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  1. just ban arena trap in competitive play plz
  2. can we please get an update on the dugtrio situation? what are the tc's thoughts
  3. yes but they can't run if they're trapped by arena trap 🥴 not only are they all slower than dugtrio, literally only 2 of those mons can use either volt switch or u-turn, 1 of which is useless against ground types, so what is your point exactly? dugtrio forces all of these mons to play a certain way without even being present on the field. none of these mons can claim a kill without being immediately revenge killed. if a single ability (note: ability, not pokemon) is able to completely change the dynamic of a game, without even leaving the pokeball, then i dont see how it can be healthy
  4. Well I mean I looked through this thread and didn't see much discussion about candidates which is why I asked... but if "hi" and "ok i host" somehow count as formal pitches and discussions about "who is viewed as a good fit for such a position by the community" then more power to you broski
  5. Okay fair enough, can you point me to where this was discussed? I've been pretty inactive on forums and discord recently so I may have just completely missed it.
  6. Yeah, fair enough. It is a world cup, but that doesn’t mean that players automatically sever all ties with their in-game teammates and eliminate bias, and it’s also an issue that would be relevant to normal PSL. To say it’s not valid for this event is naive, even if I do concede that it’s not necessarily the worst thing that has ever happened. Conversely, it would also be naive of me to say that it’s possible to create a team of hosts that doesn’t have any form of bias towards any of the participants, I recognise that. But when you have a group of hosts/organisers that were decided in private (as far as I can tell - please correct me if I’m wrong), 50% of which have a clear common interest, it’s worth talking about. Like I said - I doubt it will become a problem. I’m not trying to incite any drama nor am I asking for any action to be taken. I trust that each of the players individually will do their best to be as fair as possible - I just thought it was worth broaching the subject.
  7. not that i have issues against them individually, i gotta say having 50% of the event coordinators from the same team is not very hashtag epic edit: to clarify in case anyone takes this the wrong way - it just seems like an easy point of contention for players to call upon and riot over should a questionable decision be made, particularly if it benefits a member of v4. i can’t comment on whether the proportion of v4 members in the hosts/council will actually affect any decisions made, and i genuinely doubt it will, but it just seems like something that probably could have been prevented in order to keep the administrative decision-making process as smooth as possible. perhaps it might be a good idea to make vote counts transparent should there be a need for them?
  8. give them time bro it's only been 6 whole months since this was first acknowledged to tag onto the rest of your comment: i agree with it entirely, and i particularly relate to the part about players migrating away from the tier - it has always been my favourite tier but i just grew progressively more tired of the constant drastic meta shifts and lack of stability. having said that, it must also be acknowledged that nu is a tier centralised around usage movements, but it certainly wouldn't be as big of a mess as it is if there were.... wait for it brace yourself dedicated tier councils for each tier!! it's a crazy idea i know. i saw it on some other small pokemon forum called smogno and i definitely think it could work here. maybe we should make a formal suggestion or something
  9. first of all BOOOO to the antivaxxers. enjoy your immunity munya - you're doing your community a great service. back to the topic: p-z has proven itself as a dominant force in UU that is capable of breaking any and all walls in the right circumstances. every team needs to be built with p-z in mind as it can easily steamroll through teams with no resistances or RK capability. with a huge base spatk stat, two great abilities and access to a variety of moves such as STAB tri-attack, trick, nasty plot and agility, it is a pokemon that can very easily flip a game onto its head in the flick of a switch if given any breathing space. having said this, it is not infallible - p-z is quite frail and it cannot switch into many pokemon very easily without taking a significant chunk of damage. though it must also be noted that placing p-z within a volt-turn core or alongside a teleporter/wish user (hello clef) greatly attenuates this issue. additionally, it's not immune to any types of priority or hazards, so opportunities to revenge kill it with priority, a faster scarfer and/or a pursuit mon are not uncommon, especially when you consider its not-so stellar speed stat. so i ask myself: as a balance player, do i want p-z banned? probably. it would give me much less of a headache every time i built a new team if this monster wasn't in the tier. but i must also ask myself: if i was an offense player, would i want p-z banned? probably not. the offensive answers to p-z are certainly more numerous than the defensive answers, so i understand why a not-insignificant proportion of players would keep it in UU. tldr: my internal bias as a defensive player is leaning towards a ban. however i would not be totally mad if it wasn't.
  10. +1. Seasonals were some of the best events historically and it’s a crying shame that they were ever phased out. This is a great idea, and therefore it probably won’t be added.
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