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  1. The title of best anime of summer season 2018 will be hard fought between Shingeki s3 and harukana receive.
  2. Mitch730

    Anime OSTs

    Damn I have been anticipated on chihayafuru. Then I ll put this one This is not only an OST but is the song in the title menu visual novel of little busters. I know not a lot of people read visual novels but for those who have read it I am sure this song have a lot of meaning, it's been long time since when I have read LB and hearing this still makes my heart suffering a bit It's on the anime too (I didn't like the anime adaptation honestly) but also on a very important moment of the VN, I want to share with you what's written in that VN scene while this song is going on
  3. Mitch730

    Football discussion thread

    last 10 minutes japan poland, I never follow matches but as a true weaboo animetard I am... I'm supporting japan
  4. Mitch730

    Anime Opening/Ending Thread

    I love this song, im learning to read the lyrics in japanese, studying all the kanji
  5. Mitch730


    nice man, it must have been stressfull
  6. Mitch730


    Oh my god I swear this spin is soooooo cool.. just a question... why?? XD
  7. Mitch730


    so many memories.. I used to play osu more than 10 years ago y.y add me! should be injection! Let's play Youthful I am ready to go
  8. Mitch730


    I have appreciated this win of mine a lot because at the moment we were 6 ppl left, i literally killed all other 5... Actually I have a 5.60% win rate in solo but that's my first season and so I have lost a lot of matches because i was still learning. I wonder if i can make it to 10% next season... Damn that would be a big satisfaction... 10% WIN RATE THE DREAM
  9. Mitch730


    I just want to say that i wasn't dead, i just disconnected after the win XD
  10. Mitch730


    OMG ahah damn i would never have the courage to play without some healing stuff
  11. Mitch730


    And that's my 40th victory in solo. A little satisfaction! Slowly getting stronger
  12. Mitch730


    I am up now if someone want to, Nick Burro Di Cacao
  13. Mitch730


    MY FIRST VICTORY IN SOLO!!!!!! not even 1 week of play u______u I FEEL SO HAPPY XD
  14. Mitch730


    Whenever you want!! add me! i play a bit better now, i have improved my aim a lot but i am stil slow at construction.. I have bought battle pass and i need to exp it quickly, hoping you have it too let's team up even for more experience to lvl up
  15. Mitch730



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