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  1. No, a esta altura no repetiremos el duelo. La decisión la tomó el jugador y no puedo forzar otro duelo después del primero. He dejado un mensaje sobre el duelo antes de que ocurra. Lo siento porque esto, por supuesto, es decepcionante para ustedes, pero realmente necesitamos que todos nos lean.
  2. This generally results in lost points, unless the opponent wants revenge. We never force a rematch unless the opponents are willing to do so, but we also understand that this is an advantage if the player doesn't change the team. The Player has been asked after the initial calling of point for your team, and he agreed to rematch. I understand why it might be an advantage to the player, but this player could change the team as well, and we also offered the chance to get a point, as it was officially called. I think it's gone with translation perhaps, or in the middle man, but I will w
  3. As FC said, just use thunderstone. You can check in pokedex all information as well:
  4. As said above, please create an appeal using this link: https://support.pokemmo.eu/
  5. I've tried to whisper members of the team that registered, but I couldn't find one around. However, I don't intend to punish teams that didn't show up. They basically gave free spot for some teams, but also just two teams IIRC did so I don't think punishing someone twice solves the issue- they already got punishment because they lost the chance to fight on Saturday.
  6. List of teams that qualified to TT: SIA CORE NORE OPTC BR LORD PNXS LEM AVE HDLM VGC GEAR LAVA GHIS LIVE PAST This wasn't the best the first time and we certainly need to improve few things. We acknowledge that and apologize for a slippy start. First of all, we will split into two channels as apparently, we get more spectators than players. Second of all, we will have to discuss the time and format of qualifiers. I will - as said earlier- contact every cap
  7. All those entries are either: -made before registration started - 8:59 -were "RMW" before edition. I can't count those, I'm afraid.
  8. + optc, couldn't quote for some reason. 26 teams have made registration posts. Because of this: SIA gets a spot, they are in. 3 more teams gets a spot in TT, leaving 12 spots for other teams. Those teams are: CORE, NORE, OPTC Teams that will fight for spots: PAST BR AVE PNXS VVVV LAVA BSDO RE SYNS GOAT SEVI AVE GOK ZERO GEAR ONEZ HDLM VGC LEM Ao WTE GHIS LIVE LORD
  9. One should be enough? I mean, we have 30 team cap, but also 30 teams happened only once. Just make sure to make it on time I guess and good luck!
  10. Assuming we will get 30 teams registered, this is how matches will be played most likely. Registration starts in around 29 minutes, qualifiers starts in 45 minutes.
  11. In 3 hours, registration will start. In 3 hours and 15 minutes we will meet in Silph co, where teams will fight for spot in Saturday's Tournament. I will announce which teams get free spot after registration, when I will be sure how many legit entries are made. Out of teams that register, 30 teams can fight for a spot, as spot nr 16 is reserved for SIA- nr 1 in general standings. After this Team Tournament, all captains from teams registered in past month will be contacted by me and we will have a talk about the possible best date for this kind of qualifiers to be held nex
  12. Registration starts at 9pm CET, and is open for 15 minutes. After those 15 minutes we are ready in Silph co for a fight for spot, and I announce which teams have to play. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210225T200000&p1=1440&p2=tz_et&p3=37&p4=tz_brt&p5=tz_ct https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210225T200000&p1=1440&p2=tz_et&p3=37&p4=tz_brt&p5=tz_ct
  13. If 30 teams will register- yes. If less- then no, I will make a list here before the qualification will happen. No, or at least "most likely no, certainly not atm"
  14. Thursday 25th, 15 minutes after registration on forum. 3 players from team will be needed.
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