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  1. Dudes really be out here and decide to select LC as a tier to main. XD
  2. I just laugh at yall think Machamp is a problem. Yall said the same thing last time and it didn't even do anything special when it dropped the first time . What makes you think it will be different this time? Not to mention, its usage wasn't even that much.
  3. Look at these bozos up here, especially this one ^ Congratz to the real team on winning 3rd place, DEVIL BATS. LETS GO
  4. All rounds 2 battles each, 20 Games Total <------ this right here aint the vibe. gl tho
  5. Imagine talking knowing doc would be 4-0 if rng wasn't a thing. all good tho he can talk, talk that W.
  6. https://tenor.com/view/frustrated-gif-7532429
  7. Considering this is related to the update, @Kyu The halloween event is only 1 region or all? Would be better if all.
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