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  1. Likewise, what benefits does it bring? It is a system that worked perfectly beforehand. The current one is unnecessary. I'm not asking for something as drastic as this, because I recognise the overall enjoyment of a tournament is contributed to significantly by the ability to spectate battles as a neutral, and this would detract from it greatly as you say. However, my suggestion does not; there is no credible reason for you to be able to immediately acquire the structure of a player's team by simply clicking on the spectate button. It does not contribute at all to the neutral spectating experience. The argument of "we shouldn't do it because I don't know how much of an effect it will have" is redundant honestly. There is a significant contrast between the ease at which people could previously scout their opponents, and the ease at which people can now scout their opponents - simply due to the fact that, before the update, you required a third party to spectate the entire battle while you battled in order to not eat into your preparation time during the interval. Now, there is no need for an extra person to be involved as the person can have access to their potential opponent's entire teams in an instant. Ah, yes. The old "you have multiple comps so scouting shouldn't be a problem" interjection. This is crap and you know it. If scouting was that ineffective because "good players should change their teams" then why is there such a poignant scouting culture within community tournaments such as PSL? Are you telling me you've never scouted your opponent in a tournament and allowed it to influence your mentality when building your team? Interesting point, I'd not thought about it that way
  2. Yes, but currently the player in question doesn't have to rely on other people. They have to watch the battle for 5 seconds, take a screenshot and then can spend the rest of the battle and the 10 minute interval building around what they have seen, or scouting previous rounds. Take your logic and apply it to laws against drugs, does it still hold up? It is no secret that scouting is impossible to stop completely, but how can you not advocate for something that would aid in making it more difficult? In this instance it wouldn't even be drastic change or a step in the right direction - it would merely be reclaiming the step backwards that the game took when this update was implemented. Do you really think the benefits of the ease of access for spectators outweighs the drawbacks that it brings for competitive players?
  3. Great for neutral spectators, terrible for scouting. It brings nothing positive and in my eyes is only a hindrance to competitive battling, especially if you finish after your next opponent in a tournament. Please remove it.
  4. Zymogen

    Least liked staff member

    @Intor rest in peace
  5. Zymogen

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    Double post OP but A manual official held in Silph Co. with a shiny prize pls, just like the old days
  6. Zymogen

    Ironman Mode

    Settled's videos are exactly what made me think of this idea hahaha, Swampletics OP
  7. Zymogen

    Ironman Mode

    I don't quite understand what you're saying
  8. Zymogen

    Ironman Mode

    See above You'd have to be some kind of idiot to accidentally apply something that you would be required to confirm on multiple occasions before creating the character. And even then, the player would soon realise and be able to delete the character and start again. I can't see anyone being silly enough to get through an entire region or multiple regions before noticing.
  9. Zymogen

    Ironman Mode

    1) Who would stick to a solo mode and make an effort to be self-sufficient if there weren't genuine restrictions on the account? 2) It allows the player to more deeply appreciate the manual process of having to accumulate different materials and breeders and therefore gives a greater sense of achievement after breeding a natured 6x31 comp for example 3) It would give more of a purpose to stuff like the crafting system, as it would be used as one of the main ways to obtain things like PP Ups/Maxes 4) The satisfaction of being able to say that you built a successful account from the ground up without any outside help 5) Having actual restrictions forces you to play the game from a different perspective, and gives more inherent value to items and Pokemon themselves as opposed to everything being reliant on actual money 6) Shinies found on these accounts wouldn't affect the current market
  10. Zymogen

    Ironman Mode

    You could say the same for RuneScape, yet they had their reasons for making it an entirely new mode
  11. Zymogen

    Ironman Mode

    Similar to RuneScape's Ironman mode, it would be fun to have the option to make an account that is not able to trade or interact beneficially with other people - i.e. wouldn't be able to buy/sell via the GTL, wouldn't be able to trade or mail from player to player, etc. This way, the grind to the game seems like it has more of a purpose than for just monetary gain - you would need to grind all of your own breeders, berries, held items, and everything else in order to progress. I know a lot of people are against how grindy the game is already, but this would add a new way to approach it at least. The only problem I would see with this, though, would be trade evolutions. Thoughts?

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