. ZaoLi

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    i never said i have worse chances??
  6. ZaoLi

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    bruh, go try to find a squirtle real quick. tell me if u think u have decent chances of getting shiny squirtle
  7. ZaoLi

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    lol no. u want rare shinies to be even more rare? what? its rare to find them in the wild. that diminishes your chances intensely. u want it so no one could ever possibly find a rare shiny?
  8. it would be nice if there was a count of ppl in the PVP queue for NU battling. might influence more people to join the queue
  9. ZaoLi

    are hidden abilities coming?

    dragonite is a mess to make i just wanted to make sure
  10. has there been any announcement of the possibility?
  11. dang bilburt i like your profile pic
  12. ZaoLi

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    Squirtle backpack shell
  13. ZaoLi

    [MOD] Winter Tile Mod

    oops i realized my question has been answered already
  14. It would be cool if we could catch and breed the legendary birds and dogs, and maybe some other legendary pokemon, to create an uber tier.

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