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  1. dont say it like it's a weird idea
  2. [PSL8] Unofficial Honors Thread

    much like how I'd get triggered if I saw a turkish person using a turkish rom (they are fanmade so it's even more cringy) so I feel GB af
  3. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    well uhh that was my thought, no idea why that didn't occur, p stupid idea imo considering there was no reveal of stats
  4. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    uhh dunno if it was posted but i completely forgot, http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen4ou-614175753 , gg gunt
  5. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    EU is gay
  6. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    Oh dear, did you just assume a European's gender?
  7. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    Eurasian, Asian by blood though so I only turn weird once a month
  8. [PSL 8] Week Seven

  9. yoo when are you free this week? I'm at training through friday, then have plans but should be free all day saturday and sunday. Got any times for those 2 days?

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    2. Oltan


      I'm home, completely forgot about this lmao lemme get some stuff ready, I guess we can start at 10:30pm or 11:00pm depending on how fast I can prepare, is that ok?

    3. Gunthug


      is that like 1 hour from now? Let's make it 1 and a half hours from now - that's the deadline for the writing contest and I'll probably be working nonstop until then haha

    4. Oltan


      sounds fine

  10. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    u got traded I believe
  11. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    2/7 flinches that's actually below 30% u got haxed bro
  12. [PSL 8] Week Seven

    can't dodge me this season, get ready to hax me @Gunthug
  13. [PSL 8] Week Six

    https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen4ou-610930500 starting
  14. [PSL 8] Week Six

    me vs zozoth in 50 mins (8:30PM BST)

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