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  1. Please make a post in ban appeal section https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/
  2. I will add also that it is something that main pokemon games do as well- you can change it in settings, between being able to switch pokemon and not being able. This was always an unrealistic part of pokemon games, in no circumstances you should be able to know what your opponent will use next turn. It's made this way in PokeMMO to prepare players to player vs player battles and- as Teddi mentioned above- to increase the difficulty and introduce a bit of strategic thinking.
  3. Hi! I assume you've said no to Bill - and he didn't take you to island 1. He should be in PokeCentrum in Cinnabar waiting for you- go there and talk with him, he should take you to island 1 iirc
  4. Hi! Do you still need evolution? What's your in game nick?
  5. Hi! Here you can post all suggestions about vanities: This lets us keep em all in one place ^^ Have a nice day!
  6. Your Forums Avatar is probably sponsored by the Build A Bear Workshop. Bearminator never ceases to amaze me.

  7. Hi! Please have a read to this LINK and this LINK to know how to avoid being muted. Remember that team chat and whispers are not moderated, I also suggest using link chat for conversations with people outside the team. If you have any questions, or you are unsure if the message will be read as inappropriate, feel free to message me or other staff members- we will be happy to help! That's being said I hope you will have fun while playing PokeMMO again. Have a nice adventure!
  8. At the end of the day, all it matters is that you had fun while doing anything you like. Good luck with Hoenn quest! Tho tbh after Unova it should be piece of cake. Congratulations, pokemon trainer.
  9. Bearminator


    Welcome back, hope you will have fun with us ^^
  10. You are on this council but we do not grant you the rank of master
  11. Hello! Please make a post here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/ Have a nice day!
  12. I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve Razimove. We all by now know that alcohol, coffee (or anything with caffeine) or tobacco can be addictive and is causing serious health issues for people all around the world, however, you don't seem them banned worldwide when other substances are. Comparing those 3's impact on chat with other substance's potential has a big flaw- you can see advertisements for them on TV, the Internet, cinemas. Some drugs are not advertised for a reason. If there will be change to CoC, I ASSUME you will most likely read "don't mention drugs" line, without the full list of things it contains. Again, we are not going to suddenly allow this topic to be discussed in-game, and staff members will continue to warn players to not bring it out. If you wish to discuss topic with friends, I'm sure you know how to write a private message. I don't see any benefit of allowing them to appear on PokeMMO's public chats.
  13. See, that's why we have player reports section- while you might not seem them meeting punishment/warning, it doesn't mean none are applied. A lot of those stuff happens outside point of view. I can only assure you that the topic you mentioned is taken by us VERY seriously, especially considering all kids playing PokeMMO, and human decency
  14. I don't think you understood me. We will not allow the topic of drugs to be discussed in-game at all unless on the chat types I've mentioned. I will not go into details of our moderation or the way it's done. All I can say is that we check every case and if someone feels misunderstood, he can always contact us- SGMs via a forum. However, not allowing certain topic that our devs decided is not suitable for public chat is not "too much moderation"- it's a decision by PokeMMO staff and is not going to be changed as far as I can see. This argument was mentioned countless times on global- coffee is not considered drug in most of the places of the world, and -unlike some of the substances players seem to mention- can be bought all around the world by people of all age.
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