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  1. Even if I am deviating from the original theme, now that you mention the vanity. You have noticed the amount of vanity articles that currently exist, the list is really extensive, but, to finish their respective regions there is no time, great pokemmo (I am waiting for you to finish the battle front of hoen, since 2015), but Well, this has nothing to do with the subject of economics. Returning to the subject itself, you mention something really interesting "the old people are a millionaire" in part is right, and thanks to that we can open another issue, the economy is stagnant also because there are less and less new people who want to give way to competitive , since they do not always give the times, if you see in tournaments they are always the same, and there we are, THE STAFF SHOULD INSENTIVATE ITS USERS, not to give nerf and these things to vary.
  2. Your ideology is quite right, people do not want to be connected to islands, gyms and npc 5h, everything is a matter of time, what used to cost 2h, now you need to be 5h to get the same money, prices were reduced if, but only and simply, that NO ONE PURCHASES, simply because of that, the economy is super frozen. With regard to the latter, there was a time when things worked well, I called it "the golden age" was in 2015-2016, the economy was fine, if I remember correctly, the GTL was barely being implemented, the developers understood that the strong point of the game were the shinys and the competitive ones, therefore there was greater access to economic resources and therefore the economy worked, some were doing business raising others with berries, others with shinys sales, nowadays, nobody wants raise, LESS SELL them on request, do not feel like it.
  3. I understand the search for shinys, but not the farm, that is due to the need to produce gold, in order to continue looking for shinys or compete, I also agree that you have to farm, which does not mean you should do it in excess, if one wants a shiny initial, to make an effort, but if one wants to raise a simple 5x31, it does not take 6 days to raise it, I don't know if you are an old player here, but I am quite here, and in the golden age of mmo, where there were not many people from other languages, only English or Spanish, among others, things were different, if one wanted something he did it with dedication, but not being connected for 8 hours a day, to get it, I understand that It's a mmo, but you don't have to exploit people, we have life, not everyone can be there all day without doing anything. PS: the devaluation of the pokeyen does not affect the entry of trade if there are no people to trade, in other words, it does not matter if you sell something for $ 1, if there are no people who do not buy it, because you do not want to be 6 hours to get that $ 1.
  4. Yes of course, Mr. GM, you ask me for examples, well here are some: Changes that a normal player can see: - The gain of gyms and islands among other npc, have been nerfeados. -The appearance of items has been disincremented. - It has tripled the time that one must be online to be able to produce gold and thus be able to raise competitive or buy shinys. Maybe the message was not really understood, I just explained that the economy is frozen, enter the game, see in the "trade" chat see how only the people of China sell nothing more, that is due to a stagnation on the part of the economy , if there is no money, there are no buyers or sellers, and I do not know how the Chinese do it, but one when playing pokemon WANTS TO COMPETITION, NOT BEING 5H DAILY FOR 5 DAYS GATHERING GOLD TO BE RAISE A 5X31. si claro, señor GM, usted me pide ejemplos, bueno aqui van algunos: Cambios que un jugador normal puede ver: - La ganancia de los gyms y islas entre otros npc, han sido nerfeados. -Se a desincrementado la aparicion de items. -Se a triplicado el tiempo que uno debe estar online para poder producir oro y asi poder criar competitivos o comprar shinys. quizás el mensaje no se entiendi realmente, solo explico que la economia esta congelada, entre al juego, vea en el chat de " trade" vea como solo las personas de china vende nada mas, eso se debe a un estancamiento de parte de la economia, si no hay dinero, no hay compradores ni vendedores, y no se como lo hacen los chinos, pero uno al jugar pokemon QUIERE COMPETIR, NO ESTAR 5H DIARIAS POR 5 DIAS REUNIENDO ORO PARA PODER CRIAR UN 5X31.
  5. We are not talking about itself, to place the items / pokemons at a lower price, but to increase the gain of the players, so as not to stagnate the economy, which is what is really happening now.
  6. Well, I'm not happy to be 5 hours trying to collect gold, which before in 2 hours, as I said before, adding a region MUST add not subtract the economy, and here clearly rest.
  7. I'm aware of how a mmo works, but the problem is the decline of the game, for not going back, 2 years ago, things were much better, adding regions should add to the economy, NOT REMAIN, boy.
