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  1. Do you have a thing for inflation? 

    1. Bearminator


      Pls stop it's just cute baloon teddy ;_;

    2. Moetal


      Bearbear I would like to report a case of cyber bullying. A certain player posted an image asking me to kill myself for 10 thousand yen. What do?

  2. Week 1: 1st OrangeManiac 2nd Rynners 3rd Mkns Bracket: Link Prize: Larvitar Week 2: Soon Prize: Pineco Week 3: Soon Week 4: Soon Week 5: Soon Week 6: Soon Week 7: Soon Week 8: Soon
  3. Me and Mike wants to bring some action to Little Cup. Starting from now we will host one Little Cup tournament each week. When will be nexto ne: Saturday, 1st, 2pm BST Players: At least 8, or 16, or 32 max. How to sign up- Post here. Format: 6x6 LC Entry Fee- 25k. Each week will have money + LC comp as prize. Bonus: For every tournament, 1st-3rd places will get points. Player with highest amount of points will win a small shiny. 1st Place: 10 Points 2nd Place: 7 Points 3rd Place: 5 Points Taking a part is 1 point for every week, unless you've got points already Note: I might play if we will have not enough people, if I will, my place will be ignored. Dates can be changed.
  4. Hello! I'm afraid private servers are not possible in PokeMMO. For second question- We have pokemons from gens 1-3, but with upcoming Unova region, this will increase soon (I hope).
  5. He made it...double(s). Go magikarps!
  6. Your forums avatar looks scary.....


    Scaring me by the day......

    1. Bearminator


      I hope this new avatar will make you happy and fluffy :3

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      Nice avatar. I see that the bear is about to pop, make sure you don't fill it too much.....

  7. Go magikarps!
  8. Congratulations for OrangeManiac, who won this event and his own larvitar. Second place comes for Rynners Third place Mkns Thank you all for taking a part. Next week will have Pineco as prize + money. Also thanks to Mike <3 Bracket: Link
  9. Hello I'm afraid there is no soulsilver storyline in our game. This rom is providing graphics only, and gives you chance to walk with pokemon :)
  10. We have 5 registered payers, some more might join as well. This will take place in an hour and a half. Prize pool: 1st place: Larvitar from Orange. Adamant 27/29/19/x/29/26 300k 2nd place 200k 3rd place 100k Entry fee, 25k. If there will be 8 players, I will add 100k to each place. It will take place in Vermilion city, ch7.
  11. You're choosen one... King of Sand
  12. This is something I am good example of. I was playing this game for 4 years before I became staff member. Was I unknown for mayority of players? Yes. I was really helpful for all those years as well, so "knowing" player can be biased too. Community Managers (taking this rank as new staff members are starting at this ) are not really moderators. They're our bridge between players and staff members. You might say some of them are "unknown", while certain channels knows them for year or so. I can only say no moderator tries to "prove themself to their superiors", because there is no need to prove at all, we have our ways to see how good is someone and it has nothing to do with dealing with players. Its not like "mute/warn 10 people today and you will be liked". Our new staff members are here to help us making events, providing tournaments and help players and thats how they prove they're helpful. I knew this thread will finally backfire. Thanks for bluring my name, but I will adress it as I'm not ashamed (ok I kinda am) that it was my honest mistake for misunderstanding this topic. Hidden posts were insults, drug refferences or just spam with 1 word as whole post or not needed videos as well, so it's not like "bear took it badly and hide posts cause of that", but rather "bear took it badly, and hide insults mostly". I made mistake here, don't get me wrong as I'm not saying I didn't. But ever since I took even more time to watch into new things that popped up. Same as above. Our CMs are taken from playerbase and it's more likely that we will take someone who is answering questions and behaving good, rather than someone who is just playing. For not giving them CM cause they will still just answering questions- this is bad argument, of course they will still do but there is more off-screen work that they're providing. Basically- if we see someone taking his time to help players, we can assume he is helpful person that will gladly do his best to help our players. Reputation helps, obviously. But it still more important how player is acting towards other players. :3
  13. My point still stands. It's still using our services for not moderated form of gathering currency. Whenever we would or not make such tournament with real money is other discussion, but we can't and we will not allow players to use our forum for advertising event that can possibly scam our players out of real money. I'm sorry, but it's not discussion that can convince us to change mind. It's statement.
  14. "Performing in-game services in exchange for payment outside the game" I'm sorry, but for me performing in game battles can be taken as "in game service" since PokeMMO is providing it. Thus, gathering payment outside the game- aka bitcoins can be taken as payment outside the game- players are playing to take real money. It's serious issue and if SGM of our game just told you we will not allow it as it's a really dangerous part of gambling that can back fire at pokemmo, it's best for you to just listen. Edit- which basically means that we will not allow using pokemmo forum to hold in game real money gambling. game