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  1. Damn, gotta win 50 duels with 1 or less card in deck to unlock Bastion. Summon 200 Dark monsters to unlock Aster.
  2. Yeah I figured Benfica would hit rock bottom this year after selling half the team. fucking 5-0 loss to Basel lmao
  3. In 2 days (28th). I think Jaden, Alexis, Chazz and Aster Phoenix are going to be fully unlockable right away with this new world. Also a possibility for Bastion or Crowler tho one or even both of those will only be unlockable through limited times (Events).
  4. Hey guys leave Sebita alone. I like him (no uguu) even tho his record in Blazikens was super shit :*
  5. Hejj bro. This game is AMAZING and these forums are also AMAZING and staff members are also AMAZING. I'm sure you'll love all of it.
  6. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen4ou-636035142 I swear I'm like 50 - 2 against this guy or something, LF more people to play ladder
  7. 2016 DarylDixon woulda love this
  8. @Parke https://twitter.com/LiLHeathenMMA/status/910976441864544256/photo/1 Only took him a year for that comeback. Worth?
  9. Is your only OT still that Diglett or got anything new?
  10. I just can't wait to face asians running 3 floodgate trap holes
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