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  1. Sad life when you're from team orpe and don't care about shiny, i found 1 time ago and they even insulted me for selling it in order to buy comps
  2. My new purchases https://myfigurecollection.net/item/740485 https://myfigurecollection.net/item/740484 Megumin and aqua Pre-ordered and will be here in some months https://myfigurecollection.net/item/44942 K-on Yui ending version will arrive soon <3 the first two has been expansive but i love konosuba
  3. I'm sorry i am not a good photographer, I hope you can still appreciate my hanekawa action figure, she is SO beautiful. Counting shipping cost I paid her 140€
  4. the tournament is dead, was a good idea tho. if people want to continue i'm still in
  5. I hate going out with my friends and then realize they're late I hate going out with my friends I hate going out Oh, and stall teams
  6. Steins gate 0 for PS4 That's the first, Only hearing the title screen music ost send me shivers
  7. For game you mean the visual novel i think, visual novels are considered games. I have steins;gate 0 for PS4, as i told before is not as good as the first but it completes the story, about the anime of sg0 you're watching now i know everything already because I have "played the game"
  8. I don't want to open a discussion about it but if you like reading, read the visual novel instead. It's pratically the best thing in the world, The anime adaptation is fine because it's impossible to ruin such a good story. I can assure you that in this moment.. not knowing how good is the visual novel... You're totally not aware about how big is the difference and what a masterpiece is the visual novel, watching the anime might be the worst mistake of your life and what's sad is that you will never know about how bad was that mistake of knowing steins;gate not by the VN but by the anime instead I might seem the kind of person who always say "the book is better" when people talk about movies, But the steins;gate's experience has given me something irreplaceable for the rest of my life and that's why i had to write this, anyway it's your choice. Thank your for reading my overly obsessed and weaboo post. El Psy Kongroo
  9. K-on figures are on my wished, totally gonna buy once I have a job, the main thing i would like to buy right now is matoi ryuuko of good smile but every site is exagerating with the price
  10. that's the action figure https://myfigurecollection.net/item/35297 based on quality/price that's one of the best figures in circulation if you're interest that's my collection https://myfigurecollection.net/profile/Burrodicacao/collection/ there's so many other figures I'd like to buy.....
  11. That's my makise, sadly the photo is bad and made with an old mobile phone.
  12. I've read the visual novel an year ago, not as good as the first steins;gate but it's curious and the ending is quite good. A lot of stuff were useless and boring and I realized that most of it has not been cut in the anime, since steins;gate visual novel is the only 10 I've ever given it's very hard to match my expectations, I've enjoyed the episode 8 (this scene doesn't exist in the steins;gate 0 visual novel)
  13. Epic Name: Burro Di Cacao Platform: Computer Server: Europe Lifetime K/D: 2.08 Season 5 K/D: 3.26 your expectations on me make me feel pressure everytime I play with you XD also I'm quite sure I'm not good enough to duo vs squad anyway, imagine if I get matched with boku no hero fan @cchiovitti527
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