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  1. wow classic hate on me again ty @FinnTheMember, havs-sama is having fun with me being his boss so dw Announcement to the entire team, and regarding that, this would also do, I was rather hasty suggesting muting, but yeah in general some way to announce other than the MOTD, I read it every single time I login, but I hear that people dont.
  2. Kicking imo is something major, but other than that, as I mentioned on the OP, this isn't about stopping members that are spamming, it's to silence the members of teams with large quantity of members online to get their attention, as it is hard telling them one by one. The screens were just for the lols and yeah im editing them out now @SweeTforU
  3. For teams of bigger quantity in members, getting their attention is kinda hard, and being able to mute certain ranks or members would be very neat imo. It'd also have a permission set by the boss similar to that of kicking, and muting could be done through the permissions page aswell maybe, like having a "Mute" column and choosing the ranks to mute. E: I see it already has been suggested, but no replies from a staff member (@RysPicz I see you feel me)
  4. ??????????? @DoubleJ opening my garden back up, wanna join
  5. No u

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      wowowow same

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      got me good alright

  6. After reading fred's suggestion, about the new sub rule: Players will need to contact their opponent by forum PM to schedule their match as soon as possible If their opponent's inbox is full, then contact that player by posting on their profile feed When you contact your opponent, present at least three (3) different times that you are available throughout the week, preferably on different days Additionally, if your opponent fails to respond within 48 hours they will need to be substituted from the line-up, otherwise they will lose by activity If a substitution is made, it will be as if a new week has started and the players will need to contact one another as outlined above If you are unable to duel, please request a substitution from your manager If you believe your opponent cannot duel or has ignored your PM, please add the host and the related managers to discuss the best outcome The underlined rules are absolute bullshit imo, if you get subbed right after 48 hours, and have another 48 hours (that's if your opponent contacts you the second you get subbed) and that's pretty much 4 days without a RESPONSE, meaning the agreement on a match can take even longer, and then apparently the sub can't play either so it's an activity decision. I say its an activity win after 48 hours if no replies, its not hard even if you get hit by @TheNightArch's bus to just open up forums from your phone and PM your manager/the host that you're not available; and keep in mind that this isn't 48 hours after the week starts, it's 48 hours after your opponent contacts you. We may have kept the rules stretchable so far, but players havent appreciated it so I suggest we solidify other rules aswell for a season and see how that goes. Oh also bench players should be in touch with their managers throughout the week aswell, so that the manager can talk to them about if they will be able to agree on a time with the opponent from a timezone or not. PSL will only be a truly joyful experience if all the players have the motivation to do their jobs.
  7. hey cmon this is an adult visual romance novel, I was curious like luis back in the day so I ended up researching
  8. basically whining/moaning, I never understood how you can call someone an uguu the phrase is original to this anime btw, isn't used elsewhere
  9. boi knows how to keep The Lord's morale high
  10. the edit was from "Taking Nik" to "Taking Nik vs Guerinf" since it could be nikhill fighting y'know ye Oltann
  11. I'm desperately in need of that 50k
  12. Taking Nik vs. Guerinf @DoubleJ
  13. Gonna have to walk over the bridge to join team Asia @SweeTforU