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  1. 你好,能看一下我举报的信息吗,已经一个星期没有接收了,看到麻烦请解决一下,谢谢

  2. Actually, it's not only meant to teach new players how to play in PvP- it should prepare you for PvE content as well. Our gyms are harder, and our events so far were harder than usual challenges as well. If a player will be able to basically walk through the whole storyline, he will learn nothing in terms of teambuilding, stats, etc. Sudden difficulty change makes player basically hit a wall- suddenly he needs to learn about team building, stats, best moves after he just casually beat the gyms and all npcs. The way I see it, increasing difficulty step by step is better for that, because after gym 8 and elite 4, the player usually knows about type advantages, how to make his team more balanced, and importance of stats and natures. When after storyline he will challenge gyms, he will adapt more easily to that, and when any event (or potentially dungeons) will come, he is more prepared than the standard player who beat storyline on handheld games. Does it help to prepare for PvP? A bit too, yes, but it's more about PvE imo. (Im not disagreeing with your whole posts, I just wanted to address the PvP preparation part ^^)
  3. Bearminator

    Pokémon GO

    Research breakthrough for next 2 months is kinda a joke, tbh
  4. This is not a very specific suggestion, so I will close it. You can find a lot of interesting things to do, but it's always a possibility that you need a break for yourself. You've also described very nicely nature of people: See, you've achieved your goal and simply lack another one. I suggest trying to hunt one of those shinies to get OT for yourself, or assigning another goal. That's being said, have a nice day!
  5. Bearminator

    Pokémon GO

    Took me 45 raids for my first one, and 50 raids to get my first 100% iv one. Shiny one had 2111Cp... so yeah it isn't best dragon in the world.
  6. N at least heals your pokemon, so it's easier than it seems ^^. Good luck!
  7. To challenge E4 again, you need to talk with Plasma guy inside of Poke Center -the one on left from Elite 4 entrance. After beating storyline, it should be lvl100 obedience.
  8. Hey cuties.



    I had to contact some of you- apologies for not doing so yet, due to some personal things im in the middle of traveling.


    I will be back in either few hours or a day, so bear with me please 

  9. Please wait for a reply in your ban appeal.
  10. Hi, If a player is banned for a significant amount of time due to GM error, we do typically try to compensate them. How this is done is managed per-case. Reporting players falsely is against the rules, so we'll typically ban the false reporter after discovering the error If you will have any question, feel free to contact me or any other SGM. Have a nice adventure!
  11. Hello, In the short term, you might not see a clear problem here, but it's obvious when you will look at it at a larger scale. Any unfair advantage that any automatic program provides multiplied x times gives players who played in a fair way huge disadvantage - and will encourage at least trying it to get some help in this way. We believe that fair experience is the one where all players compete in all aspects of the game in the same style. Our all players can read the: CoC and ToS on our site anytime, and rules of the game are displayed also when you are first opening your freshly made account. That being said, we will not look into a change of the outcome of botting in the game. Due to this, I will close this thread now. Have a nice day!
  12. You can click on a flag on top-right corner of chat to change language, or you can use commands: /lang es /lang en Etc, they will change type of your chat
  13. Value advice is a single thread, as Hannah said, make a post there. I will close this thread now ^^
  14. Hey, please use this one: for questions about value ^^
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