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  1. Quick update on this guys: Tournament is on its way to be cancelled Reasons: Personals, i'm struggling to bring back the players from last gen since they are outdated from comp. + players from tournament getting banned for stupid reasons and decisions from their part. RIP
  2. Oh well pp max selling is ruined gg any other methods to make money guys?
  3. Can anyone tell me why is this happening so often lately? or why players are doing it?
  4. Everytime i think of the best player clashing again
  5. Can we stop reminding me all the tournaments i've lost? i'm not even near good from that time and i wasn't even near to be a legend RIP. I feel like right now i can get bodied in comp by lots of players.
  6. Windows has stop working*
  7. Ikr i hope J revives his team mates cuz i have no way of contacting them.
  8. List was updated now let the hate come!
  9. List was updated took out players from peoples decision please do not hate me. For the participants unblock me at least while we have the tournament. (you all got me blocked for stupid reasons lets be mature) @DoubleJ please bring your friends back to life if you need to use the dragon balls.
  11. amm i like the way he made the list but throught out the time lots of people from different teams started mentioning members in game when i said no, some of them even starting getting on the offensive side from calling me trash to trying to report me for stupid reasons. in the donation thread there is the official list! i think i might have to split the bracket into two dates that way i can do every match since no one wants to be referee
  12. oh god sweet! adding you be ready for it june 8th
  13. you told me you can't compete make your mind already >:I
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