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  1. xStarr

    Party Hotbar

    Your current party shows your pokemon from the right. When you remove them and add someone else to the party, the party from before is still there. Logging out or giving it an item will fix it. (EX: I had bibarel, deerling, starmie, smeargle and Victre. I remove bibarel and deerling. I add Floatzel. The party from before is still there and when i give exp share to floatzel, it fixes it}
  2. xStarr

    Disabled BF

    So like, how yall gonna play me like that? S m h. Tryna earn some bp and got hit by some disable. :weary:
  3. xStarr


    Go shiny trade
  4. xStarr

    Selling Those.

  5. xStarr

    Selling Those.

    Jolteon is gone. Bump
  6. xStarr

    Selling Those.

    Bump. Added.
  7. xStarr

    Selling Those.

  8. Why did you reply then. Ya fucking nerd
  9. xStarr

    Selling Those.

    -- Honchkrow Adamant 29/31/29/25/28/31 (M) Lvl.1 No BB [Brave Bird] No Moveset -- Scyther Jolly 31/27/28/16/31/31 (F) Lvl.50 Sd, QA, WA, X-Scissor -- Machamp Adamant 6/31/30/6/31/31 (F) Lvl.50 Wild. No Moveset -- Lotad Timid (F) 27/14/30/31/28/31 Lvl.1 No Moveset -- Bellossom (F) Bold 28/x/31/23/29/25 Lvl.50 Giga, Sludge, Moonlight, Toxic -- Roggenrola (F) Careful 29/26/29/21/31/11 Lvl.1 SR, Toxic, Stone, Bulldoze -- Ursaring (M) 31/30/24/x/21/29 Lvl.50 Return, Fire P, Bulk, Brick Break -- Exeggutor (M) Bold 29/17/29/25/28/29 Lvl.50 Giga, Leech, Psychic, Synthesis -- Chimecho (F) Bold 31/x/31/31/30/6 Lvl.50 CM, Psychic, Recover, Heal Bell Offer below or in-game. Thanks IGN: Titinn
  10. Bad Boss. edit: Mine is not bad. I do it based from forum page. Both sides are equal. Your right side has less space.

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