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  1. https://tenor.com/view/frustrated-gif-7532429
  2. Considering this is related to the update, @Kyu The halloween event is only 1 region or all? Would be better if all.
  3. Metang, Bronzor, Mantine, Skuntank. Careful Golbat(Seen some) Skuntank being an excellent check with access to pursuit/sucker. I don't view drapion as a check to it and does a bad job as it. Drapion spdef is bad and won't survive leaf storm twice. Roserade is unhealthy in NU and does force people to run the same thing as Tawla said, Bronzor (if they wanted to), I don't see it as ban worthy like Rhyperior.
  4. I agree on the Lucario quick ban. Too strong after +2 for the entire tier. Others are okay.
  5. Take if somebody didnt take already
  6. So much variety in NU yet yall more blind than Helen
  7. Yes sir, tired of .73+ elo gain
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