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  1. Congrats on the shiny Ralts! I would also love to take part in the Exploud raffle.
  2. Upvote. I'd even differentiate between trainers. E.g. amulet coin gives 100 points. With each trainer battle points are consumed based on payout. Gym leaders / Morimoto: 4 points Rich boyz / ladies, ...: 3 points Other trainers: 1-2 points Tuberz, Swimmers: 0 points
  3. There's one issue, that bothers me: Dying should give back at least some PP. It feels incredibly frustrating, when your team (especially 2 member ones) has used up (almost) all PPs for the damaging moves and you die (i.e. you messed up or got super unlucky at a bad time). Then it doesn't matter how many lives you still got - you don't have a chance to get to the shrine. IMHO you should at least have a chance to win the 3 required battles - somewhere between 5-10 PP per move. I know, you can play around it, have a bigger team (4 members), better PP management, change mons more often, etc. ... But when you mess up - the time you spend burning through the rest of your lives is just having a bad time. :-(
  4. If I understand this right, the overall chance of a phenomena encounter having at least 1 30+ IV is about 52%.
  5. According to my calcs, a normal random encounter has a 32% chance to have at least 1 30+ IV Does this mean, phenomena encounters are actually worse?
  6. Thank you so much for "advanced filters for PC search"


    Love it.

    1. Risadex


      Poor @Shu,  Kyu is stealing all the credits.

    2. muskeBLUE


      Yeah, sorry. Please redirect the credit to where it belongs ;-)


      On the other hand - I guess - it works both ways: Kyu probably gets all the hate for the things he didn't do too.

      So well, ...


  7. No. I did all the ribbons on a couple of my OT shinies and gift shinies - for decoration of the shinies and the reward for the hard challenge. https://imgur.com/a/Ur8k7 Getting those battle tower ribbons on a Tangela is quite hard. The reward for this was the collection of ribbons. Don't take them away from me and my shinies!
  8. I think this point needs adjustment or at least clarification. If for example the first event ends like this: Player A with 170 points (165 + 5 species bonus) Player B with 168 points (163 + 5 species bonus) Player C with 167 points (167 + 0 species bonus) Player D with 166 points (166 + 0 species bonus) Then the 2 entries for overall leadership would be Player A (165) and Player B (163)? Now what if there is no Player B? Player A with 170 points (165 + 5 species bonus) Player C with 167 points (167 + 0 species bonus) Player D with 166 points (166 + 0 species bonus) Then Player A wins the event and is second in the race for overall leadership? I guess that could lead to a lot of confusion.
  9. found this bat last night: 2nd OT after this beauty a bit more than a year ago:
  10. Not that it matters anymore, but there were a lot of NevermeltIces at the North Pole.
  11. I started just to play a game together with my sister and my girlfriend. (My sister got us hooked.) My goal atm. is to breed and raise at least one competitive OU pokemon (including gatherin all relevant information) to get a feeling what this tournament thing must feel like.
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