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  1. iirc the introduction of johto starters were not mentioned in any changelog either
  2. Masked Des Guardius woot woot
  3. Banned LC mons should be allowed in LC Doubles :(
  4. When u mom = u dad but not u sis
  5. Lol last time you were good was in 2015, noob @Parke
  6. Is this your opinion or all of TC's? I feel like you just wanna run hard gimmick stuff that Chansey renders useless
  7. Balance > Stall Because wynaut?
  8. Moving up from OU to Ubers Breloom: How ever this Focus Punch 1ko Weezing if spanish nabbs...
  9. @Munya This thread is open for some reason Also for the keks Moving up from NU to Ubers Shuckle: This nabb poke is ever how cancer never die @DarylDixon
  10. Sooo unban Chansey? @BurntZebra @gbweed @Gunthug @Rigamorty @OtherTCDudes
  11. Shhh shut up he no want fight with you.
  12. Cash me online how bout dah
  13. LF infos on Jumpluff, Hitmontop, Gligars and Raichus