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  1. Tier council members definitely need competitive accolades, especially if we were to vote on who joins. There would need to be objective criteria or metrics that the public could reference, otherwise the votes would be entirely arbitrary and subjective. And I say that as someone who has no accolades - I’m not an idiot and I know how to play, but I wouldn’t dare step into a role of that responsibility because I don’t have the track record to back myself. It’s like asking a League 1 football manager to be a pundit for the World Cup - fundamentally they know how to play football and how to manage a team, but what credibility and experience would they have? No one would take them seriously. You also wouldn’t be able to hold an election on a third-party platform because people will always find ways to rig it. It would have to be through a bespoke system implemented directly into the game, and we all know the likelihood of that happening. E: I really agree with the cyclical reset idea though. But I’m not sure that fits their agenda 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. 4f you know damn well that these suggestions are far too logical and therefore would not be considered
  3. If the best way to assess the situation is to play the meta yourself instead of discussing, then we might as well poll the public so they can make the decisions, right?
  4. You can also host automated tournaments if you contact staff and give them the money for the prizes
  5. What about metronome tournaments though?
  6. yeah i understand that but i just assumed that speed tiers would still be relative to normal battles. thanks
  7. so in 20 years like all the other broken stuff that the community campaigns to get banned? this isn't reassuring at all given the tc's track record
  8. not sure how randoms works but my primeape just outsped a flygon, is this an error? or are speed stats not accounted for with the level balancing?
  9. According to bulbapedia it does, I can’t get to my pc so can’t check in game
  10. Yo wtf I had no idea weezing learned defog
  11. You’re too active sorry
  12. Thank you for taking the time to address everything except the main point of Quinn's comment
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