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  1. Honestly in most situations I wouldn't even recommend recording the entire screen since most don't watch YouTube in fullscreen. Cropping it to the size of the battle screen would cut out the chat, as well as any other GUI, while still showing your character walking in the overworld at a more visible size.  
  2. Language filter + Unlock + Resize
  3. my favorite pokemon is starmie magmar my spirit animal is ryukonotsunaga im in team wolf because torchic invited me but im not a rapper  
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_RaV8NnfEI
  5. Name it Raisins V and they will just be knock-off flea market shoes bruh
  6. WÖLF is a friendly social and $$$ oriented team on PokeMMO. Our goals are to dominate the market and have fun along the way. Login screen: Pokemon Summary: Player card: PC Deposit Box: Battle: Click here to download.
  7. I just wanted a random ralts but ok thanks RNGesus  
  8. One time I bought a shiny chinchou. True story.
  9. To everyone saying it was going to be patched. All I have to say to you is I told you so.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcKQcAffX8o
  10. This hairstyle was removed unfortunately, But this hairstyle made it to the PTS     I really think it should be included too when the update becomes live. It's on par in terms of quality and by removing hairstyles that don't even look bad we are just being limited when it comes to variety.
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