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  1. Didnt zebra beat didi in nu last season
  2. Smd smh
  3. @DestructX my uguu
  4. Aw's lineup has been the same for a year lol
  5. damn got me
  6. and I thought paperwings was gay
  7. I think you should reconsider your request. You would be one of the best managers so far and 100% chosen without hesitation because Zebra admires you. I mean you can't do worse than JJ and tor bro, go sign up.
  8. is that really ur name now @DrButler e: ffs why the fuck would u tag everyone.
  9. Team Name: GG Team Tag: NO Registered Players: RE Team Captain: SECRET
  10. same bro haha much trigger lol too ez
  11. who was the legend that asked
  12. bumbaclat whit fe
  13. Those events sucked
  14. @NikhilR sign up you indian sexy boi