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  1. Suneet: Damn something I can shine in. @Zymogen
  2. Couldn't even make this shiny lmao.
  3. Se puede quitar uno y Laz quito UU. (Laz took one away)
  4. Ye bro it insane. I too cant catch yanma. Hate devs
  5. Don't come here quoting me talking bout "no reason" you literally call everyone trash and when someone beats you its becuz they misplayed or becuz you didnt play well. you always have an excuse for eveything. so ye im gonna trash you for that. your trash at the game. congratz on finally beating me with rng. you posted in chat 4 spdef on your esca, how is that "some spdef" lol.
  6. Player one: xSparkie Player two: Titinn Team name: Brown Bros Duet
  7. This man really said Hippopotas.
  8. Coming from the dead and getting a win is a blessing.
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