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  1. Move Braces / Everstones to a new item tab

    I’ve never had this issue - is this when choosing an item for your breeders to hold once on the actual breeding screen?
  2. If anything, this is more of a question asking for the reasoning behind the decision to make a cancel button exclusive to doubles and triples. Whilst it’s refreshing to see that it’s finally been added to doubles, I find it odd to put the effort into implementing it into something like triples whilst leaving the most-played battle mode excluded. Misclicks may happen more in doubles/triples (if anyone even plays triples lmao) - and arguably their sequelae may often times be more significant than in singles due to the nature of the battles - but it’s definitely not uncommon in singles for a match to be lost off the cuff of a muscle twitch. This may be deemed as a QoL suggestion, but I personally view it as a significant one at that.
  3. I agree - quite an interesting point. This way, whilst some things may seem out of place currently, at least we still get a little taste of what’s to come once everything has equilibrated. Moreso, expecting everything to be sorted at a time when the update is still so young is silly; the objectivity of usage-based tiering can’t be compared to an inarguably more subjective attempt at building tiers (somewhat) de novo, so naturally there are going to be differences in opinions across the playerbase before we’ve had a chance to really test anything. Having said that, I have a feeling that we’re still going to see a lot of Venusaurs, Swamperts and the like in the upcoming OU tournament, providing it gets enough signups.
  4. For doubles and triples yeah, but not singles for a reason unbeknown to me
  5. Don't forget Zangoose gets Belly Drum now too
  6. Tauros is 100% male so it doesn't get eggmoves; I'm sure it still has a niche in NU but I'm not entirely sure as I'm not hugely familiar with the Gen 5 meta
  7. 252 speed/252atk/6 hp or def Double-Edge or Return/Earthquake/Pursuit/Quick Attack

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