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  1. I’d like to take a moment on this special occasion to say: XD
  2. @Kamimiii our bet is void because @Lvkee is a pussclart
  3. Is Beheeyem 0 speed? I offer 400k for Clamperl and 650k for Larvesta
  4. Cryogonal, Vanilluxe, Scyther, Golurk, Archeops, Beheeyem, Marowak, Larvesta, Clamperl, Bronzor info on these amigo?
  5. @BoltBlades12 omg bro look!!!!!! sinnoh confirmed!!!!! XD
  6. Reserve ambipom and simisear for me pls
  7. Suggested this nearly 3 years ago, not a single response from staff on the matter
  8. Zymogen

    Value Advice

    That is a lot for Suigin
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