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  1. Belts/belt buckle on the Elfbot outfits like the actual Elfbots have, or even better... Maybe even a toggle function to have the belt or not by right clicking the vanity! That would be dope.
  2. GUYS! It turns out it's true that the more Elfbots you kill, the more tiny parts you will get. It has nothing to do with any other factor. Staggs and I just spent about 2 hours just killing waves and I got 54 Tiny Parts and Staggs got 53 Tiny Parts, but she died because of RNG more times when I was able to finish the battle. This means that you probably HAVE to be alive at the end of the battle for your personal Tiny Robot Part counter to go up. If anyone was wondering, we got 53/54 for just clearing waves up to the start of wave #10 (once again, no Big Robot Parts were collected)
  3. It appears they have, indeed, changed the formulas for the better. It may be better (now) to go until you drop. We're about to try it out.
  4. I was wondering that as well with the fighting stats. No idea why that was chosen that way, maybe as a joke for us to catch on. And thank you! I was able to fill out several boxes with your info.
  5. Updated with map of main area that points out where gift locations are.
  6. Thank you guys! If anyone can fill in the gaps for the missing moves on page #2, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  7. Staggs and I are having a huge success with Psychic + Psychic. Their type coverage is amazing with Psychic and Aura Sphere. They can heal each other with Healing Pulse, as well. The only things that take more than 2 hits are Grass types early before getting some EV presents, Dragons (due to Multiscale), and other Psychics (3-4 hits depending on EVs). Everything else is a 1-2 hit KO. They also outspeed everything other than Electric, which they might even outspeed that if you end up getting enough EV gifts.
  8. Click here for the Google doc with our findings. Page #1 has the stats and moves for YOUR Elfbot that you choose at start. Page #2 has the stats and moves ENEMY Elfbots have. Page #3 has our own results of prizes from running for ya mathematicians (no longer relevant, formula seems changed). Page #4 has important notes for running through. Page #5 has a map of the main area and points to gift locations. Happy grinding!
  9. They could make it so that they raise stats to a max of 30. I wouldn't be opposed to that, either.
  10. Thanks! I updated with a disclaimer and reminder that the latter half is only an example, so hopefully people focus on the actual suggestion, or maybe even add more examples, too, for unique things to each tier. Maybe we can give the devs some ideas.
  11. Not everyone's going to like all the rewards in everything always, but I personally will say that I would probably play UU the most with the rewards as I have them written. Each person will have their things that they will want the most. Also, with a roulette, if you have a 3% chance to get a reward vs a 100% chance, the 100% chance is 100% more reliable. :P If this were implemented and I wanted a bottle cap, I wouldn't be playing OU to try for a low chance to get them. I'd go play NU to actually get one. EDIT: Also, it's worth noting that these are bonus items. You're
  12. Please consider upvoting up there ^ if you like my idea. Don't just like it-- upvote, too! The more upvotes, the higher the chance we have of something like this being implemented. Though semi-similar to another thread, this is a completely different idea. I think this would be another fantastic solution to make NU and UU matchmaking actually played and I'm glad I was able to make this thread while the topic is hot. With this idea, when you get to the "Trainer won (x) BP" stage, it would say "Trainer won (x) BP and (x) OU/UU/NU Token(s)." Make new vendors in the Battle
  13. The crashes for Vanilluxe and Nosepass and a couple others others are extremely annoying, but that aside this is probably my favorite mod.
  14. (I obv don't think CB Struggle should be nerfed, I just thought this was funny. It almost OHKO the Mismagius. xD)
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