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  1. Hi there and welcome! As I understand it, the main reason that is given for no healing in secret bases is that it would subvert the leppa economy for horde encounters in areas where you can place a secret base. This would further decrease the value of shinies from hordes you can encounter in Hoenn, and makes EV training cheaper as well. Money sinks are important in an MMO's economy to help prevent inflation. Hope this helps!
  2. Hi there! I'm pretty sure Hidden Abilities are planned as content obtainable within Dungeons. I doubt the devs have any appetite to introduce them through other means, as it would defeat the purpose of playing dungeons in the first place. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi there and welcome! The designers of PokeMMO had several years of experience designing and developing MMOs before they started this game, so I'm inclined to trust their decisions on how the economy is structured in the game. In MMOs it's important that there are both ways that money can be made and ways it can be spent. This stops money from becoming too worthless (too many ways to generate and not enough ways to consume) or becoming too valuable (vice-versa). The breeding mechanics are the way they are because it brings several strong benefits to the econ
  4. I definitely agree with the sentiment but not sure what can be done. As I recall there is a dedicated CN language general forum so that should theoretically capture most of it. I think a better idea would be to include a link to the support site in the banned message saying something like "If you wish to request an appeal, please do so here." My guess however is that this is not done intentionally so that only people who genuinely want to appeal do so, rather than people who know they're botting or whatever.
  5. Hi there! I have thought of this myself in the past and honestly I think it's the cleanest way to implement Johto's Kanto and BW2. I think the main problem would be keeping track of whether you're in the "future" or the "past", and it would also be confusing for new players. They already get confused by the Channels system. A possible solution might be just that you can't start in Johto or 2nova, you have to beat Kanto or 1nova first (respectively). After that the time travel mechanic might be no big deal. In any case, I support this idea at leas
  6. Hi there and welcome back! I'm not sure how likely it is that you'll be able to get your account back if you can't prove that you owned it. You can always try raising a support ticket here: https://support.pokemmo.eu/ That's probably your best bet, since the staff will be able to use their staff powers to look into it for you. Hope this helps!
  7. Hi there and welcome! Drillburr is a phenomenon-exclusive pokemon, and specifically you can only find it in the dust clouds which appear inside caves. In PokeMMO, phenos spawn two-at-a-time in any of the set locations for them, a list of which can be found here: Phenos rotate every 10 mins, so you have to be quick to find them. Your best bet is to work out an efficient route that lets you cover as many possible locations within a 10-minute window as you can, then loop that path until you find it. You can also set a chat alert using the volume/speaker i
  8. Hi there, I wish I could be more helpful, but unfortunately I'm pretty bad at Comp in general so I'm not sure where you ought to go for in-depth info like that. I know that Smogon has published a bunch of articles on the subject over the years and that they're pretty much _the_ source of info for Competitive Pokemon, so I'd definitely start with their pro articles and branch out from there. Reading stuff from gen 5 will be most relevant to PokeMMO but really that meta was defined by Landorus which isn't in PokeMMO so it might not be that useful after all. This place has
  9. Hi SonOfAnubis, When people ask "What is the best Pokemon/build/item for xyz?", I usually repond "What is the best tool?" The question is nonsensical, because the best tool depends on the task you're doing. A screwdriver is good for unscrewing a joint but bad at hammering in a nail. Pokemon don't exist in a vacuum, they're part of teams. The role a pokemon fills in a team determines what its nature, moves, held item, etc. should be. If this is too complex for you, then the nuances of Naive vs Jolly are kinda irrelevant. Having said that, a good starting poi
  10. Hi all, In addition to PokeMMO, I'm a huge fan of Magic: The Gathering, a collectible card game with over 15,000 unique cards. As you can imagine, with so many different cards, it's often difficult to find a card that you need or want to remember exactly. However, you can significantly narrow your search if you know only a few properties; it's a Blue creature with 2 power and cmc=3, for example. The website Scryfall (and its predecessor, magiccards.info) implement a simple full-text query language for defining the properties you'd like; for example, if I wanted to perfo
  11. Hi there, Please raise a support ticket and the staff will be sure to help you: https://support.pokemmo.eu Hope this helps!
  12. I really love how much chaos you bring to this game man, keep doing what you're doing
  13. Hi, I think this is a bad idea and here's my reasoning: The point of a market is that there is no central regulatory authority which controls the prices of goods and services. This encourages innovation and naturally assigns values to products based on the relationship between supply and demand. What you are proposing is a form of price control, in which the staff set "approved prices" for items sold on GTL and outside of that range you receive a warning. The main problem is that when prices are kept artificially low or high, demand moves so far in the opposite direction that th
  14. Hey, maybe it's just me but I can't find the link to download the regular version of the mod? The embedded images seem to be a little broken for me, that might have something to do with it? Screenshot attached
  15. Hi there and welcome! A reminder that posting an English translation of your comment is a requirement to post on the forums. From Bulbapedia: "Trick fails if neither Pokémon has a held item, if the user is a wild Pokémon, if either Pokémon is holding Griseous Orb, if the target is behind a substitute, or if the target has Sticky Hold (even if it has no held item)." What specific situation were you in when this happened? It's likely it's just an intended mechanic that you weren't aware of :) Hope this helps!
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