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  1. Yeah absolutely - the tentacool evo line has quite a high encounter rate in most bodies of water so naturally they're found quite frequently. Obviously it depends on an individual's tastes, but generally shinies are categorised as desirable or undesirable which also affects their value :)
  2. Mix between being ugly + horrendously common
  3. LF Details lmao
  4. I love you Yeah that Mag would be great if that's alright
  5. u wot son
  6. Depends on how much you're looking for, perfect IVs isn't a necessity
  7. Potentially, deets + price?
  8. If you're selling any OUs then hmu with the details and your price and I'll see if I'm interested I'm not looking for anything perfect unless I'm particularly fond of that comp In particular I'm looking for: BRAVE HP Fire Metagross BOLD HP Fire Venusaur CALM HP Fire Venusaur TIMID HP Fire Espeon BOLD HP Electric Slowbro TIMID HP Ice Jolteon with Wish (and Fake Tears if possible, not but not necessary) TIMID HP Ice Magneton I'm probably going to add more as I think of them but yeah. Offer away ladies IGN: Zymogen
  9. I won't be online until the 25th E: nvm I'll come on now quickly
  10. But fr gimme the deets of the vics, walrein, hypno, muks and pinsir pls bb
  11. Are there any comps with at least one 31 IV?