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  1. Wash your fucking hands

    1. Lvkee



    2. Zymogen


      Ye but how much tho

  2. Say it louder for the people at the back In order to boost interest in the lower tiers I think they should also incorporate a rotating prize system, not dissimilar to WoW’s dungeon queue system which incentivises players to play the less popular roles. Something like an extra 5k BP for every 10 ranked games you play in UU, and then the following week it changes to NU. The prizes could also include untradeable consumables or battle items. I think there’s a lot to be explored here
  3. I don’t disagree that they play a larger part in the LC meta, but my point is that they’re still uncompetitive regardless of the tier/format
  4. I agree, it’s not like their uncompetitiveness is exclusive to LC

    Check This Out! Let Others Know! ^^

  6. Thank you Sethsen I am here all week
  7. Zymogen The Epic Gamer Dude Would Like To Welcome You To The Community! XD :3. Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Me InGame (IGN: Luke) For Help ^.^
  8. Now exert your dominance and sell it to buy more leppas for your own hunt
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