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  1. Not a problem at all, I hope you will be able to take a part one day. Have a great yourney, Lo team!
  2. Mfw I forgot to put this into thread this time. All posters lately are made by Teddi, which will most likely continue for next months <3
  3. There is no official information about any work being done towards Johto implementation right now. That doesn't mean that we will never get johto in PokeMMO, but since THIS is the last announcement, we might speculate that we will have to wait a bit still for any information. That being said, I will close this thread, as it seems to go offtopic.
  4. -Art of @SneakyTeddi ~Welcome to the Official PokeMMO Team Tournament of May 2019~ These are monthly competitive tournaments where teams can test their skill against each other. Players battle as teams (3 at a time). Teams can switch out which members compete between rounds [Aw] Asgard Warriors will be given the opportunity to defend their title from April 2019. They have earned a registration slot. 3 players from each team The top spot will be an OU Match The middle spot will be an NU Match Below, there will be DUBS Match Tiers Rotation for 2019: May: OU NU DUBS Kanto June: OU DUBS LC July: OU UU NU August: OU NU LC Silph. co September: OU UU DUBS October: OU UU LC November: OU NU DUBS Silph. co December: OU DUBS LC Details:16 Teams | 6v6 | Tournament Mode Duels |Date & Time: Saturday, 25th May | 7pm UTC - 3pm EDT | Time Zone Converter  Registration:Thursday, 23rd May | 7pm UTC - 3pm EDT | Time Zone Converter All the players that are playing must be registered! Only those players are allowed to play for your team.One representative from their own team registers their players (posts edited after the tournament has begun will lead to DQ) Entry must include all information below at least one hour BEFORE team tournament will start. Teams that will fail to do so, will be moved to the last spot on the reserves list. Entry must be made by member of the team Team Name: Team Tag: Registered Players: Team Captain:(Note: The Team Captain is who I will be contacting if I need to relay information to your team.)If I notice your team is an alt team, when creating the bracket and reserves list I will put that team on the last spot of reserves. Team Players Gap: 15 Location: Silph Co.ch5 Clauses: Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Evasion/Hax Item/Bag Item/Self KO List of Clauses and what they mean. NU Ban List Absol | Alakazam | Arcanine | Azumarill | Bisharp Blissey | Breloom | Bronzong | Chandelure | Chansey | Cloyster Cofagrigus | Conkeldurr | Crobat | Darmanitan | Donphan | Dragonite | Dugtrio | Dusclops Eelektross | Excadrill | Ferrothorn | Flygon | Forretress | Galvantula | Gengar | Gigalith Gligar | Gliscor | Gyarados | Haxorus | Heracross | Hippowdon | Honchkrow Hydreigon | Jellicent | Jolteon | Kabutops | Kingdra | Krookodile | Lanturn | Lucario Machamp | Magneton | Magnezone | Mamoswine | Mandibuzz | Mantine | Medicham Metagross | Mienshao | Milotic | Pelipper | Porygon2 | Porygon-Z Reuniclus | Rhyperior | Roserade | Salamence | Scizor | Scrafty | Sigilyph | Skarmory Snorlax | Starmie | Swampert | Togekiss | Torkoal | Typhlosion | Tyranitar Umbreon | Vaporeon | Venomoth | Venusaur | Volcarona | Weavile Wobbuffet | Yanmega | Zoroark  Banned Moves Dragon Rage (LC) Sonic Boom (LC) Baton Pass (OU+UU+NU) Prize: The winning team will receive: 1m for each 3 winners Guaranteed spot in next month's Team Tournament Player sprites on next month's tournament poster Entry into the PokeMMO Hall of Fame Notes: Disconnecting during a match will result in a DQ. Do not block the Staff running the Event. If you disregard requests for you to unblock staff members then you will be disqualified. Once your match is called you will have 10 minutes to report to the table. No time extensions will be given. Time clause is in effect for stalemate battles in round 1 and 2. When there is a tie (1-1) and the third match takes over an hour, a decision by the host/GM may be made about the outcome of the duel. Teams must have 3 players for each round. If team is registered, but fails to have 3 players, 1st reserve team takes their place in bracket.   Host: Bearminator Refs: LeZenor, TheChampionMike, SneakyTeddi, Wudenbachs
  5. Hello, Donations of players towards unofficial events are considered a voluntary aid towards the community. PSL threads stated always specifically that donations will be used in PSL as the prize pool for this specific season of PSL. Nowhere in rules, it was said that any donation towards thread gives guarantees spot in managers list, or player's list, therefore we can't take this as scamming activity. Tl;dr- Bilbo#1 but no robbed
  6. To be totally honest It was foreshadowed so many times, Martin said a lot of times he believes in a system like that. I'm not disappointed by ending, I'm disappointed at execution of last 2 seasons- they could have more time, they could have more scenes, explain it better. If anything, this made me wait for books even more.
  7. This is getting a bit offtopic, so I will close it. We might get johto one day, but with recent announcements, I wouldn't expect it any soon. Have a nice day.
  8. Considering past matches before Liv and Tot it might sound like an easy win, but this is champion's league final and I just HOPE it will be amazing, holy shit those last matches were insane.
  9. last goal was just ... :D
  10. I've won a few bottles for a bet with a friend that NK is gone this episode. But hell it does feel weird to see such a small amount of important deaths.
  11. As my reply here- we dont have any set date yet! :)
  12. Well you are about to be really spammed with "soon" posts. There is no known date yet.
  13. No, it is allowed for players to twitch PokeMMO gameplay. here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/41-audiovideo/ you can find even some videos or lifestreams that players are making. Have fun and good luck with the stream!
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