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  1. Why life is rude xD (LF internet)

  2. Hello, welcome. Guten Tag, willkommen.
  3. Hello. I would love a gold sword like the staff has a gold hammer. Or only a sword with the size of gold hammer.
  4. *New boss of team Rocket. I love it, Darkshade. ;)
  5. I like it, thank you for your time to do this signature with my favourite pokemon. ♥
  6. Hello. I would love another signature please, Platoons. ^^ Name: PrinceShawn Team(optional): Render: Shawn Frost Donations: 75k
  7. Hello. I really love the work of Darkshade, I love my new character. ♥ ♪ ~ ~ ♪ P.S.: My character with my new style is added. (~)
  8. PrinceShawn


    Hi. Welcome to PokeMMO. I hope see more details about you later. ^^
  9. Hello, nice to meet you. I hope you'll enjoy the community. ^^
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