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  1. Relocating bases is actualy not that hard to pull off since doors are coded with an location id. The difficulty start to come when having to implement bases in the Kanto area since their from a different rom. Customize the base itself is alway a little bit more tricky since the system locates to a map based on the location id. So if you want to create options you have to recreate that same area unless you can ghost it.
  2. Hoothoot can now back catched add night in Kanto on Route 2, Route 5 & Route 8.   I can already confirm on route 8. Just encountered it add night. I guess it only apears than but I'm not sure.
  3. Intro   Currently we have a system in place where you can see where a specific pokémon is located using the pokédex encounter tab. To get access to this information you will need to have the pokémon on your pokédex. The system is perfect but what if you want to check what pokémon are available on a specific route. Are we going to check every pokémon on our pokédex to see what pokémons on this route are available. I don't think see. I would like to see an option when you click on the location in your pokédex. You will open a list of the pokémon from that route.   This same function I would like to see on the pokédex with a new button you can press on :     The system still works like with the pokédex: When you don't have the pokémon available on your pokédex the image, name, level & rarety are blank. (see meowth) When you have the pokémon on your pokédex but you didn't catch it yet the level & rarety are blank. (see weepinbell) When you have catched the pokémon all information will be available (see bellsprout)   Discuss
  4. Just play & have fun. I'm litterly delaying my progress in the game to just randomly level pokémon. What's the point on rushing things & grinding for hours if it's over in a fell seconds.
  5. If feel the problem with this is that players will use this to transfer Kanto pokémon to their Hoenn account but than again that's healthy right.
  6. The images are located in the .pak files isn't it. Any program you recommand?
  7. I normaly go for Charmander but after discovering you can't find a real water pokemon in fire red before the 5th gym I decided to go Squirtle this time. You can catch a Growlithe after the 3th gym so I got my fire type covered.
  8. Alright I test out the game. I was a fun experience. I was just like playing the classic Fire Red. However I also experienced the true Fire Red style. Again missing some of the ballance changes that where made in higher generations.   I started my trip throught the Hoen region. I took Mudkip & was ready to play some pokemon. But I just didn't like the grafics. I'm not sure they just felt to pix'i. So I decide to make another trainer for the Kanto region. I took Squirtle because I was already informed I wouldn't be able to get a real water pokemon before the 5th gym just like the classic Fire Red. The first thing I noticed was that some of the encounters on route 1 where changed. You can now catch caterpie in the night. That's fun, I also noticed the sleeping Pidgey. Nicely done,   After catching my first pokemon Rattata I started to notice a downsite. Attack still deals like in the classic Fire Red 35 damage rather than 50. I assume their are a lot different moves that still have the the 3th generation values. That worries me a little bit for competive since the moves aren't ballanced out. This also makes me question what movesets the pokemon are using. I known their is a lot of worse to change this but I think it's worth it on the longer terms. Mostly because you already implemented the split physical/special system.   The weather system was also something intressting. Does rain really power up my water attacks. I thought I noticed it with Water Gun but I'm not sure.
  9. Thx for the reply, this answers most of my questions. I will surely try the game out.    But here's one more: Are their plans to implement the HS/SS encounters. Mostly the Old Rod encounters are pretty intressting for ballance wise. Kanto is like the only region where you can't find a real water pokemon before the 5th gym. I checked all encounter and all Old Rod pokemon are limited to magikarp. While in the Hoen Region the 2 pokemon system for Old Rod is already implemented.
  10. Hi all,    I aways was a big fan from pokemon rom games. And I'm still playing them on my phone. I'm thinking about playing this MMO but I have some questions regarding the state of this game:   Are the encounter rates match to the recent generation or are they updated to GEN IV (example in HG & SS Poliwag has a 5% enounter rate on Pallet Town, Viridian City, Route 22 with just an Old Rod) I find these small things really important because it makes the different between having a water pokemon available besides Magikarp before the 5th Gym like it is on the classic Fire Red on the 3th generation. Are their custom encounter rate implemented? What system are they using for the phsyical/special split? Are they still bound to type or did they split them like in higher generations. What EXP system are they using How about EV points How about evolution stones are they just available in the shop or did they do something else with it? How about pokemon that require trading & or hold items to evolve?   Well that are my question for now ;)
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