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  1. I am willing to become spanish mod staff only if I am given Entai with random IVs. My resume: Born in South America, Fluent in Speaking, Writing Spanish.
  2. yeah you could easily use other balls and pokemon effects like sleep, etc... but I rather have special pokeballs in the stats when caught heh :D
  3. I am going to try to find an Entei (My favorite pokemon), Darkrai and lastly zapdos or lugia. I don't count Zekrom as we already got him from storyline so they should give it to us who have caught him to beat the game. how about you guys?
  4. when you go to new region you can have all your old pokemons in your PC. problem is your control level with be super low, like 16 or something. So if you have some pokemons at the lower levels you can go by the story pretty fast if you keep swapping to the next highest tier of level control after beating a gym leader.
  5. This has been a discussion for a very long time, will it happen in 2018? next year? can admins talk about it?
  6. I was actually pissed off when I tried the new region and obedience lvl only went up by like 2 after 1st gym... It only took me like an extra 30 minutes to beat the store on new region and be able to use my 100 pokes again. Although it was a pain the ass it kinda gave me that feels of the first time i played pokemon. I don't mind the new obedience changes
  7. how to opt into the android beta testing? I got decent phone and been donating here and there :P
  8. Alright genius, list me one video game where you are automatically set to "hardcore" mode in any way, shape or form when you start a game, I will be waiting...
  9. How about learn to read? this is an OPTIONAL feature that can be turned off / on. No forcing to be found.
  10. This option would allow players that meet each to automatically initiate a battle with the player on sight. For fairness all pokemon would be set to level 50 and there would need be some restrictions as well as timers to avoid exploits, for example. Requirements: Player must have beat the Elite 4 in any region. Player must have pokemons above or equal to level 50 in his/her party (maybe make this lower?) Avoid exploits: To avoid the exploit of having a group of people constantly challenge a player taking turns on him/her a timer is added after an automated player battle is finished, a "grace" period where people who cross paths with that player are unable to initiate battle. Any thoughts? ideas? improvements on this suggestion?
  11. You know, that location intended for players to capture legendary pokemons?
  12. This is a terrible idea, it's why runescape died. They thought it would be a good idea to limit trade in an open world pvp game... Then they brought it back because people quit left and right.
  13. I better see that "legendary dungeon" that's been in the works for a while now.
  14. I am the best and I barely even play, I never switch out pokemon because I am not a uguu
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