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  1. I don’t disagree, I’m just saying that for a 128 tournament with such a prestigious prize they should always try to cater for as many people as possible which would invariably be on the weekend
  2. I can assure you there are more people online at midnight on a Saturday than there are at 11am on a Tuesday lmao
  3. Midnight GMT on a Saturday covers every timezone Having a tour this big in the midweek is inconvenient for everyone, and the chosen time clearly favours only one timezone. Everything about this schedule is poor
  4. Why does sleep resist matter? They’d both be dropping coverage and/or setup/recovery to have it in their moveset
  5. Gigalith - sure why not. CB set may be quite strong tho Venu - coverage is strong for NU, but admittedly is slow and would have to forfeit synthesis or a STAB move on a growth sweeper set in order to have access to full coverage which may limit its potential. Always countered by golbat Roserade - faster, stronger, access to growth, coverage with extrasensory and HP Fire will be very strong in NU I don’t have access to calcs but: Defensively, they are checked by cryogonal, clef(?), throh, golbat, spdef druddigon, careful braviary, spdef roselia(?), spdef altaria Neither of them are blisteringly fast which means they are very RKable with the likes of scarf braviary, durant(lol), espeon, jynx, swellow, zard, scarf doom, scarf emboar and more. Will be interesting to see what the calcs say
  6. Zymogen

    WTB NUs

    Timid Espeon Careful & Jolly Druddigon w/ Sucker + Glare egg moves Adamant Gigalith Careful Bouffalant Modest Probopass Prob more, will update later Not looking for perfect comps, I'm not rich - post details below or on discord: Zymo#9930 IGN Zymogen
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