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  1. Music General Thread

    Culture II, Black Panther Album. both lit.
  2. TV Series Hub

    Different from tv, any good movies? (Action comedy adventure)
  3. [PSL9] Week Two

    Hey check your mail.
  4. [PSL9] Week Two

    Oh yea I told em.
  5. [PSL9] Week Two

    Leave my boi Havs alone.
  6. [PSL9] Week Two

    Against Carry Lord @Spaintakula sometime on Wednesday/Thursday.
  7. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    Ruthless Rattatas (0) vs The B-Team (0) OU: Pinklabel vs SejuaniSupport OU w/ TP: iJulianFNT vs Yaritan @Zymogen (lost) UU: DoubleJ vs Lazaaro UU: Ketze vs Predakiller DPP OU: Spaintakula vs Jostarr USUM LC: NightwingX vs Senile One Punch Ape (0) vs The Shooting Seniles (0) UU: yosoyarca vs yangsam @MknsZblex (Lost) UU: Zymogen vs Axelgor @Zymogen (won) Dubs: Nahwel vs Artemiseta @dIOXprooo (lost) Black Beatles (0) vs The GOONS (0) UU: Sebat vs Mnemosyne UU: Maekaaay vs Rynners @dIOXprooo (Won) Dubs: EfronX vs Sweendog DPP OU: Oltann vs LifeStyle Roy Rogers INC (0) vs Tenacious Tentacruels (0) OU: TheFireLion vs Kriliin OU w/ TP: TheChampionMike vs BlueBreath UU: Moises vs Forfiter @dIOXprooo (lost) UU: Giantpipe vs xSparkie Dubs: Rendiz vs MatthewMLG DPP OU: Gunthug vs SirVector 50k Each unless specified.
  8. [PSL9] Week One

  9. [PSL9] Week One

    Me and Kami in 30mins
  10. [PSL9] Week One

    Family coming over? Not a problem, make em watch how good you are.
  11. Let me know when you come up with a better game.
  12. It went over your head. I'm suggesting it to be today
  13. Unova Storyline Guide

    Whenever i get the chance.

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