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  1. Good for you Havs, welcome back!
  2. Rhyperior is the only mon I somewhat agree with here and that's only if it comes in as a revenge killer or if it is careful max spdef.. In which case it has at best 2 turns to switch into a mono-attacking specs Porygon-z provided there are no rocks or tri attack burn/freeze. If it gets burnt then p-z doesn't even have to switch ?? Umbreon takes specs hits with no rocks or burn, but all it can do is wish and prot in p-z's face. If it takes a turn to foul play then it loses 1v1, and even then foul play does nothing to p-z so it's not worth it. Granted para synch wou
  3. NORE vs Lo [NU] LifeStyle vs BabyLo in 10 mins
  4. it was acknowledged 3 months ago rip
  5. That’s why I said it’s forced to be full spdef
  6. Metagross I agree to an extent, but it fears Tri Attack Burn and is basically forced to be full SpDef and run Pursuit to punish P-z Even full Calm Empoleon nearly gets 2hko'd by Timid itemless Thunderbolt so I don't see how that helps the case, I agree that it makes Tri Attack spam less rewarding but it also does nothing to punish it in return and is very easily chipped. We can't forget that Tri Attack isn't the only move that P-z has access to. If we're talking about true defensive answers to P-z I think the most mentionable are Porygon2 and Gigalith because they both
  7. Porygon is an incredibly powerful wall that offers great support utility as well as offensive pressure, and it has two very useful abilities that make it one of the more difficult walls to handle. It makes a great pivot with access to moves such as Teleport and Recover, and with Eviolite its defensive stats are nothing to scoff at. Having said this, I don't believe that it is ban-worthy. Well-built Stall and Balance teams are more than equipped to handle Porygon through common moves such as toxic, taunt and knock off; and there are lots of offensive Pokemon which can at the very le
  8. Yeah, I see what you mean. It would make unique sets slightly more identifiable if you truly were the only person to use them. But realistically, what are the chances that you'll be a) the only person to use one particular mon in an entire season, and b) the only person to use that particular set on that particular mon? Either way, in my eyes Smogon does the exact same thing, except that it would be more accurate to his metagame if it came straight from our statistics. Having said that, if it was that ground-breaking of a set that people immediately recognised you as the only perso
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