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  1. hi to the community of pokemmo, I'm here to suggest a little idea that occurred to me when I was in the jajajaja bathroom ('s not the case) in order, I thought in the event as the Halloween but that the bags (in this case would be eggs) are parties or ageless stones., add special items of the event will leave that up to developers, but the idea is simple, but entertaining. Thanks in advance and I hope their answers, for me, it's a great idea, right see that other people think.
  2. Charly

    Pokemmo is in decline....

    I understand that, but could post for the forum some pictures or something of what are currently working, but not just don't postea nothing.. you know what happens today. in the forum this eases to give ideas, so it is not boring the game, but you always read, but you never take into account, then, nothing changes
  3. Above all ... hello again mmo community. The cause of this issue is the following : and noticed a decline in the number of people who enters and remains in pokemmo, a walk to many still people in the amount will decline slowly, the razón?a though GM and the staff do people daily events want something new ... has been said by some languages that the update will be in April, but that is only the pts, then have to wait many months to be implemented really ... So ... with unfinished hoenn, some bugs that are not yet settled that they have been reported I really wonder whether they are taking seriously the developers .... I expect an answer of a member of staff tell me that they will something new very soon ...
  4. Charly

    The next generation is ...

    you are aware of the east of the shiny? if youre not, then go to find, were hordes, but also full of metetings xD i dont mean that, i mean you have to be a long time to collect money( island and routes, gyms) to the end you give 300k or something similar, the money seems to me little, compared with the time that you give. There are people who cant be two hours doing it that every day :( im not aware of the percentage, but what if i know is that before was more drop of everstone, change something, may the drops others have improved but everyone knows it is used are everstone.
  5. Charly

    The next generation is ...

    good a good thing, as was eventually decided to get here and I read interesting things. First of all, Good tardes/buenas días/buenas good to all who read this message, with the exit of the new generation the people are going crazy, but I'll leave you here a list of things know all the people want : 1) _ the reshaping of the leaders of hoenn gym of 20h to 14h (like not to take advantage of it, but also to be a way of farmear). 2) _ the implementation of returning to fight with the leaders of kanto (although this was not in the story, you can do, and very easily, developers are very good and a homework and don't get no problem) 3) _ to completion of the front of battle (a shame that still won't end, without more to say) 4) _ an increase of 4 % of money in every npc. 5) _ an increase of 3 % for items (I would say a little bit more, but I don't think that into more) 6) _ an increase of 2 % in the brilliant pokemones hunt. (Most likely to stress that this is not meant for things of generation West, but it is present but needs to be something about it).
  6. I just hope that the place fast( the beta was in 2012, i believe) and yet theres no legendary birds, is undersood to be weoking on in, but it would be better if the second that they delay in creating a time of fashion, it will spend the second of the pokemons these before....

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