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  1. Toshleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Munya


      It is a sad day, and a sad week.

    3. Toshley


      It must be sad, now you've got Gilan, Bil and Kaynine to deal with ;)

    4. LipeHaru


      I miss Toshley a lot :c

  2. I'm bored of the cats now... Text: Toshley Team (If you want it added): Either PokeMMO Staff or VIP you pick ;) Character/Pokemon: LARVITAAAAAAAAAAAAR Background: MORE LARVITAAAAAAR Animation: Idk if you want Donation amount (If there is one): Shut up and take my money!
  3. Toshley


    Welcome to the fantastical world of PokeMMO :)
  4. How come your forums avatar has some guy with a football head on it? Are you a fan of football?

    1. Toshley


      It's a mixture of Arnold and Nigel Thornberry. Arnold Thornberry \o/

    2. Bestfriends


      Sounds epic!

  5. 10/10 mr one true god

  6. We've had a suggestion like this in the past. In order to make it consistent with PP-Ups/Max the base PP would have to be increased to 25, that way we'd have 40 PP when maxed out, giving you max efficiency.
  7. Looks great :D I don't think it looks that much like a girl. Thanks a lot! ^^
  8. Yeah the chibis look really cool. Could I ask for one as well? I'll happily donate again, thanks!
  9. It's okay, Gruyere, at least you "won" the dunsparce event.
  10. Welcome pal ^^ Enjoy your stay.
  11. Toshley


    Tfw you really wanna mess around on the PTS but work is a thing :'(
  12. I want Echo back !!


    Congrulations again CM, Mod is something higher right ? O.o Where is Miichii The Admin ?! :-D


    Summary: Congrulations Tosh :)



    1. Toshley


      Thanks Finn :P Echo is currently doing a double major so she really doesn't have time for MMO anymore and Miichii is in a similar situation though she can still sometimes get on ;)

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