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  1. [NU] Canada vs Brexit StriderXD vs Zymogen on Friday 4pm EST (9pm BST)
  2. agree, and most of the chinese players who have placed bets so far have explicitly asked for confirmation so it's not some random quirk that only he is doing xiao reminded people to confirm and he got no response, so i don't think he is in the wrong here either
  3. 100k on bold Void if sub/disconnect/timer involvement IGN Zymogen
  4. No, Lotus won. The picture of Elcoolio winning was false. Ask one of the hosts. You owe me 100k for Elcoolio and 100k for Titinn
  5. @xiaolinggg you paid 100k and you owe me 200k more @Taystee owes me 100k (epicverde game is void) @Shayeter owes me 100k IGN: Zymogen
  6. Shame that it took this kind of thing for people to recognise how badly the Chinese community sometimes get treated for no justifiable reason. All of the Chinese players I’ve personally met are kind people, which is more than can be said for certain other people in this community. +1 to Havsha’s suggestion
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