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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to post saying that I've achieved my first goal in PokeMMO; complete a full living Pokedex! You can see it here: https://imgur.com/a/Ta9S2BG You'll note that I've also put a "?" in every legendary slot, to be replaced if/when permanent legendaries make it into the game. As Sinnoh was only released last week, I hope I'm one of the first to achieve this. Now onto the goal I almost completed on cartridge; a full living Shinydex! Currently accepting donations :^) Damian
  2. I presume your question is "Why doesn't it work this way?" The short answer is to make shiny hunting harder, which helps mitigate inflation and the fall in value of shinies. PokeMMO's economy has been fairly poor for a long time because of how quickly the currency inflates. Having more money sinks in the game is important to help slow this inflation. The Sweet Scent mechanic creates an economy for Leppa berries, the farming of which costs money (harvesting tools). This allows people to sell them for a profit or use them themselves to hunt shinies or EV train more easily. It's the same reason for why breeding is the way it is; money sink to help the economy.
  3. I have bred 5 5IV pokemon to use during the storyline to make raising them for comp more interesting. So my team is going to be: Infernape Milotic Scizor Jolteon Tyranitar Togekiss Pretty keen to destroy the story with all these OU EV trained 'mons
  4. Personally I appreciate that development times can overflow, particularly on projects like this that are largely passion-driven and not consistently funded. However, I really wish the devs would provide regular updates, eg weekly or even monthly, just so that we could anticipate when stuff might happen, rather than just sitting and waiting and one day randomly logging in and finding that we have a new ROM requirement.
  5. ciao, in PokeMMO gli abilita Pickup funziona piu divertente dello console. Puoi leggere qui: (dispiace per il mio italiano, e' piu peggiore) __________________________________________________________ Hi, in PokeMMO the ability Pickup works very differently than on console. You can read about it above. (Apologies for my Italian, it's very bad)
  6. Hey man, I remember your other thread asking about wanting to hunt for a shiny. I don't remember which shiny is it was, but in almost all cases, breeding is less efficient than encounters just for acquiring shinies. The reason being that encounters are fast and cheap, and catching dittos to breed the same species is tedious and expensive. I came here to say that I think they led you down the wrong path and if you don't care about nature/IVs/etc. and just want your favourite mon in shiny, you should definitely do encounters and not breeding.
  7. I know a lot already about the phenomena from reading the forums. The basics are as follows: Phenomena appear in two of 177 different locations around Unova at any particular time: A particular phenomenon location has a ~3% chance of being active within an hour: Encountering a phenomenon pokemon has a chance of dropping a Mysterious Gem. These are used with elemental hold items (eg Charcoal, NeverMeltIce, etc.) to change the type of Hidden Power, and to make elemental gems (eg Fire Gem, Ice Gem, etc.) The only phenomenon-exclusive pokemon are: Audino, Ducklett/Swanna, Emolga, and Alomomola. Other pokemon from phenomena can be encountered elsewhere.
  8. For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to hunt phenomena to get OT Ducklett/Swanna, Audino, and Emolga for my Pokedex. It's proven to be much more difficult than I first imagined. My usual circuit is: Route 2 -> Dreamyard -> Route 3 -> Pinwheel Forest --> Route 5 -> Driftveil Drawbridge -> Cold Storage --> Route 16 -> Lostlorn Forest -> Marvelous Bridge -> Route 15 --> Route 9 -> Route 10 -> Route 11 -> Village Bridge -> Route 12 -> Giant Chasm --> Route 1 --> Repeat I've probably done 50 or more circuits over the last couple of weeks and so far have found only 1 phenomenon, on Driftveil Drawbridge. I have some questions: 1. Is there a more efficient circuit than the one I'm doing? I ran into a water one for Alomomola by chance so I don't need to get those ones. 2. Is the bug I have heard mentioned about phenomena visuals not appearing unless you relog known to have been fixed? 3. Do phenomena have sounds in the overworld like they do on cartridge? If so, I can alt-tab while on my laptop and do other things and just listen out for the sounds. 4. If a phenomenon spawns while you are on top of the cell, do you automatically enter a battle, or do you have to move away and then back on? Again, I could use this to take advantage of not having to constantly look at the game. 5. Do you have any other tips or advice for making this a less Sisyphean task?
  9. Any two shiny encounters are statistically independent events. You can't "waste" a shiny Rayquaza/Mewtwo encounter because it's not any more likely to be shiny than any other encounter. It's just as likely that the pokemon you encounter immediately before/after is shiny. The only difference is that you don't get to keep it forever/sell it on GTL.
  10. This gets suggested all the time and I'm really skeptical that it will ever happen because iOS is just so much harder to work with outside of the app store. I don't think the devs are interested in fighting an uphill battle with Apple just to get the game on there.
  11. Currently the limit for box names is only 6 characters. In the main series games, I like to assemble a "living Pokedex"; that is, fill my boxes with every pokemon in numerical Pokedex order. To organise this, I name my boxes things such as "1-30", "31-60" etc. However, due to the character limit in PokeMMO, two 3-digit numbers separated by a hyphen (eg 121-180) is too long to fit in the name of the box. This makes my names look awkward (121-18). I feel that the limit to 6 characters is unnecessarily restrictive and that this limit should be raised to at least 10 characters. This change is simple and small and will not affect the overwhelming majority of users, including those who wish to keep their box tabs compact by giving them small or short names. However, it is a good quality of life improvement for those who need it.
  12. The nature of iOS devices means they are more locked down and less open to modification and customisation. A side effect of this means that apps external to the Apple App Store cannot be installed on iOS like external apps can be on Android. You also cannot manipulate the phone's file system. This could be done but both of these require jailbreaking the phone, a technical process that voids the warranty. This is a selling point for Apple, as they can sell you a "better engineered user experience" or something to that effect, but this means as a user you have less control. If that's what you want, then by all means purchase Apple; however, you're likely to miss out on the occasional niche, custom and exciting small piece of software that comes from passionate devs, like PokeMMO for Android. That's the choice you make when you buy.
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