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  1. Takens

    what happened on the server??

    this just broke my heart
  2. Takens

    to over powered last gym

    Specially squirtle
  3. Takens

    Lowered Shiny Chances?

    I miss you sometimes
  4. Takens

    Lowered Shiny Chances?

    weren't you dead or retired?
  5. So you are going to end up fucking your room mate's gf/ex or some shit? I like it.
  6. Takens

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Can't outspeed it or wall it... Then tank it and hit it, then use a priority move until it dies, but i don't think that's an option in UU.
  7. Takens


  8. Takens


    I just enter on my pokemmo android app and it updated. does anyone know what king of update could it be?
  9. Takens

    Android Release

  10. Takens

    Android Release

    @Kyu, @Darkshade, @Desu i'm sorry for taking some of your time, but what is the progress on the Android Release like from 1-100%. Also i would like Ask the community what do they think about Pokemmo on android? do they like it so far and what would they change from it?
  11. This is not criticism you are fucking insulting. I don't what the fuck you want, but you are getting on my nerves. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Bilburt pls close this thread.
  12. If you don't like it then gtfo of my thread problem solved.
  13. Ok, you are taking this too fucking far. i'm not looking for a fight, but who the fuck are you? are you a new gen comp player? are you a shiny hunter? Blaming on others will not give a solution some staff is lazy now days not talking about all of them. Now let me get this straight to you. "YOU CAN NOT SHIT TALK ME BECAUSE I BELIEVE TO BE BETTER PLAYER THAN YOURSELF". I don't want to take it this way i'm an OG player i know some stuff from the game and i don't know everything to give 100 solutions if you want to take this and insult me on a forum guess who is the childish person? think about it twice.
  14. You guys don't have the blame on this, there are limitations on the things you all can do. Talk to the higher ups and the players. Make a thread don't wait for them to do it because that's not going to happen.

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