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  1. @Lvkee @MaatthewMLG it’s spreading XD
  2. Reserve ambipom and simisear for me pls
  3. Suggested this nearly 3 years ago, not a single response from staff on the matter
  4. [NU] Sebat vs Zymogen in 10 minutes whenever I finish taking a dookie
  5. Zymogen

    Value Advice

    That is a lot for Suigin
  6. u might wanna get that checked out
  7. Houndoom's face when it crit my Throh:
  8. [NU] cjmystogan vs Zymogen in 10 minutes
  9. This is like the Brexit referendum all over again, my PTSD can’t take it
  10. That’s what i call my bootyhole
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