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  1. Yesterday we lost a good friend and such a great double player. All the plans for the league are practically gone and i don't know if the fate of the team as well. Everyone is having bad RNG and it is just sad to lose every single tournament because of that, but the future of the team and its results depend now on @Sebat.
  2. Takens

    Where to train levels before the E4 in unova

    @Kyu Nerf that fucking lvl 100 e4 can't fucking farm that shit without wasting half of the money it gives me.
  3. Takens

    Competitive Tournaments

    I would see a problem on the grind like right now it is pretty bad., Pick up is not reliable anymore and the seed Nerf made farming complicated. I think it would be good if we had a Nerf on the elite 4 because making money out of GTL is not that reliable. #15keverstones
  4. Calls on the spirit bomb, but likes vegetta. :Thonking:
  5. Takens

    Competitive Tournaments

    Can't speak for the competitive scene if you are irrelevant to it. he came with a solution on some buffs to make cc's more attractive and i actually like his decision so stop making a big deal about it.
  6. Takens

    Competitive Tournaments

    Squirtle just do the buffs you just said it is the better choice to make the game more enjoyable again.
  7. Takens

    Competitive Tournaments

    The thing i just want is the competitive scene to grow stronger like it was a couple years ago we had 3 shiny tournaments each week and cc with gift comps with that buff on the fee being at least 1.5k on bp or 2k would be great. Just give the competitive players a better reason to play and not just like the same tiers. give ou,uu,nu,doubles even lc tourneys with and just change for that the cc's i'm sure everyone would like that.
  8. Takens

    Competitive Tournaments

    I would like to have more shiny prizes or gift comps as prize for the tournaments i see CC/ community combat tourneys are a waste of time. Make the competitive scene great again! Many of the old time players stopped playing because of the lack of tournaments with good prizes. We don't want many CC tournaments please do something over this situation.
  9. Just Inbox Kyu, he helped me with that since the code was never sent to my email.
  10. Takens

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    We already have a kyu hat and a desu lab coat so since squirtle doesn't want to give us squirtle helmet what about a squirtle back pack or shell?
  11. We need a squirtle shell or backpack pls
  12. Let me make this clear. They are working on the game as a hobbie which takes them longer for updates. They also have a life away from the in game content, scripting and all that kind of stuff. Right now @Kyu said he is working on an android update and no more content such like items,abilities etc. Will be added. Be patient and understand the staff are human beings too. I hope i made this clear and understandable for any future comments.
  13. Takens

    I dont see people

  14. Takens

    A Player you will never forget.

    I believe everyone would do it just cuz of the old times.

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