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  1. there is a reason why some sets are considered typical while others see no usage ttar is far from a safe answer to cloyster, especially if it is already boosted. not to mention that it needs no rocks on the field and no prior chip to have a chance at surviving icicle spear: there's a difference between deliberately hating on someone and genuinely disagreeing with their ideas. your choice if you feel the need to hold his hand though, i guess.
  2. cloysters typically run shell smash/rock blast/icicle spear/ice shard so, yes. ice shard > razor shell
  3. Zymogen

    NEW Vehicle!!

    Rapidash, Rhyhorn, Tauros, Pidgeot & Lapras mounts too
  4. There're some cool ideas and type combos there, some of these would be pretty awesome
  5. lmfao y'all already know my lazy ass aint fixing this double post r/roastme
  6. Baton Pass is currently legal in Little Cup, for whatever reason
  7. It's banned until Baton Pass is fixed/banned Currently the Unburdened ability is also transferred to the Pokemon on the receiving end of a Baton Pass, which shouldn't be the case
  8. stats thread says the tables are updated on the first sunday/monday of each month, so honchkrow still being top of nu usage when it was banned on 28th jan suggests they haven't been updated :)
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