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  1. Team Name: GGNORE Team Tag: [NORE] Registered Players: Aftershocker, JIce, Lazaaro, LifeStyle, Zymogen, DoctorPBJ, LeJovi, Kevola, Redav, EYL, QueenJeanne, iJulianFNT, Miguelez, Kimikozen, Rendiz Team Captain: LeJovi
  2. still lf
  3. That's now, LF @sweendogforums
  4. So is there a cap for registered players or not? @Noad @TheChampionMike Man I know you are RAT KIDS :V but pleaze give me the reazon.
  5. Can you reset ranked leaderboards already ffs
  6. Take axoa and 4f
  7. @Evlgoon can you please pm pIata (@cabotetaa), he whispered you on monday but you were in a rush.
  8. @LuisPocho
  9. He beat a trashboi tho so it's voided.
  10. Man please let of say rat kid.
  11. I like your sig
  12. I've started watching 'Ozark', it's a new netflix series, im on the 5th episode and so far it's pretty good. It's basically money laundering 101, I'd recommend. @DaftCoolio @NikhilR