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  1. You're right, it wasn't that bad...if you brought counters every single game. It didn't allow for any diversity when teambuilding because it stripped all of the need to be creative with it, since it was so easy to slap chansey into a team and not have to worry about any special threat ever. I loved using chansey - it was in pretty much 100% of my teams - but I don't want it back. OU is fun now.
  2. Equally, it's not his fault that you didn't mail it to the correct account
  3. Pm'd
  4. Still LF response p.s. pls don't be a meanie and delete this one too :[[[[[[
  5. LF response
  6. Is claydol a thing in dubs
  7. You bossed the final papi
  8. When RISE won their first TT, I didn't take part yet I gave everyone who participated in the tournament (outside of those who were in the final) 650k each out of my own pocket because I felt the current system is completely unfair. It's borderline ridiculous.
  9. With all due respect, that wasn't my question. It seems reasonable to hypothesise that there may be, say, 6 people who "contribute" to a team tournament win. In this situation, your share of the prize would be 325k. You are suggesting that for winning one of the most prestigious tournaments in the game, your share of the prize money should be, on average, less (175k less in this instance) than what a weekly 32 man Community Combat pays out to its winner. Please. And if you have a particularly strong team, then there may well be even more people who "deserve" a share, in which case the prize becomes laughably small. The tournament was created to determine the best team in the game, not the best trio; and the prize money should be adapted as such.
  10. I've been wondering this for a while and idk if this has already been suggested but w/e: Why is it that only the 3 winning players in the final match of TT get the 650k prize? It implies that only those 3 contributed anything throughout the entire bracket, which is inherently wrong. In my eyes, regardless of whether you win or lose your match in an earlier stage, you still were part of the winning team and therefore should have a share of the reward for winning the tournament. P.S. more OU Tournaments plz
  11. Thanks for your time, it's appreciated :)
  12. I've personally actually found this level of communication quite refreshing. Having a dev sit there and willingly open themselves up to scrutiny is something that I've not seen in my time playing, and I've found this to be quite respectable; it's nice to be given a window of opportunity to talk personally with the devs in order to try to understand what kinds of updates are on the cards, and the reasoning behind them. I'd like to see this kind of thing more often. One question, though - cancel button?