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  1. Hey, I just met you,
    And this is crazy,
    But here's my number,
    So call me, maybe!

  2. Buff, Nerf, Delete

  3. Tips To be a Good Player :D (Up-Date)

    Ya, I like it but you need to stop beggin' for likes. :P
  4. Another post on implementing legendary mons

    I actually like this idea. There needs to be some proper, good reward for completing the OT dex. Could also make them untradeable so it wouldn't be able to destroy the economy and people who haven't completed the OT dex couldn't get them... and you'd only get one shot per character to get a good one.
  5. Tips To be a Good Player :D (Up-Date)

    I think it's really nice that you made this topic, but can you change the formatting? The black on the white background hurts my eyes. Also, don't take offense to this but if you'd like I can change your grammar/wording to proper English. Message me if you'd like and I can send you an edited version.
  6. Buff, Nerf, Delete

    Milotic seems to be a pretty popular nerf/delete. lol
  7. Buff, Nerf, Delete

    directed. >.>
  8. Buff, Nerf, Delete

    Let's play a game! Just for fun and as the title says... if you could buff one Pokemon, nerf one Pokemon, and delete one Pokemon from the game, who would you pick? Don't flame others for their choices. Remember, this is just a light-hearted game for fun. Please follow friendly etiquette and for the love of Arceus follow the PokeMMO ToS. I'll start. Buff: Sunflora, because I love it but it's just so slow even with Sunny Day on. </3 Nerf: Umbreon, because I'm obsessed with Special Sweepers and... y'know. /bias Delete: Breloom, because Spore + Focus Punch is a ridiculous combo if you're not prepared. LOL
  9. OMG I heard you were gay. Ew.


    <3 Luh yew


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