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  1. Are you really surprised by this even after we got a NU Ninjask...
  2. Hey Des didn't namedrop me, feelsgud.
  3. Team Name: No Rematch Team Tag: NĂ˜RE Registered Players: LifeStyle / DoctorPBJ / Lazaaro / Rendiz / aftershocker / Kevola / Miguelez / Zigh / MurcielagoSV / YungTor Team Captain: LifeStyle
  4. cala perra
  5. Like Lil Yachty would say, my uguu...chill
  6. lmao what, can't beat elite 4?
  7. Indeed good sir, I agree.
  8. I see more Calm Toxic Chimes than those Bold CM ones
  9. 5/5 lv40 matches dropping a SR, ez?
  10. CB pursuit Metang/CM Sig Beam Rest Xatu or Girafa/CB Aggron are probs the best chimecho switchins. CB Aggron is gay but it can be played around with the right predicts, scariest move it carries has 75% acc so theres always that risk in spamming it. Whiscash is the safest switch but honestly you can predict the turn it rests and bring something else to setup on it, or Bold Roselia and lay spikes which will make Whiscash job at handling Aggron a bit harder. I think the 2 major reasons Aggron is used so much are having Sturdy and being a free switch vs Chimecho (unless some anti-Aggron set like random HP Ground/Fight lure), otherwise Aggron really can't come in on anything else due to its huge amount of weaknesses, Aggron is only scary once it gets a free hit and switching vs Chimecho provides it just that.
  11. All the good players do, some even more than 58. You probs wont see a random nabb using that invest
  12. Lmao, click on the match buddy, I lost because my toaster that I call a laptop decided to fry.
  13. Lmao Eric's only achievement on this game was based on a popularity contest, most of the votes for Manager of the season were a joke, I remember Gazelnis vote being something like "I vote for Eric cuz I like him". I mean, why would he vote for Kaynine if they hate each other? Kaynine's team obviously had the best performance during regular season, only reason he did not win the award is cuz most people who were voting have some sort of beef with him. Also > Comparing being a manager with being a player, complete different roles, how are you even going to shit talk a player's record if you don't even play yourself? pooped af imo Keep holding on to that sig cuz ur probably never achieving anything better.
  14. Raichu sets: SP Def Wall - Careful - 252 HP+SP Def Volt Tackle / Wish / Protect / Surf or Extremespeed or Toxic Full Special set - Timid - 252 Sp Attack+Speed Thunderbolt / Surf / HP Grass or HP Ice / Signal Beam (HP Grass more recommended for this one imo) Mixed sets - Hasty or Naive - 252 Sp Attack+Speed or 252 Attack+Speed Thunderbolt (if 252 Sp Attack) / Surf / HP Grass or HP Ice / Focus Punch or Extremespeed Volt Tackle (if 252 Attack) / Surf / HP Grass or HP Ice / Focus Punch or Extremespeed Shuckle is pretty simple, either go Impish 252 HP+Def or Careful 252 HP+Sp Def, or choose one of both and split defenses with 252 HP Encore / Knock Off or Wrap / Toxic / Rest