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  1. Takens


    Shiny rate is fair
  2. Takens


    Probably bug fixes
  3. Takens

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    what's the usual amount of time usually being taken for testing a poke and see if it should be ban or not?
  4. Takens

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    Why not banning it for like a week or two just to see how the meta changes and depending on results you guys make a decision?
  5. Takens

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    the move pool for togekiss is pretty extensive there's a thing called twave which makes pokes slower or para talking about speed i that case scenario doesn't make much sense.
  6. Takens

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    Then ban that shit, i want a meta not based on flinching to sweep. Something requiring more skills than just pressing a move and pray to flinch every turn. you never know what set a togekiss will run because of its move pool. i do think a meta without togekiss will be better for any playstyle. btw i remember someone saying Dugtrio would be having a nerf and being unbanned what happened with that?
  7. Takens

    [TV] Dragonball

    Don't forget the supreme kais too and the galactic patrol. etc its going to be good.
  8. Takens

    [TV] Dragonball

    Next Arc will be about a new enemy named Moro which is speculated to be as the one that created Majin Buu. #HYPE
  9. Takens

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    Togekiss is not banworthy, but i have to admit meta could get more interesting without it allowing more people to come up with more stall teams not based on always getting to use a ttar or aerodactyl to stop it. Like someone said above pretty much depends on what's the set of togekiss to get to know how to stop it, but wasn't that the reason gengar was banned in 3rd gen. versatibility. serene graces runs over stall teams with no ttar or aerodactyl, togekiss scarf runs over hyper offensive at least is what i saw lately from watching and studying from everyone's pvp. i don't think i need to show calcs for this since most of us have faced a togekiss by now and we know what we are dealing with.
  10. Takens

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    OMG latios <3
  11. Takens

    World Cup Week #1

    Rematch should be possible with a condition of the players having to change their team structures. We are not Pokemmo staff this event goes way far than just the pokemmo rules as an independent tournament. Let the rematch happen that's what i think is best i mean shit happens and there is no way to stop that.
  12. Takens

    [Story] [Romance] [Comedy] Vanilla Sky

    thank you
  13. Takens

    [Story] [Romance] [Comedy] Vanilla Sky

    vol.0 soon tm
  14. Genre: Romance, Ecchi, Drama and Comedy. Synopsis: Vanilla Sky is a light novel focused on Hanesawa Blum's life, a guy going through his last semester of college. Blum doesn't have an answer to what is life and constantly asks himself for it, until a mysterious girl appears in front of him. Soon Blum will discover the girl's name is Hoshizu Rin as she is introduced as a new student in his class. Blum Learns from Rin how lovely life can be, but sadly Rin doesn't have much time left as she is been sick since she was a kid. Claiming He has nothing better to do, Blum will try to make memories with Rin that way she will never be forgotten. As Blum spends more time with Rin, He learns more about her person and her past. As he attempts to help her overcome her sadness, he begins to realize how important Rin has become to him.
  15. Takens

    Gen 5 Best Players

    I did this for the 3rd gen so i guess its time to do it for this new gen. Who do you think are the best players for each tier OU,UU,NU,Dubs and LC? Why did you choose them? What's the dream match you would like to see?

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