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  1. this was after the patch, and i was able to login right after the patch, i wasn't when i logged out, but ty That explains it. Thanks a lot. Yeah it's dumb to have pokemon fainting without realising why EDIT: I still think there's pokes with quick claw. Staraptor in hoenn 2nd gym had no reason to attack first afaik. It does make sense a poke with claws to have that item, so im not too mad about it. It used close combat which doesn't have priority
  2. Where was the rain? EDIT: Im using Ttar, does drizzle occur under sandstorm?
  3. This is quite annoying. Every gym leader has 1 or 2 pokemon that outspeeds pokemon it shouldn't be able to. This make power lvling a living nightmare, because i wanna power lvl 3 pokes at once. The problem is that quick claw doesn't just proc once or twice, it procs multiple times per battle. I can't just have EV trained lvl 100 gengar and ttar get 1hko'ed by rng. It makes farming a nightmare, it makes power leveling a nightmare. Offtopic: I was on 8th hoenn gym, i had to logout because of this, I no longer had pokemons that would win that match, purely out of rng. Now i can't sele
  4. EV Training was made super easy now, as you now have hordes that give you a bunch of EVs for a single stat, in a single fight. Stuff like Defense and Attack that were boring to farm are now possible to have it reach 252 EV in like 30min to 1 hour each stat, when it used to be 3x/4x that time. If it was any easier or less time consuming it would just be way too fast compared to other pokemon games with RPG content I don't think it will be changed because someone works 2 jobs, that's not anyone's fault, and everyone/most ppl are fine with how EVs are trained right now
  5. I was looking for a GIF of Shaq laughing while facepalming, but i can't find one, someone message me one pls I highlighted something in the quote, i find it very interesting, because you did similar to those: nit pick on cons, thus only talking about them, and it wasn't constructive enough IMO, because again, there is no major inflation in his suggestion Anyway, you say that now, but it doesn't change the fact that, regardless what you think it's unnecessary or not, some positive words are always necessary. So since you hardly give any, I also don't have any nice words
  6. This is bashing. Let me tell you why. You're not giving one single good point in your comment, you're just raising problems. You gave no credit to the idea, you just made it seem like some impossible job. But since you're too clueless to find context, just hold tight He upvoted my post before making this one. He very likely saw your comment (which also you didn't say anything positive in it about my suggestion) that those suggestions deserved separate threads (the questing system and the dungeons, to which they did go along very well, that was actually the essence of my su
  7. The prize is just an example. Also, if this were to be done as a money generation method NPC payouts had to be revised, like i said in another suggestion.
  8. I'm sorry but you're not the one that is going to demand me to do that. Mod-wannabe much? Also, if i did that, your posts complaining about it would become off-context. Buddy, you're way too close-minded. Why can't a legendary rampage a town? What's so odd about it? Do they just have to sit in a dungeon and be like "TAKE ME BOY!!"? Also the suggestion i gave to the world events would just be to beat a pokemon for a prize or something, not catch him. Dungeons would be there if you want to catch them. Like the bosses from the Halloween Event and North Pole Event. You had to beat
  9. It was never publicly announced, so it's not my fault for not knowing, but it is still good input from my part to tell what i'd like to see Also they never said how it will work and what it actually gives you along with legendaries. If their only porpuse is to give legendaries it will be pointless hours of work for something so trivial and dispendable to have in the game. So voicing my opinion that it should give cash and maybe have refreshable quests is still a good suggestion How is it confusing? A "boss" or a NPC spawns somewhere and you have to do what is required to ge
  10. So i know a lot of people are speculating over the addition of Dungeons to the game, like the one from the Xmas event but since no one has confirmed that and the game needs more than that i'm gonna give my suggestions. First things first, why more PvE content? - Well, the only reason you'd ask something like this is if you're a PvP player only. The PvE content after beating the story is basically non existent. Berry farming? Grind. NPC rebattling? Grind. Battle Frontier? Kinda of a grind too. - The devs have showed us that it is easy enough to please the PvP players, bec
  11. Actually there is, didn't know about that one, thanks. Will add soon You're late, it got removed and spreaded across both regions in PokeMarts when Berry Update launched I think the swimsuit isn't buyable with cash anymore, I haven't found it anywhere and i checked every PokeMart
  12. I'm gonna try to make a good rant about this, since I've heard that this has been attempted before but to no success. So I've been talking recently with other players about the amount of pokemons that are not going to leave GTL until the end of time (If the owner never stops playing). And right now you're problably like "How is it your problem?" It isn't, but yet it is. Let me explain. Imagine this: I own a super market, I have muliple products, most of them have an expiration date, so if they expire I can no longer sell them. So I replace the expired item with a "refre
  13. TBH the name of the suggestion should be changed, because all HMs, except Flash, have easy access/trigger without going to a Pokemon's Summary. Now Field Moves are a different thing compared to HMs. Moves like Dig, Sweet Scent, Teleport, and a few others not really worthy of being mentioned. You need to go to a pokemon's Summary to trigger them, those are the ones that could use some form of Hotkey
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