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  1. I'm possitive if i can't play i can't lose. =)
  2. I want my kyu TV! and my squirtle bed!
  3. i give up too lazy to provide arguments on calcs, i'll just use some random gimmicks until next update.
  4. this is the kind of answers i actually like not just making jokes around.
  5. Its quite stupid saying mostly without or talking for the community like everyone agrees on it without a proff.
  6. Then what's the way to resolve this problem until the new mons are added? what do you suggest dear @Munya?
  7. Idk if the togekiss discussion is gonna happen probably not but key points are these: togekiss is toxic on the meta by destroyng lots of playstyles, bulk,speed and movesetting is pretty big. Sub togekiss kills most of its counter, scarf togekiss rekts most of HO teams or atleast from 1-2 pokes. healbell+soft+air slash kills stall easyly. Idk there is not a single core in OU to stop a togekiss and be able to play balanced. "if you can't wall it outspeed it was something we used last gen" as this doesn't apply anymore to this that poke will get on sub and rekt you through out the match slowly. God damn TC togekiss is not good for this metta until we get good weapons against that thing. meta is not prepared for togekiss unless you only want a meta with 2 playstyles being HO and screens.
  8. last time the answer was dungeons and 4th gen have the same priority now this answer is a little more clear having 4th gen as major priority then dungeons now stop being an uguu and make possitive comments on my threads instead of being such a hater.
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