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  1. Best of 2017

    Might keep updating this, unless I 100% stop caring or that update comes early and fucks all tiers
  2. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    Hes old RNSC member apparently, has like a new alt every week Id give him the benefit of the doubt and say he hasn't check forums lately but will probs pay shit soon
  3. Super Fang you mean, not Pain Split
  4. Tier council?

    are you serious what you are talking
  5. Tier council?

    yeah it defo shouldn't be worried about anything scarf'd, especially in NU ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    ever how spanish nabbs too 100% shiny luck...
  7. Tier council?

  8. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    > No officials until 15th (obvs not counting that one at 4AM) k.
  9. Tier council?

    Pls Omastar offensively is way superior to Gore, it has more weaknesses but iirc ground/fight types arent really seen much in NU and it has better setup opportunity vs normal spam. Theres also the fact Omastar can perform more roles like being a bulky spiker in a tier where we lack decent spinners and all of them just get shredded by a stab surf except maybe sp def hitmonchan or something, which is not really worth running outside of spinning vs omastar. And Poliwrath really cant switch vs stab returns that well, it sure wouldnt be my 1st option to try stopping bull.
  10. Tier council?

    I agree that Rhydon is too OP for UU, not 100% convinced on Fera but yes I believe it could be broken too. Just saying I feel a bad precedent is set when you just point a finger at Fera and say "OMG MEGA BROKEN NOT EVEN WORTH TESTING" but then turning your heads the other way at stuff like Granbull or Omastar dropping tiers.
  11. @gbwead add me, just wanna make sure psl doesnt turn into rng vs lyle shit fest
  12. Bushs Custom HP Breeding

    Hejj bro u never told me the price on team discord
  13. Baton Pass?

  14. Tier council?

    I don't think usage-based moves are bad, I mean that's like the whole point of having tiers. Just don't agree with letting some things move down for a test while keeping other stuff in BL without giving it a try. (Like not thinking Granbull/Omastar is too OP in NU but then not letting Rhydon/Feraligatr have a try in UU)
  15. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    skill > hax

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