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  1. Okay, then remove all uber pokemon from the the game, because you cant use them in tournaments either...? there are literally OPTIONS if you want to battle certain pokemon, it's already in the game, tiers + tournament modes
  2. they (pokemmo staff) has avoided putting legendaries into the game for a reason, I think its fucking dumb but that's my opinion. They will just keep telling ya "dungeon" in the hopes people stay quiet while they do other things tbh. I been around long enough dont like it in pvp? if you got X legendary in your party you cant pvp in tournaments, ez dont like it in pve? make it so you cant battle gym leaders, E4 with X legendary, another EZ PZ fix. both fixed easy
  3. 1) Add events such as daily, weekly, quests / events that are randomized for each individual player... for example: some npc asks you to Daily quest: Catch a wild magikarp! ~ 5000 pokedollars (pokemon is taken from PC at reward) Daily quest: Battle a Bug Catcher ~ 5000 pokedollars Weekly quest: Catch X amount of Y pokemon +50000 pokedollars (pokemon(s) are taken from PC at reward) Weekly quest: Battle X Gym Leader, Y Gym Leader, X E4 League Member ~ +50000 pokedollars ofc you can add more cool, neat events / quests these are just some I could think of. 2) In the legendary dungeon, make it so it is only enter-able by a party of trainers (5), the legendary pokemons will be stronger than regular, and will be uncatchable by yourself. Only master balls can be used to catch legendary pokemons, and everyone has a chance / prompt to use masterball at low hp legendary. 3) Full Restore gym, E4 members in battle are annoying. So to make them less annoying, make it so each battle has a counter for when the npc uses a "full restore". Each full restore used by npc will increase / hand out some kind of cash reward.
  4. please finish it, its so amazing
  5. where is it at? it's been a very long time me thinks ;)
  6. I am willing to become spanish mod staff only if I am given Entai with random IVs. My resume: Born in South America, Fluent in Speaking, Writing Spanish.
  7. yeah you could easily use other balls and pokemon effects like sleep, etc... but I rather have special pokeballs in the stats when caught heh :D
  8. I am going to try to find an Entei (My favorite pokemon), Darkrai and lastly zapdos or lugia. I don't count Zekrom as we already got him from storyline so they should give it to us who have caught him to beat the game. how about you guys?
  9. when you go to new region you can have all your old pokemons in your PC. problem is your control level with be super low, like 16 or something. So if you have some pokemons at the lower levels you can go by the story pretty fast if you keep swapping to the next highest tier of level control after beating a gym leader.
  10. This has been a discussion for a very long time, will it happen in 2018? next year? can admins talk about it?
  11. I was actually pissed off when I tried the new region and obedience lvl only went up by like 2 after 1st gym... It only took me like an extra 30 minutes to beat the store on new region and be able to use my 100 pokes again. Although it was a pain the ass it kinda gave me that feels of the first time i played pokemon. I don't mind the new obedience changes
  12. how to opt into the android beta testing? I got decent phone and been donating here and there :P
  13. Alright genius, list me one video game where you are automatically set to "hardcore" mode in any way, shape or form when you start a game, I will be waiting...
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