  8. My problem, like many others, is that the economy is currently stagnant. The publication does not go into details because it is understood the current situation of the game, farm to die. PD: With regard to being desperate for the prices of global GT and chat, you are wrong, I may have expressed myself wrong, I was referring to the fact that as the economic situation is bad, there are fewer sales, so prices begin to inflate little by little, or there are too many less sales than before, but of course, it is mainly for people who do not spend real money in the game, with RP there would be no problems, the problem is that it is a game No PayToWin theoretically, but every day they strive to do so, PayToWin PPD: In summary, the limit of money that one can get through the game itself (whether gyms or islands, among other npc, as well as with the items) has been exaggeratedly limited. In doing so, the happy player must spend hours and hours trying to farm, which is wrong, since the strong point of the game should be the competitive one, not FARM. Thanks for the reply, sorry for the syntax errors. pp
  9. Hello everyone, I write this post as a measure of complaint and / or suggestion due to the current economy, the situation currently in the game is critical. Currently for the average player, (from 2 to 4h per day) it is desperate to see the current prices in channel trade and gtl, but above all the new methods of farming, which among which are scarce, do not yield, due to multiple nerfs in these. In my particular case, I have a job, I can not spend all day with farm, islands and gymnasiums, since they have been brutally nerfed, the issue is serious, because what I call the most from the game are competitive pokemons, but Due to the low farm profit rate, it costs a lot of farm, preventing you from creating new equipment for yourself. It would be good for the staff (especially GM as GS as well as always being nice to the community, but they can't do it themselves), read it seriously to the post, and not as one more, that they answer personally, and that changes are applied as close as possible. In the end, thanks for your time to everyone who has read it and to the day-to-day users, leave your opinion, please, we are a community. PD:we are already in 2019 to 4 years that hoen was implemented ... it would not be time to ... END THE FRONT BATTLE ? xD
  10. hi to the community of pokemmo, I'm here to suggest a little idea that occurred to me when I was in the jajajaja bathroom ('s not the case) in order, I thought in the event as the Halloween but that the bags (in this case would be eggs) are parties or ageless stones., add special items of the event will leave that up to developers, but the idea is simple, but entertaining. Thanks in advance and I hope their answers, for me, it's a great idea, right see that other people think.
  11. I understand that, but could post for the forum some pictures or something of what are currently working, but not just don't postea nothing.. you know what happens today. in the forum this eases to give ideas, so it is not boring the game, but you always read, but you never take into account, then, nothing changes
  12. Above all ... hello again mmo community. The cause of this issue is the following : and noticed a decline in the number of people who enters and remains in pokemmo, a walk to many still people in the amount will decline slowly, the razón?a though GM and the staff do people daily events want something new ... has been said by some languages that the update will be in April, but that is only the pts, then have to wait many months to be implemented really ... So ... with unfinished hoenn, some bugs that are not yet settled that they have been reported I really wonder whether they are taking seriously the developers .... I expect an answer of a member of staff tell me that they will something new very soon ...
  13. you are aware of the east of the shiny? if youre not, then go to find, were hordes, but also full of metetings xD i dont mean that, i mean you have to be a long time to collect money( island and routes, gyms) to the end you give 300k or something similar, the money seems to me little, compared with the time that you give. There are people who cant be two hours doing it that every day :( im not aware of the percentage, but what if i know is that before was more drop of everstone, change something, may the drops others have improved but everyone knows it is used are everstone.
  14. good a good thing, as was eventually decided to get here and I read interesting things. First of all, Good tardes/buenas días/buenas good to all who read this message, with the exit of the new generation the people are going crazy, but I'll leave you here a list of things know all the people want : 1) _ the reshaping of the leaders of hoenn gym of 20h to 14h (like not to take advantage of it, but also to be a way of farmear). 2) _ the implementation of returning to fight with the leaders of kanto (although this was not in the story, you can do, and very easily, developers are very good and a homework and don't get no problem) 3) _ to completion of the front of battle (a shame that still won't end, without more to say) 4) _ an increase of 4 % of money in every npc. 5) _ an increase of 3 % for items (I would say a little bit more, but I don't think that into more) 6) _ an increase of 2 % in the brilliant pokemones hunt. (Most likely to stress that this is not meant for things of generation West, but it is present but needs to be something about it).
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