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  1. What's your nickname? Do you still need help?
  2. Went out from axew cave for few minutes, got this in horde. F shiny axew
  3. Yeah, just make sure you are on same channel, and you can play with your friends ^^
  4. 感谢Thanks♪(・ω・)ノ

  5. 感谢


    Thank you

  6. Pokemon Go is actually an amazing example of why it wouldn't work for the type of MMO that PokeMMO is. Due to irl issues I've missed Treecko Community Day. The next day I've asked random dude if he has any shiny treecko for a trade, he nodded, we exchanged our friend codes to make it cheaper days later, and we agreed to trade treecko for some random dratini. He had like 20 treecko, so they became almost worthless to him, but he needed another normal random "iv" dratini. I gave away like 13 shiny swinubs to people, because >swinub and I had like 26 anyway. Who needs 26 shiny swinubs, honestly. Now, imagine the same situation in PokeMMO. Next Saturday we announce that there will be shiny Tauros weekend. Well, you just have spent 100+m on shiny tauros today, and you are literally screwed since your shiny will become basically worthless, or at least VERY reduced in value. This can potentially kill basically the whole point of trading shinies- I wouldn't trade for any shiny, if I would know they can come in "PokeMMO Community Day" one day. This also applies to the "motivation" aspect you mentioned- sure it will increase shiny hunt on those days, but will also damage hunt on other days. I wouldn't go hunt for shiny treecko today, because what's the point, it has no increased rate, and I can get one easily from players, even if it will take few days to trade.
  7. Please like my post if you are kidnapped Being serious tho, congratulations, Bf, long may he reign
  8. I mean, why not, when community was a bit complaining, he at least tried to move some things. Cali for Mayor!
  9. Gubernator Bestfriends sounds really nice.
  10. This season of house of cards is too complicated for me
  11. 您好,这是错误的部分,请在这里发帖: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  12. Again, they had no idea it will be requirement to do so. What about new players who just created account and got some pokeballs from oak and pokemon from bestfriends, and then voted here? Or saw tournament of Einstein and did the same? What in case someone voted, has no ign in account and went to vacation/work for few days? When he will come back, his vote will be suddenly not counted, under questionable terms that he had no idea about. Dont get me wrong, please, Im all in for help, but I just simply dont think its fair to suddenly put requirements into voting after the voting started. Not only because my arguments above, but also because in first thread we discussed a bit potential restriction and none were applied. Now i hear about checking votes according to ONE of those proposed- why? __________________________________ Tl;dr i might be able to help, but so far i only hear you asking to check for alts, despite no such restriction in initial post. Hence why community feedback is always appreciated.
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