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  1. Hello! Feel free to ask in this place; Have a nice day!
  2. hello, please make a post here: 你好,请在这里发表文章: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/
  3. Hello Mr. bearminator how is my name leomorales and I want to be a moderator but this is my only problem I have a cousin and my cousin every time he comes to my house he wants to play pokemmo and I leave it then sometimes when he comes he sells my pokemon I I have no problem in that but it is that he started selling them in the wrong chat and it made me sad to see that because I wanted to be a moderator so I spoke to a CM named DrFaller and I explained what happened and he explained that you could answer my questions so I come to ask you if you have the goodness to become a moderator I promise that if makes me one that will never happen again I just ask for a chance sir you would be kind enough to forgive me for being so irresponsible and let my cousin do something not due well sir thank you for reading my message and hope you have a happy day or night depending on her country where she is I speak 2 languages English and Spanish I also have 456 hours of play but quickly I reach 500 I also completed the 4 leagues Hoenn, Sinnoh, Teselia and Kanto I suppose that with that I already have the requirements except with what happened with my cousin I hope you will forgive me and let me become a moderator and help everyone only 1 opportunity I hope to be of help one day and not disturb you thanks and goodbye

    1. leomorales


      señor lo siento por mi mala ortografía y  las palabras mal acomodadas es que lo escribí en el traductor para ver si era correcto mi ingles y cuando copie y pegue aquí paso eso bueno disculpe otra ves

  4. Hey trainer! I think that this post belongs in this thread It's a very nice graph btw, you should definitely post it here, so our graphic artist will have chance to see it. Have a good day!
  5. por favor haga una publicación aquí: Please make a post here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/
  6. Results of March TT: And overall standings so far:
  7. Congratulations to Team NORE- NoRematch For their amazing run this month. They have earned the title of Champions of March Tournament! Congratulations also for Team Lava, who got very close to become Champions. Good job! As always, I sent a thank you note for my amazing refs, @Mike, @MPDH, @Raichuforyou, @CommanderBlue, @Lin, @LeZenor For their great help today. I will post the Standings of this tournament and overall standings below this post. Thank you all for coming!
  8. 1. RMW - Red Mark Warriors 2. [SêVí] - SEVIIChampions 3. [SIÂ] - Sic Itur Ad Astra 4. [VGC] - VermilionGoldenChampions. 5. [DgTs] - DangoTerasu 6. [LYLE] - KingCheerios 7. [NORE] - NoRematch 8. [Läva] - läva 9. [BSDO] - Bushido 10. [Live] - Little Veterans 11. [LØRÐ] - The Lords of the Hax 12. [HDLM] - SonsOfTheDeath 13. [RØSE] - GuardiansoftRose 14. [BR] - Brasil 15. [ÁvE] - Aventerrør 16 [VVVV] - Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Reserves: LËM SimplyLëmonadë [NöyP] - LåLïgäFílípínâ Pâst - ShadowOfThePast xGDx - (late edit) AW- (Late edit) RE - Aogiri RE Bracket: before shuffling: https://pokemmotournament.challonge.com/TTM2020/ Short list RMW SêVí SIÂ VGC DgTs LYLE NORE läva BSDO Live LØRÐ HDLM RØSE BR ÁvE VVVV That's how we will split.
  9. Player's do not choose the numbers of tickets anymore.
  10. Confirming that I have the prize. Good luck you all.
  11. Roster: RMW SêVí SIÂ VGC DgTs LYLE NORE läva BSDO Live LØRÐ HDLM RØSE BR ÁvE VVVV Reserves: LËM NöyP Pâst DXZ] , God of death (lack of team tag), AW (lack of edit) AURA with that weird A (alt team, and I mostly write it here cause I miss Daryl) Team RE is not counted on last spot on reserves, because it was originally a post that contained "....ds" ds is not a team tag, or team name. And as I've made it in rules: "Entry must include team tag. Entries without at least team tag that are later edited, will be not taken into consideration even for reserves "
  12. That's alright then, I will go across the registrations again after the usual 1 hour time. ^^
  13. Those 3 needs edit. This one needs team TAG [NAME] Also will need entry for RMW.
  14. RMW (needs edit) SêVí SIÂ VGC DgTs LYLE NORE läva BSDO Live (needs edit) LORD HDLM(Needs Edit) RØSE BR ÁvE Aw (needs edit) VVVV LËM NöyP Pâst , god of death (needs tag) RE That's a quick look at registered teams, I will update it in an hour. Teams, remember you have 46 minutes left to provide all information. It might be edited in when I write it, so ignore if it is.
  15. It does indeed shows 7:59. But since lava is in apparently, doesn't matter.
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