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  1. LF cash offers ign: zymogen discord: zymo#9930
  2. Are there any invitationals or tag team tours in the pipeline?
  3. the golden dragon mask is quite possibly the coolest vanity to date
  4. Ahh okay, yeah I couldn't pinpoint it exactly but it certainly isn't 2015 because I joined at the end of that year and they weren't around at that time
  5. Rudolph Antlers and Flaming Skulls were much later than 2015 - I want to say they were both introduced in 2017 or 2018. Can't remember though
  6. The most frustrating part is that it's not enough to distribute between the players that played the whole tournament, it should be a prize for every player that played for the winning team throughout the bracket. It makes no sense for it to only be the finalists
  7. Just ban arena trap in all competitive play
  8. I'm comparing the two because they're both predatory behaviours that exploit players' mistakes, yet there is a stark difference in the way that both of the actions are perceived. Not sure how to clear that up any more.
  9. I don't assume that at all, they're just silly for not looking properly
  10. Oh come on let's be real haha, that's about as logical as saying that you can't reasonably prove (without staff input) that people intentionally over-price worthless items that have similar names as more valuable ones. Could just be an accident right? And I'm not talking about someone intentionally listing an undercut for a quick sale - I'm talking about snapping up a shiny for 50k. Absolutely no one in their right mind would hesitate because it's free money, and because tough crap on the noob for not doing their homework before making the sale, right? Surely that's just as unethic
  11. Just to play devil's advocate, do you also think snipers are scumbags? Do they not also exploit less knowledgeable players who unknowingly list items for much less than their market value?
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