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  1. (Updated) The Berry Farming Guide

    You can harvest from other berries that produce the same seed so you don't waste leppas or you can trade for them. They are also found with pickup in hoenn. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/63077-seed-trading-hub/ Trade here tho it seems inactive.
  2. Unova Storyline Guide

    School has been getting me but I will update with new items after Elite 4 story. [whenever i Can]
  3. (Updated) The Berry Farming Guide

    Same thing but (less resource used?) thanks
  4. Move Reminder in Unova

    Should be house next to poke center
  5. Unova Storyline Guide

    I did mention that I had to recheck the items but thanks for the input and ye dw about the items post game. Will do that
  6. Unova Storyline Guide

    Hmm added some Items if you wanted to know about that. Might take some time to do Pickup in each area.
  7. Unova Storyline Guide

    Update: Post game and Trade/gifts have been completed. Will format it some later when i get to touch Photoshop again.
  8. Unova Storyline Guide

    Update: Finished the story line and will continue to add other stuff. There is some stuff end game and I will include that as well.
  9. An exhaustive search that could've been prohibited if u went to the guide tavern. I already did all those combos but didn't not see that for Enigma. Looks like I gotta update
  10. Unova Storyline Guide

    Story is getting complete but still a lot to add though.
  11. (Updated) The Berry Farming Guide

    Added crafting notes
  12. Evo stones

    I'm actually keeping notes of where to find items and been getting help form teammates. Once i finish my unova storyline, i will provide other info so ppl would know...
  13. Evo stones

    i heard dawn stone is pickup in route 6. been trying but nothing
  14. NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    Rip toast lmao
  15. NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    Steph Carried the last two games. gg bra

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