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  1. Please. The same server shutdown / restart / please log out shake and sound effects you guys use, give it as an "option" in the settings for players to enable / disable for shiny encounters... Thank you!
  2. so stupid. Can't have it both ways, either let people say the words or remove the option entirely. I am never gonna fucking say a line of any lyric because of this shit
  3. I said the line of the song without dodging filterI have it off
  4. It is ridiculous to have a chat filter setting, which enables the players to be able to see or hide words such as fuck... then have people that get offended report you for using said word IN A SONG LYRIC. Might as well get rid of it altogether if you don't want people saying curse words and the such in your chat. "yes but context matters" it's the fucking lyrics of a song mate.
  5. uwu someone took statistics ;) good ol coin toss
  6. So you really don't want amulet coins to be worth buying for people to farm gyms / trainers?
  7. @HackGod Before bed for 1 hour I farmed 10 amulets. This morning 1 hour I farmed 2.
  8. Would be nice if this could be confirmed so I can stop wasting my time? Went from 10 amulets an hour before bed to barely 1 in an hour
  9. using @Takens method I was able to farm 3 coin amulets and selling them on the GTL thus making my money back. Conclusion? PROFITZ Good patch bois
  10. this might help actually, I was using smeargle in route 4 or so lmao.
  11. A couple of days ago I wrote down how much money I made farming all 3 regions in a day, good thing I did because now we can do this. BEFORE PATCH: kanto hoenn unova Before Total: 272,221 AFTER PATCH: kanto hoenn unova After Total: 332,242 Things to consider: 1) I tried to farm amulet for 2 hours but found nothing so I gave up and purchased 2 amulet to use for these runs (I already had one but I didn't use it) 2) Kanto and Hoenn can be done with 1 amulet if you 1HKO or 2HKO between all of your battles, you cannot faint once to complete the 2 regions with 1 amulet 3) I purchased the two amulet off GTL for 28,000 each so 56,000 for 2 runs at this time. 4) You make 60,021 more cash doing all 3 region gym rebattles IF YOU FARM your own coin amulets, if you don't it's barely noticeable of an increase (if you are able to clear / farm the gyms fairly quickly with just 2 amulets). Conclusion? Meh? UPDATE: USING NEW METHOD FOR GETTING AMULETS YOU CAN EASILY GET 5 AMULETS WITHIN 30 MINUTES OR LESS. Good update for gym farmers :)
  12. Let the timer tick only during battle. Because let's be honest here, there are some crap gym puzzles all over the place.
  13. I finally fixed the fucking "this application cant run on virtual application" and now this fucking update revision... I think its time for a break
  14. I am not even running a fucking VM... its my OS!
  15. dont go around trying to find the most broken money grinding methods without contributing your fair share of bug reporting :^)
  16. I can see where they are coming from, but its not my problem that people are making real money farming pokedollars in this game. It was convenient for me to have coin amulet at all times, I farm trainers, gym leaders, E4 for my money. Now I have to either find 4~5 amulets a day or buy them to do all of my daily runs.
  17. u only need 1 natured pokemon and it can be any male from the same egg group, do people even use syncronize lmao
  18. This aint a AAA mmo, there will be no compensation for u!
  19. I wonder who was the staff that leaked the information and got his besties to sell all of their lucky eggs last night
  20. I would take this poll as a grain of salt, only the minority of people voice their opinions in places such as forums, discord, etc... Most are too much playing the game to be completely honest with you. Legendaries need to be in the game for every single player period. Or completely Delete them off the game all together and remove them from the pockets of GMs, SGMs, MODs, etc.
  21. My problem with this specific change is time, before I could do all the gym leaders in all 3 regions at a farm pace, if something happened and I needed to back off from the game I could do it and come back 30 minutes, an hour later then finish farming the gym leaders. This update just makes it so now you HAVE TO STAY LOGGED IN to get your lucky eggs, coin amulet worth. If ANYTHING happens while you have this thing ticking you are SOL and will probably have wasted however much the thing is worth now. Now you pop a lucky egg and hope you have no interruptions for an hour, same as coin amulet... shit mechanic to keep you in the game tbh.
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