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  1. Keep on fighting you got people who care for you.

  2. Best lyle was the 2016 crew ngl
  3. Would there be a possibility to add something like a player name search bar to look for the match we want to see. That would be kindda useful if the server can't show all of them that way we can expectate our team mates or is there another plan you guys have around it?
  4. wait that's how they got it? my question is why giving a delay on the spectate?
  5. Me and that guy i forgot his name in 24 mins.
  6. IGN: Takens Country: Bench Tiers: idk i'm always benched
  7. gothitelle frisk, skarmory thief + meowths in island 1 using sweet scent is the best i could've find. Warning: the farming of this item might drive you crazy since most of the time meowths will have quick claw. frisk no longer tells what item is in that horder! GOOD LUCK BROTHA
  8. The abuse on wobb+dug has increase quite a lot.
  9. holly smokers dude that thing is actually long
  10. Welcome to farmingmmo where you grind for 3-4 hrs in order to make 400k of profit doing gyms! :D
  11. Currently events in pokemmo like those are Chinese year (like the last lunar event),Halloween, and Christmas.
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