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  1. b give me ur green ghosty bois
  2. Blitz mode is actually an amazing idea. That could make for some super entertaining tournaments I think, and it would be great if it could occasionally be implemented into officials as it would showcase the players who are best at thinking on their feet. E: Don't forget to upvote this post as well as liking it
  3. I wouldn't like this unless it could be toggled off, it would be easy for it to add unnecessary pressure during late-stage tournament battles for example
  4. hello yes i would li ke to purchAes your eggs i pm u
  5. preferably female, have cash and/or vanity to offer, let's negotiate ign Zymogen discord Zymo#9930
  6. The main problem with Whimsicott as a counter is that it's rendered completely useless when the opposing player has a dark type on their team. Drapion previously had high usage in screens cores because of this reason, as well as it just being generally well-suited for this kind of team. Edit: Nvm Huargensy already beat me to it
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