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  1. Takens

    Losy Exp. Share

    No, siempre intenta poner una traduccion a tus post si hablaras español No, always provide an english translation to your posts.
  2. Takens

    Marriage System

    Feels bad men
  3. Takens

    Marriage System

    Ok, @Roxxass this is you and me.
  4. Takens

    VGC 2019 and Moon Series

    Rules for VGC were updated and more than 7000 consoles/players were banned for illegal pokemon. they have some new way to detect them.
  5. Takens

    VGC 2019 and Moon Series

    @RysPicz and @OrangeManiac did you guys read about the new rules that came out yesterday?
  6. Takens

    VGC 2019 and Moon Series

    That would be nice man looking forward to work with you guys and see you probably in the worlds
  7. Is there any other players from here that are willing to compete in this events? I'm having trouble with the breeding of some pokes i was wondering if we could help each other to make it to the VGC worlds
  8. Takens

    [PSL X] VGC

    *uses gyro ball with ferrothorn*
  9. Takens

    Finding Every Move

    I was being sarcastic
  10. Takens

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    IGN: Takens Timezone: MDT Fluff: The Pokemmo Link is planing to comeback to action as soon as i have time. (Also looking to classify for VGC 2019 Worlds and winning the moon series) Preferred Tiers:OU,UU or any showdown tier. Most Preferred Manager: DoubleJ Least Preferred Manager: Rigamorty
  11. Takens

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    I would like to discuss the return of dugtrio and ask if you guys think it would fit this meta we already have a lot of priority and bulk with eviolate etc.
  12. Takens

    [OU Discussion] Conkeldurr

    Has TC already reached a decision over this thread?

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