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  1. lmao
  2. Rendiz bets 500k on him (Rendiz) beating DoctorPBJ - Torin 1M on VALE beating Caterpies
  3. Probs if we get gen4 in next update
  4. Add Infernape, I like how cool it looks.
  5. Already got 2 people on Gunt vs Kimi (Mike & Toast) so you can't take that one, all good for the other 3 bets tho
  6. LeJovi's bets The Human Caterpie (0) vs VALE (0) OU: Aerun vs Maekaaay - Toast OU: Kevola vs LeJovi - Toast OU: Legendl vs AbdOu - Toast / Gypss UU: DABBROoo vs Osuki UU: overToasted vs EpicVerde - Lazaaro NU: YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL vs SejuaniSupport - Toast / Lazaaro NU: GymLeaderGaryy vs Miguelez - Mike / Gypss Doubles: DoctorPBJ vs Rendiz - Toast / Lazaaro DPP: Gunthug vs Kimikozen - Mike / Toast 100k each unless specified. Willing to take up to 2 bets on everyone. xStarr / JIce can't take any of my bets. 1m VALE beats Caterpies.
  7. Welp just noticed in Auto-Duel, if I have a monster equiped with Big Bang Shot and AI summons my Cyber Raider it destroys my own Equip Spell thus removing my own monster from play... Also kinda dumb that it still can't set a high level monsters after using Stray Lambs, it just uses Stray Lambs and lets them die to w/e
  8. I feel like having your team in 1st Place + being undefeated should automatically give you best manager award.
  9. lol that's a pretty random thing to do even when bored, dope sig tho think I'll use it
  10. but you is hacker
  11. dude I've been farming keith like hell, not a single stim pack drop yet smh
  12. haxed so hard in the end lmfao
  13. Finally going to level up Keith to 25 to get that sick Metalmorph, building a Machine deck cuz I like dem Machines. Gonna need to get x3 Twin Barrel Dragons and 1 or 2 Sargeant Electro. This is what I have now, I know it's not great cuz I need to farm some cards to make a few replacements, LF tips.
  14. Already got him (think it was at 200k points), no OP skill