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  1. I think you're putting the "I'm bothered cuz I can't comment real-time with my friend" in the same weight as "This might prevent someone from ghosting", which imo brings more pros than cons and can have a deeper and much more benificial impact in the way tournaments occur nowadays.
  2. You can either use several Exp. Shares (be from alt runs or bought from GTL) or use mushrooms to relearn the moves you want... so it' kinda meaningless tbh. :T
  3. Sturdy pokés do not affect the overall scene in a huge margin of time to make the money earned not be worth. If I'm not mistaken we have one Steelix/Onix per Hiker, nothing else. That's a waste of... 30 seconds more? If you like to Payday these trainers, it's quite nice to Payday then obliterate the hell out of those uguus.
  4. I was EV training and it was my first shiny in 650+ hours of gameplay. Couldn't predict a freaking Graveler, tho this have been my worst fear since I started playing here. I thought of bringing my Quag just to make sure, but I thought "Hah, as if!". Yeah, as if.
  5. <crying rivers> Didn't even give me the chance to spore it... But yeah, found him with 652 hours, no donator status, in a horde, around 100 encounters (especifically for Dudes/Graves)
  6. Gotta say, Breeding threads have always been my favorite, but this one here is by far the best. Especially since you mentioned other types of breeding, including the one that shows a 5x31 isn't all people should aim for. Congratulations!
  7. As I failed to have a proper discussion about this on Channel chat, Imma try here: Is it still worth (if choosing only one method) doing Islands runs? With Gym rematches, seems way faster (since you only need to beat 8 trainers) to earn pretty much the same amount of money IRs give.
  8. Heeeeeeeeeeey, after grinding for so long to make a HP Ice/Grass Jolteon, I finally have a good poké! Now I just need to teach it some moves! Yay! I think I'll go with Growth and Substitute! <sees the requirements>
  9. There's a new Eevee in town! (not mine tho D:) LAX 2/22/9/14/22/9
  10. Pretty sure that's not original, tho: [spoiler][/spoiler]
  11. Seems like the owner sold the poké and the new guy evolved it to an Umbreon. <cries>
  12. Should be safe to say the average of Everstones per hour is around 4~5? I've been hunting there for a while, but it would be nice to compile some data from other players.
  13. It has been reported that Leppa Berry is currently bugged and it can't be held by the pokés. Will this be fixed till the tournament?
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