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  1. Mnemosyne's NU/UU Shop

    does your kecleon careful 25++ and got maxed pp also pinsir with SD + QUICK ATTACK WITH other moveset with pp max? if u got some i want lemme know those ivs and price. so i could dealt with u
  2. Breedin' shop -> new godly genderless lf offers

    will go for 300k
  3. Breedin' shop -> new godly genderless lf offers

    price for ur skarmory?
  4. Grave Shop Some Comp//UT

    im go for 500k 4 ur tyrogue
  5. New Offical Metas/Tiers

    RIP SHINIES STARTER POKEMON WIll getting drop the $$$~
  6. Grave Shop Some Comp//UT

    also hitmonlee?
  7. Grave Shop Some Comp//UT

    itmonlee jolly 27-31-24-x-27-31 Pursuit MPunch BlazeK SPower 6HP 252ATK 252SPEED Tyrogue Jolly 31-28-28-x-28-31 HiJumpK MachP RapidS Counter Tyrogue Adamant 28-30-29-x-26-31 HiJumpK MachP RapidS Pursuit Price?
  8. SMCompany ~ Breeding and Comp Shop

    can breed any poke with iv and nature + hp ?
  9. OU's Wishlist

    Metagross - Adamant 31/30/25/x/25/31 ur price ?
  10. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    it would be good if u can go around 12 pm bst or edt cuz not at all keep active when u going for 128 or 64 matches
  11. Orbflux OU & NU Shop

    alrdy 24 hour and u didnt show
  12. Orbflux OU & NU Shop

    my best offer around 3.4 mils , if u're good for my offer whispering me ur ign
  13. Orbflux OU & NU Shop

    jolt+swamper+ 2 uu ,likewise give me best offer . i will buy for 4 pokemon once by serious buyer
  14. Genderless breeding service

    31/31/31/x/31/30 metagross whisp me if u really can do

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