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  1. Why? What did the Sinnoh update introduce to NU which stops these from being just as broken as they were previously?
  2. Missed pun opportunity here ... ”How To Rain Your Dragon”
  3. Would it not be possible to implement a system that applies a randomly-generated shuffle to each round before a tournament starts? I.e. match slots are placed into pre-determined pairs so that the shuffling has already been done, and therefore the matches don't need to start at the same time each round. The pairing pattern would also be unique for each tournament so that it wouldn't be decipherable. It's not perfect - the first and last games of each round would still invariably be susceptible to exploitation, but it would at least greatly attenuate the extent of scouting in early rounds. Perhaps the 10 minute match timer between rounds could be halted until there are at least 4 players waiting to enter their next game. Additionally it wouldn't be as effective in the later rounds or in smaller brackets, but I'm not sure how you can effectively prevent scouting in these scenarios without anonymising every player or removing live spectating. I threw together a visual demonstration in case I haven't explained it properly (I'm also not familiar with how coding works so this could end up being too much of a pain in the ass to create, but it's just an idea). There are also other options available if remote spectating is implemented. The bracket could be hidden entirely until the tournament is finished in order to prevent live scouting, and you could just input a command to spectate specific players such as teammates or friends etc. instead of freely picking from an entire list of matches while the tournament is happening
  4. I think with any implementation of a shuffle feature there are going to be logistical hiccups, but this idea would completely change the competitive metagame and just isn't feasible
  5. @WorldCupMMO please blacklist @Shayeter as he is yet to pay me for our bet on Jorgemaximo vs LKrenz in week 5, despite having been reminded several times in game (by both mail and whispers) and on the forums. To my knowledge he also still owes several other people money. Link to his comment taking my bet: Attached a screen of him ignoring me after I reminded him. I then mailed him to remind him yet again the following day (now two days ago) still with no response.
  6. [nu] sweetforu vs zymogen at some point on wednesday evening
  7. imagine not paying your bets
  8. epic XD double post time 500k on iMat vs xAnzar void if disconnect/timer involvement/sub
  9. smh this man deserves to go on @Murcielago's list of A C C U R S E D S O U L S
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