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  1. can you give me a light green background? thx ya xD
  2. make me one pls thx in adv, will donate a lil
  3. jasonoon95


    i got a feeling that alot people are gonna enter the cinema watch rogue one and be like "wtf happen to rey and finn, how come they not in the film anymore???" releasing rogue one which story is between 3th and 4th, just after releasing 7th, i think that's a bad idea would confuse tf outta people, especially ppl new to star wars
  4. lmao last time i did the same as what you did went there to water berries but i met a fucking shiny tentacool fuck you
  5. are we allow to discuss pro on here? lol
  6. i think the most famous chinchou set is modest 252 spa & spe agility surf thunderbolt icebeam in lc its about figuring out scarf/lifeorb and how to kill sturdy/endure salac mons, sigh
  7. imo maybe like divide the tax into 2, pay once before selling and once after selling pros: - people bad with prices can gain experience by experimenting prices, if their stuff isn't selling (overprice), they can withdraw, lose half of the fees and relist for a cheaper price - there wont be shit pokemon selling for 10mil because you still have to pay fees before listing
  8. lol i rmb u said dat it was a pattern damn u predicted ur future, no wonder they call u god, jajaja
  9. what, u surf your shiny graveler? what if it doesn't have sturdy, lol
  10. Name: Jeiseun Team (optional): RISÉ Background (optional): forest Render (Pokemon/Character): shiny masquerain
  11. lmao i dont think any player ever did that
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