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  1. Bearminator

    Ready, Teddy, Go! (Monday, 19th November)

    WOW not tagging me anymore in events with teddy, I see how it is Bestfriends
  2. Bearminator

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Because he just hatched and is lvl 1 :3
  3. Bearminator

    5 Tiers playing Team Tournament

    I'm not quite sure what is a problem in this discussion. In the past, we had it going like this: -OU/UU/NU -OU/NU/Doubles -OU/UU/LC. With UU and NU both getting 2 out of 3 places, and Doubles and LC being "smaller" tiers getting one spot. This month's TT will be split for 2 channels for at least first round, most likely 2 first rounds. It's a temporary solution.
  4. Bearminator

    5 Tiers playing Team Tournament

    What you described here is the perfect image of how we ran round 2 of Team Tournament with 5 tiers, but completely ignores the problem with round 1. With 16 teams, each having 5 players playing in round 1, it's more complex. It basically looks like this: Not to mention that image like this was posted during Team Tournament as well. Lining up is not a big issue. It caused so many issues tho. Like players running around causing lags to others, teams running literally 4 players and one with random "comps" just to match 5 players requirement, and brackets filling in last minute, and not always. We might bring back 5 tiers TT, but it for sure will not happen this month.
  5. Bearminator


    Hello Harukimiso. We require English translation for the post being made in our forum. To answer your question, there are many players from Poland who play PokeMMO. If you're looking for a team, you can message in game players "quave" or "ponczek"- they are most active I know, and I'm sure they will not mind you asking. Have a nice day! Cześć Harukimiso. Wymagamy angielskiego tłumaczenia dla każdego posta na naszym forum. By odpowiedzieć Ci na pytanie- jest sporo graczy z Polski, którzy grają w PokeMMO. Jeśli szukasz teamu, możesz napisać do "Quave" albo "ponczek"- oni są z reguły najbardziej aktywni w grze z graczy których znam i jestem pewny,że nie będą mieli nic przeciwko byś do nich zagadał. Miłego dnia!
  6. Hi! May I follow up on my ban appeal? I really want to continue playing this game with my friends

  7. Bearminator

    Team Tournament October 2018 (27th Saturday)

    Congratulations to AW Asgard Warriors, winners of Octobear Team Tournament! Big shout out for OCP OnlyCompPlayers for fantastic second place, you were close, guys! As always, thank you @Bilburt @LeZenor @Jerryzoo @Gilan @DemonicDax and @Lightningvolt for great help during the tournament See you all next month!
  8. Bearminator

    Team Tournament October 2018 (27th Saturday)

    https://pokemmotournaments.challonge.com/en/TTOctobear Here is bracket BEFORE shuffling. Remember, that we always call teams first, then shuffle bracket 3 times.
  9. Bearminator

    Team Tournament October 2018 (27th Saturday)

    Aura, Aw, Métá, OCP, RE, Eggs, Lava, MéGâ, Cöld, VVVV, ZAHF, RAGE, SIÂ, RmW, LYLE, HDLM, Reserves: LØRÐ, WinD, RISÉ, HPX, Live @Aerun I need VVVV roster before TT, otherwise, VVVV is going to reservers.
  10. Bearminator

    Team Tournament October 2018 (27th Saturday)

    Remember to edit information about the team!
  11. That's not really true, you can move even whole box around, hold shift and click on pokemons, then you can right click- move to (name of box)
  12. Bearminator

    Team Tournament October 2018 (27th Saturday)

    Thanks, nicely spoted. Question is how I missed it.
  13. Bearminator

    Team Tournament October 2018 (27th Saturday)

    That's actually because I had an idea to put players battle sprites in it, but recreating it took me a while so it was easier to fill gap with the host, rather than any other player. Also cause its little ripoff of some movie poster, featuring 4 persons :D Had to sadly stop working on it at some point

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