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  1. Can be locked :)
  2. Bumpety bump
  3. Basically looking for something that'll go semi-well with this: Doesn't need to be perfect, just preferably something with high-ish attack. Also something that isn't gonna cost me an arm and a leg ;) Got about 6m to work with at the most...
  4. Mmm I loves me a good meme in the morning
  5. How come your forums avatar has some guy with a football head on it? Are you a fan of football?

    1. Toshley


      It's a mixture of Arnold and Nigel Thornberry. Arnold Thornberry \o/

    2. Bestfriends


      Sounds epic!

  6. Looks grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!
  7. 10/10 mr one true god

  8. We've had a suggestion like this in the past. In order to make it consistent with PP-Ups/Max the base PP would have to be increased to 25, that way we'd have 40 PP when maxed out, giving you max efficiency.
  9. Looks great :D I don't think it looks that much like a girl. Thanks a lot! ^^
  10. Yeah the chibis look really cool. Could I ask for one as well? I'll happily donate again, thanks!
  11. It's okay, Gruyere, at least you "won" the dunsparce event.
  12. PTS

    Tfw you really wanna mess around on the PTS but work is a thing :'(
  13. I want Echo back !!


    Congrulations again CM, Mod is something higher right ? O.o Where is Miichii The Admin ?! :-D


    Summary: Congrulations Tosh :)



    1. Toshley


      Thanks Finn :P Echo is currently doing a double major so she really doesn't have time for MMO anymore and Miichii is in a similar situation though she can still sometimes get on ;)

  14. D: I love it! Thanks so much ^^ I'll send you a lil something something just as soon as I decide to get out of bed xD