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  1. Why life is rude xD (LF internet)

  2. Hello, welcome. Guten Tag, willkommen.
  3. Hello. I would love a gold sword like the staff has a gold hammer. Or only a sword with the size of gold hammer.
  4. *New boss of team Rocket. I love it, Darkshade. ;)
  5. I like it, thank you for your time to do this signature with my favourite pokemon. ♥
  6. Hello. I would love another signature please, Platoons. ^^ Name: PrinceShawn Team(optional): Render: Shawn Frost Donations: 75k
  7. Hello. I really love the work of Darkshade, I love my new character. ♥ ♪ ~ ~ ♪ P.S.: My character with my new style is added. (~)
  8. PrinceShawn


    Hi. Welcome to PokeMMO. I hope see more details about you later. ^^
  9. Hello, nice to meet you. I hope you'll enjoy the community. ^^
  10. Hi hi miss Ploegy. I would love another signature made by you, please. ^_^ Text: PrinceShawn Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Kagamine Len (from Vocaloid) Background: I would like a blue background if possible Anything else?: If you can add some water pokemons on the background it can be coool ♥ Good luck and thank you in advance. [♪]
  11. Ghosts? Your avatar... Bleach... Soul Society... Souls...... [spoiler]> Shawn is out[/spoiler]
  12. Hola. Bienvenido. Debe agregar una traducción en inglés en tu post. Es en las reglas. Hello. Welcome. You must add an English translation in your post. It's in the rules.
  13. Hi hi. Welcome to PokeMMO. I hope you will enjoy our community.
  14. PrinceShawn


    Hi, nice to meet you.
  15. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Dq_0Qjthl_0
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