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  1. ciao, per cambiare regione devi prendere la nave di pratopoli (palestra acqua)
  2. Finally, Event with rounds are back!
  3. at least you write well "Is ORPE>>>>>>" not OPRE>>>>> Btw congrats
  4. Finally my first rare shiny from eggs, i dont know encounters but i think 15-20k. thank you all for the support and who provided me boxs of dittos SRIF
  5. random shiny without sweet scent while I was looking metang. with donator. 24OT.
  6. random shiny while I was looking bulbasaur. with donator. 23OT.
  7. thanks you! this is a miracle, i used smeargle with imprison+peris song
  8. RIP my first shiny with perish song but 6 hours later.... 19 and 20OT.
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