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  1. Yep it's just for fun! (and a pokedex entry)
  2. Hi, I'm not entirely sure I understand the issue but if you accidentally vendored your red eye mask you could try raising a support ticket, the mods may restore it for you.
  3. Hi, you might like to read this guide which answers a lot of FAQs about PokeMMO:
  4. This is fantastic! I was thinking of doing something similar myself, I might still record a YouTube video someday explaining the differences between MMO and cartridge. Thank you very much for your work!
  5. PCs in secret bases has been discussed for a long time; it has not been implemented because it would invalidate the use of leppas for sweet scent, since you could just make your base wherever you're hunting, use it to heal pp, then move it when your hunt is over. I think you are vastly underestimating the difficulty of programming this feature. The Secret Base mechanic is a property of the Emerald ROM, meaning that if you wanted this feature, you'd have to pull the code in from the Emerald ROM in other regions. This is much more easily said than done. Moreover, it would probably need y
  6. I never realised there was a 21-box limit! This should definitely be added, I don't see why I shouldn't be able to buy as many extra boxes as I like.
  7. I think this is an interesting suggestion. I'd have to think about it more to understand the economic implications, but my gut reaction is that it slightly invalidates spending money to change the sex of the egg. If a Destiny Knot costs less than the amount it costs to have the Day Care Man set the gender, particularly on species where the gender ratio is 7:1, then this would always be used on the target species, invalidating that money sink. Money sinks are important to prevent inflation. As a result, if this feature were implemented, Destiny Knots would need to be very rare and therefore ver
  8. I have to say I don't really see the value in this suggestion. Breeding in the game is very easy once you get the hang of it, albeit expensive and tedious. Adding 1x31 to a pokemon is not a difficult process, and costs at most 600k (about 3 hours' grinding time). I agree that the economic impact would be negligible but I think for the sorts of people who have teams capable of placing in a tournament, this isn't valuable. Perhaps some other untradeable but valuable item, such as a unique cosmetic or a Master Ball?
  9. Hi, as per @Bearminator's signature, you can apply to a mod by dm'ing him and @SecretDjinn. Note that it can take a while for them to reply; I have been waiting since January! I think they have a lot of applications to get through.
  10. Hi there, like anything gated by RNG, shinies are not guaranteed after any amount of time. I spent 40 hours encountering hordes before I found my shiny Vulpix. You should measure your shiny hunt not in hours spent but in encounters; statistically, you only have about 63% probability to hit your shiny after 30,000 encounters (ref This means for hordes that after spending 3k leppa berries on sweet scent, you have about a 3/5 chance of having already hit your shiny. That means that 2/5 of the time you can spend 3k leppas and not get a shiny! In fact again per the table in the link, you can
  11. Hi, as mentioned, in PokeMMO the Amulet Coin is a consumable which increases money picked up from battles, the PayDay move, etc. for 1 real-time hour. The effect is paused while you're logged out. The reason for this is mostly to balance the game's economy; if you think about it, the traditional version of the coin just inflates the value of money to be 2x its old value. This version of the coin makes money more scarce, controlling inflation, and also creates a market for buying coins on GTL and farming them. Hope this helps!
  12. Hey Swervo, I'm well-placed to give you some advice; see below There are two main options for Vulpix hordes; as mentioned, Abundant Shrine, and Mt Pyre in Hoenn. There are advantages and disadvantages to both: Abundant Shrine: Abundant Shrine is easier to get to, being a fly-able location in Unova. However, the Vulpix there know Inferno, which guarantees a burn on your catching pokemon (which is often a Breloom and hence weak to fire), and there's also the possibility that if they're <50 they know Fire Spin, which will prevent you from switching. Finally, Vulpix i
  13. It's a reward for participating in the Chinese New Year event: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/132990-changelog-lunar-new-year-2021-12022021/
  14. The system is designed this way in order to balance the game as an MMO. Breeding isn't that hard, although it is expensive. See the guide here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/49440-the-breeding-guide/
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