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  1. No, you have to find it yourself
  2. What? E: Oooh you mean the goLden boot, gotcha
  3. Zymogen

    Make Gen 4 & 5 Egg Hatching Faster

    When I say Gen 5 I mean all of the mons that were added with the Unova update - which would include Gen 4. My mistake. If that’s not what you’re asking, then it’s because Gen 4 and 5 eggs take considerably longer than it takes for Gen 3 eggs take to hatch, which was the standard for an extended period of time.
  4. tl;dr it's a pain in the uguu ty for taking the time to read this well-constructed argument
  5. Zymogen

    What do you think of my team?

    Sassy Tyranitar should really carry Ice Beam or Flamethrower as well as Stealth Rocks to make the most of the neutral nature - if you’re going to keep it physical then make it Careful to preserve at least some speed for opposing non-invested Tyranitars I assume your Breloom’s item is a mistake, but imo it needs Stone Edge so that dragons and Mantine have a harder time switching in against it. Swords Dance as well as Spore seems quite difficult to pull off. Nasty Plot is too good to not run on Togekiss, if you want to keep Thunder Wave then replace Aura Sphere. However you will have to make sure that you can effectively deal with opposing Tyranitars and Magnezones through other means otherwise they shut you down completely. Having said that, you also don’t have a reliable switch in for either of the aforementioned. Dragons also cause you a lot of issues due to the lack of recovery on your only dragon resist - maybe consider adding either Skarmory or Ferrothorn, or make your current Scizor a bulky roost set. All in all it’s interesting, but it seems like there isn’t a huge amount of synergy going on.
  6. Notice how I quoted him and chose to ignore your response to it
  7. I didn’t take your bet, I was offering it to UltraJesus who also declined
  8. Was literally just about to post that haha
  9. I can’t even be disappointed honestly, reaching the semis with a team of 24 year olds is leaps and bounds of progress compared to our last 4 international tournaments. They all should hold their heads up high because they all completely exceeded all expectations. Best of luck to Croatia
  10. Zymogen

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    How does cancer get cancer
  11. Why do u have 2 ballsacks
  12. Was tempted to shave both if we won but I decided against it lmfao
  13. Zymogen

    Value Advice

    Prob at least like 30k
  14. If England get to the final I will shave my eyebrow and post proof

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