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  1. Happy Birthday Funky ! I'll take #9 thank you Att: NecroskullDark
  2. Step friend I don't have that money and by the way I don't want to leave you without cash
  3. I am necroskulldark and paid to all when I bet if you want to ask @DrButler @MknsZblex
  4. Belgium vs Venezuela Ou: Krillin vs Nekrosckulldark on me 100k @MknsZblex Uu: Zbleeex vs AxLKGhost on axlkgrost 50k Nu: TheBeldumMaster vs abstractt / on abstractt 100k @MknsZblex 100k on venezuela Africa vs Argentina A Uu: Goku vs Wiriketchup 50k on wiriketchup Nu: MHKaserzs vs Souu 50k on souu Doubles: KindDomii vs Titooooo 50k on titoooo Spain A vs China A Ou: DarkQuiler vsyegod 50k on darkquiler Group B: Argentina B vs Mexico Ou: Stairway vs RayUwU 100k on stairway Uu: Zhiko vs Raihco 100k on zhiko Nu: Sejuani vs StrikerOak 50k on sejuani Lc: yosoyarca vs Isperea 100k on yosoyarca Doubles: Lkrenz vs Chjul 100k on lk Spain B vs Peru Ou: Vhalak vs LuisAnderson 100k on luis Uu: Killuminatis vs MlHawk 200k on mlhawk Doubles: Lluvia vs ZDfire 50k on lluvia Group C:  Brasil vs Germany Ou: Elvess vs ChucKUNSO 100k on elvess @DrButler Nu: Risadex vs Butler 100k on risadex @DrButler Rest of Latin America vs Colombia A Nu: AlejandroGB vs Aurumpegasus 100k on aurum Doubles: Roxxass vs iJulianFNT 50k on ijulian Group D: Brexit vs Rest of Europe Ou: Bluebreath vs magnetozorizor 50k on blue Uu: axellgor vs pachima 70k on axellgor Nu: zymogen vs forfiter 50k on zymonge Lc: suneet vs OrangeManiac 150k on orange France B vs Rest Of The World Ou: MadaraSixSix vs Yangsam 50k on yangsam Nu: YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL vs oltan 200k on yubell
  5. take on kiwi / on real / on orange / on blue
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