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  1. Please do not re-release other years vanities into this halloween. If you feel bad for being new player and not having one, work harder and buy one like the rest of people. Like kyu said, i would be pissed indeed. From someone who invested hard into scythes.
  2. How to get blocked: Tard: " Selling X offer - How much = BLOCK" Me: "how much?"
  3. animation on ditto loops and in the end of every loop this appears (less than 1 second frame) Also Rapidash and Magmar are huge.
  4. normal pokemons are moving but shinys aren't. How to fix?
  5. Add me to the group. EUW - Scyther
  6. you forgot this /s I also have the same problems on my phone as OP stated (Huawei P9)
  7. @Devs How much? When he reaches 25, i demand a ingame statue
  8. Make it like "sudowoodo" and i see no problem? (Only 1 per char)
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