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  1. *Results* A PokeMMO Christmas Carol

    Omg, I won an event! LOL I'm so ecstatic right now! Thanks for the opportunity! I really enjoyed reading everyone's entries!
  2. What generation does pokemmo follow?

    Yeah, use the Pokedex to check. It'll tell your stats, and also moves you can learn, what level, and how to get them.
  3. New crit rate

    Personally, I wish the console games would have made it so that every hit against one enemy Pokemon increases your chance against THAT Pokemon to critical hit. Like, first hit has a 0% chance. Next hit has a 3% chance, next hit has a 6% chance, etc. up to a max of like 24% or something. If the enemy switches out, the crit % would reset. In the scenario against someone spending 30 turns setting up, it would make that be a lot more risky which is like the only place where you NEED a critical hit (unless you have Haze or Clear Smog, which are a lot less common than setting up, and if your shutdown Pokemon dies, then you're screwed lol). It's super hard to balance RNG, though. It'll either be too weak or too good and it's impossible to find an in between imo. Even though what I wish would have been -better- imo, it wouldn't be perfect and it's the best I can think of. I do hate getting crit on my Stored Power Clefable, but in all reality it's the only way to shut it down (besides Haze/Clear Smog [if Clear Smog is working here]).
  4. Unoffical community event

    Grats to y'all that placed!
  5. Gym Leader Rematches Guide

    They always have the same teams for me, though. o_O
  6. Allow the message to carry /trade behind it

    If I WC something, I usually just CTRL+A (select all text), CTRL+C (copy), type /tr, then ctrl+v (paste). I guess the biggest problem with this would be if people were typing actual /tr in their sentences. Like, if someone said "I need a ghost wall," and someone said "Dusclops/Trevenant," the /tr would activate the /tr chat, or if someone was trying to tell a friend in team chat "I'm wanting to buy/trade for a shiny Ampharos," the /trade would activate the trade chat. If they could figure out a way to get past that, though, I'm totes down for this change.
  7. Longer animations, more MM BP?

    I actually didn't know that. lol. Idk how exponential any changes would be in the end if they did change it. Probably just close this topic.
  8. Longer animations, more MM BP?

    I think it would be a good idea if we got a smidgen more BP in matchmade battles where the animations make the battles last a lot longer than before. Maybe 650?
  9. I think a neat idea. I had actually typed a post up and my friend @Staggiie did a search for me to see if there was a thread and we found this. Here's what I had typed up/my two-cents to how to make team hideouts grandeur and desirable. Things that I think would really make this a cool concept: - Larger-than-normal hideouts. - Solo PC, like the normal ones found in PokeCenter that only you can access. - Public PC that anyone in the Team can deposit Pokemon into. - Leader PC that only the boss and higher ranking members can access. - Public storage box that anyone can put items in. - Leader storage box that only the boss and higher ranking members can access. - Auction NPC where you can list things for only your team and they can bid on them. - Public berry plots that anyone can seed/water if they have permission. - Team breeders + breeding braces NPC. - Team tournament NPC that can automate team tournaments after original setup and do all arranging/bracketing with options like Ubers, OU, NU, monotypings only, etc. - Exclusive decorative items and flags for team bases only (I think it would be neat if the boss could put a replica but greyed statue of (a) player(s) put in the base, maybe to signify winning the previous tourney)
  10. Gym Leader Rematches Guide

    Reserving this current post to edit later after rematch CDs and finish results.
  11. Gym Leader Rematches Guide

    There is definitely a variable at work with what Pokes you run into. I agree with my bud @Staggiie and think that it depends on what "set" of the e4 you're on. I.E., not having beat lvl 90 E4 will make all the gym leaders in that region have diff pokes than if you HAVE beat the lvl 90 E4. I still haven't beaten lvl 90 E4, so I'll try to beat that and then lvl 100 (God help me) and post my results.
  12. effectiveness visible in moveset

    I dig this. Finally would give a reward for completing the Dex. That being said, I like the fact it is implemented to begin with in any form.
  13. What does this mean

    This is just a stab in the dark, but I'm guessing it has to do with Unova vs Hoenn/Kanto, since Unova is 3D and Kanto/Hoenn are tiled maps.

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