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  1. I love gary

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. zhtskr


      hurted by me or by gary? LOL

    3. Startear


      Im only hurt by couple because Im alone :P

      Oh... Forget them pls :D

    4. zhtskr


      you're such an awesome girl, you won't be alone for that long :P

  2. zhtskr

    [TV] Dragonball

    But I like DBGT transformations soooooooooooo much more than DBSuper transformations. At least they're authentic and not just a hair color change.
  3. zhtskr

    [TV] Dragonball

    What's wrong with DragonBall GT? :(
  4. I guess I am too old to relearn how to improve my coordination. When I learned how to play guitar, I tried it alone. I mean, without any classes, I just had to figure it out what was best for my coodirnation. What makes it even more difficult is the fact that I am ambidextrous. I needed to figure out which hand was better for what I was playing and that sucks, it used to confuses me a lot.
  5. Damn, I wanna learn piano too! But I just can't, it's so difficult </3
  6. I'm also a HUGE fan of Green Day, it reminds me a lot of good stuff! And your welcome, I'm the one that needs to thank you for answering it.
  7. gary is a dork

    1. RogerTheRaichu


      Ok so give me a minute to respond k kid? sec

    2. zhtskr


      u cant respond this u r so humiliated right now 

  8. When I also answered my own questions, I started to listen to some old stuff that I love. I love that nostalgia feeling! Thanks for answering and your welcome, sweetie! <3 Ps: by your profile picture I just assumed that you maybe enjoy indie xD
  9. Hahaha don't need to say sorry, feel free to come around when you want to. I can't do crazy guitar solo too, I may be a guitarist but I'm not that good. Don't worry xD
  10. Put in links what? nice musical taste, Shiigo!
  11. i found u a GG meme to use for your defence






  12. I freaking don't like dubstep that much too. A person that I loved used to listen to it. I just can't, makes me feel sick in the moment it plays.
  13. I'll answer to my own questions too 'cause I want to xD
  14. AAAAAAAAAAAAA DO YOU KNOW THAT AC/DC IS MY FAV BAND EVER TOO, @minardi?! I was singing Yellow Submarine with my dad yesterday <3
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