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  1. I've pickup an exclusive item during Halloween event. Kanto Cape Brink Other: Bat Cookie (Halloween event) Berry Forest Other: Cat Cookie (Halloween event) Victory Road Other: Broom Cookie (Halloween event) Unova Route 7 Other: Pumpkin Cookie (Halloween event) Twisted Mountain Other: Ghost Cookie (Halloween event) Dragonspiral Tower Other: Cat Cookie (Halloween event) You could add this to special if you like? Ex. Special: Bat Cookie This could be useful to find special items during the holidays.
  2. Ever since the Crown Tundra DLC. I figured out a much better idea, how about implement an Ability Patch mechanic? This is exactly what Shane is talking about. Here's a quote from Serebii news: If this website doesn't allow quotes from different websites, including pokemon related, then this is a one-time thing.
  3. Thank you for reminding me. For a second I thought I have to spend a fortune on a swimsuit. You could close this down now. I don't plan on continue this topic anytime soon. So, thanks again.
  4. I was curious if there were a few players still have a swimsuit package, those who bought before May 2016. If I've come across one who still has it, someday I'll pay 3M Pokeyen for one. The in-game swimsuits are worth a fortune nowadays. If it's tradeable, I'll setup a trade shop once I have enough money. Best not wasting time as long it is possible. I'm also curious if you find them in PvP mystery box. If you guys still have a swimsuit since 2016, mail me. My IGN is DBZFan. But if it's completely removed, then it's all for nothing...
  5. My idea is to earn a Pokémon with hidden ability in ranked battles. I've never entered a ranked battle on PokeMMO before. Win a Pokémon with a hidden ability gives you an option to set one of the IVs and then the other five will be set to random, to keep the Pokémon balanced. Ex. 10 wins earns you a Kabuto with Weak Armor. They could be shiny lock (Never shiny) or 1 of 30,000 chance for shiny. Whichever comes first.
  6. What about 6th gen (ORAS) contest moves in hoenn? They could've been moves beyond gen 3 are only coolness moves with four appeal points.
  7. Route 119: Trainer Pickup: Plain Sour Seed, Repel Pokémon Pickup: Super Potion, Super Repel, Plain Bitter Seed I've added bold to trainer pickups. From now on, I'll add the bold in future replies. Some items are separated from trainer pickups and Pokémon pickups. It was best to add both of the same item for better clarification. Ex. Trainer Pickup item, Pokémon Pickup item. Pickup works in both regions, Kanto & Hoenn. Could you mention Unova to the part based on a quote above? I notice several posts regarding Unova pickups. It works in three regions.
  8. So Best, do you know there were many items updated? Net balls and Dive balls are now two-point-five (2.5) times the catch rate. Lava Cookies are now available in Lavaridge Town worth the same price as in Kanto and Sinnoh regions. Herbs like Energy Powder can be found in Unova at Driftveil City. Buy some fast, they might remove them. Quick balls are no longer 4x the catch rate.
  9. This is a triple battle In a Boss fight, Giratina use a move that inflects negative conditions like debuffs, status effects and others like torment. Drag Down is a ground type move similar to Sky Drop and it uses Dragon Pulse and sometimes Shadow Force. Giratina summon its floating island minions which are Rock-Ghost type and has an ability known as, Levitate. The Minions learn Rock Blast, Bulldoze and Ominous Wind. These were all I remember. Strategy: Giratina has high defense, which is why I recommend Tail Whip in case it summons. If it has minions on the field, use Razor Leaf or Muddy Water to hit three at once. Crunch is my favorite move for this fight, plus it lowers Giratina's defense. Items: Make sure you bring lots of Hyper Potions though, it take awhile to beat it. A few revives Save Full Restores as the last resort. It may not be necessary, but it is recommended. up to three status healing items each, just in case. EDIT: Have you fought Giratina recently? Please reply for more info.
  10. HOENN Route 101: Pokémon Pickup: Plain Spicy Seed, Plain Sour Seed Trainer Pickup: Plain Bitter Seed, Plain Sweet Seed These items complete Route 101 pokemon pickup list. I haven't test on trainer pickups there yet. I got a good look at the trainer pickup items. Did you know that you can't steal items from fainted pokemon even with pickup?
  11. Do you know there are gen 1 TMs like Water Gun? These should be added for finding every move guide. Ex. You could find TM - Water Gun in Mt. Moon 1F west from the entrance.
  12. Those who miss the tournament announcement via chat could be a pain. Which is Why I suggest to check out upcoming tournaments via mail from little cup to OU tournaments. These could fill up the mail too much. This could be filtered by enable certain tournaments for any announcement you like to participate in. They show up in your mail within a five minute head start for the next tournament. Ex. LC enabled, NU disabled, UU disabled, OU disabled. Tournaments: OU UU NU LC When you finish competing, disable them to prevent anymore tournaments from spamming you mail. You could also auto-delete after a tournament has ended.
  13. I like to know if it's possible to bring a pokemon egg from Sinnoh to Kanto. When it hatched, will it obey in Kanto before facing the E4? I can't afford wasting time on a pokemon who might knock itself out due to disobeying.
  14. HOENN Route 110 Pokemon Pickup: Plain Bitter Seed, Great Ball Trainer: Repel Wild hold item: Magnet(Magnemite) I forgot how exactly to get a magnet, is it either via pickup or Magnemite holding a magnet. Could someone test this out just to be sure.
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