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  1. We all know how this goes julian so expect the worst always.
  2. Devs don't give any dates on future updates, there are going to be more than just the last pts there are usually about 2-3 pts before the new gen's releases. provide an english translation on the forums.
  3. A long time you guys said sinnoh was not gonna take same time to come out as BW does that mean we are having about only 2 PTS before its release? taking count there was one already last month.
  4. i think it depends more on the playstyle of the player that last one if its on stall or HO will tell pretty much the time you have to spend to farm it up.
  5. i'm with you on the leppa demands but not pp max since those pretty much dropped from 35k-24k This is actually true you can get dayly a lot of bp which its gonna take some time that some of the other players wont have since they are older and work. i would like to know how much time you spend to get 70k bp? We already took advantage from the nerfed making money mechanics on its time so we already got stocked big amounts of money aside of our breeding which some of us don't need to do anymore and we are just stocking money and waiting for the next gen while we play tournaments. i mean its just the way it is.
  6. trick doesn't let you keep the item anymore after the battle that was patch a couple patches ago. I'm sorry, but i'm strugglying to find new ways to farm i mean breeding doesn't get cheaper and the input money we get is really low and takes long time. i would like to ask @Darkshade if there is gonna be any other changes with making breeding a little more cheaper or to npcs or gym cooldowns anything we can get to get a little more pokeyen.
  7. Just use frillish or tentacool
  8. there are bellsprout,magnemite,meowth and pidgey in route 6. in order to farm this now you have to be patient. best solution right now is buff the money we get in NPC without amulet coin and make it obtional to use it since it became 4 times harder to get, but i don't see it happening which leads to a nerf to gyms and npc's income after the nerf on amuletcoin. i don't see any viable way of getting money other than leppa berry.
  9. didn't they said a long time ago there were gonna be 3 PTS before its release?
  10. This no longer works. Now is in route 6 obove vermillion city you use sweet scent which leads to hordes of 3 meowths can appear. (since persian no longer holds amulet coin) the pokemon i use now are frisk lead (gothitelle) [to see if the meowth horde has an item, gloom (sweet scent) [for hordes], 2x bownsly lvl 11 (thief) [to steal the items] this poke is resistant to meowth's kit and it doesn't kill it. i hope this helps you. :)
  11. There is a high chance that garchomp will be Uber after the release.
  12. Got a new way of farming similar as the other one route 6 this time i use a modest sudowoodo there you can find hordes of 3 meowths which it complicates it a little is there are other 3 kinds of hordes as magnemite and bellsprout. gl with the farm.
  13. interesting i've been getting from 1-3 amulet coins in same horde like 3 or 4 times every 3 horde.
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