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  1. I'm trying to get the files so I can set up a mod for sound effects(the beep sounds are killing me lol)
  2. I'm using HD mod for shiny sprites and base sprites for normal but gabites all look like a blue lump and floatzels look like orange lump
  3. this week I ran from a shiny floatzel and a shiny gabite. I know this is all my fault but jesus christ I'm so devastated... I've put in 900 leppas each day for 7 days and used 10 shiny charms and I ran from the shiny gabite. I mean like what could be the harm in preventing such mistakes? Now I'll have to put in like another 70 hours to get a shiny gabite....
  4. A week ago I ran in front of a shiny floatzel 5 minutes ago I ran in front of a shiny gabite should i go kill myself?
  5. like if i use a charm and my linked buddy uses a charm too would that result in more 10%?
  6. just a reminder to myself that shiny rate is fair but life isn't
  7. guys I just ran away from a shiny floatzel because I had my eyes fixed on a fight watching Kingsman I'm so depressed.....
  8. found what was wrong: I never had wormadam but it had blue edges
  9. I completed my sinnoh dex owning all of the pokemon in the entry but it shows 274/275 and prof rowan doesn't give me the national dex the thing is magmar and froslass are both labeled 201 so i guess that's what keeps me from getting 275/275 owned.
  10. MKS

    gabite horde?

    dang I should go work on owning things
  11. MKS

    gabite horde?

    so it's different from the original games? but then we can't own dialga, palkia, giratina etc ever lol
  12. MKS

    gabite horde?

    I believe in original games my progress should have led prof rowan to give me a national dex and the fat guy should have disappeared.
  13. MKS

    gabite horde?

    but "seen" is enough right? I've got all entries on "Sinnoh Pokedex" and prof Rowan talks something like this: you've seen all pokemon in sinnoh, come to my lab etc.(when we're in the lab lol)
  14. I've looked around in victory road b1 I've seen floatzel and azumarill hordes 1f rhydon horde 2f kadabra horde I figured gabite horde must be in the post-e4 area so I completed "sinnoh dex" (278/278 seen) but prof rowan talks strange. Like he tells me to meet at his lab when we're in the lab. so how do I get past the fat guy blocking the back side of the victory road? >.>
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