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  1. more like the one that will beat your ass this season or are you afraid? i mean i've beat all kind of players until i retired.
  2. IGN: Takens Time Zone (GMT format): GMT-7 Tiers: OU,UU,NU,Doubles,LC Fluff: The rebel player is back
  3. I think people wants more shiny prize mons tournament the number of CC's and normal tournaments are just ridiculous. btw i was one of the ones that said give mons before increase the bp to 1k, but i wansn't specting staff to lower the cash from 1m which it was the prize at that time to 500k and untradeable comp. if you do that its better to reduce the bp entrance in a much better case is not worth playing an entire tournament for such a prize.
  4. Title: The secret of the champion IGN: Takens Word count: 658 words
  5. Just use whisper and team chat. Other than that i don't see any usefulness for the other chats unless halloween event you can use global to track npc's.
  6. Let's see new players are up to date with the meta, and old players are not.Now you work as a doctor now which wont let you play that much, can you please stop having that attitude of an elite class player? I'm sorry bro as much as you were a legend you are not as good as you were in your prime time.
  7. let's be honest catching event prizes are more consistent sometimes than shiny prizes on competitive tournaments. i've seen an entire week a few weeks or months ago where the only prize that week was a maractus, while in catching event there was stuff like gyarados and idk what other poke.
  8. If i started in the 2014 does it make me new or old school?
  9. If you were here a almost at the start of the year Devs said that past halloween even items would be coming back in the near future. Idk if they changed plans but that was back at the start of the year in some random thread.
  10. i thought the priority was sinnoh and then dungeons, @Darkshade answers go go go!
  11. I don't think is much about the round table being gone now, more like LYLE died by inactivity.
  12. Takens

    The Food Thread

    Interesting.... might upload something when i have free time i love cooking.
  13. I wish i had atleast 1 hour to farm in this game, being a college student and try to play farming mmo is way hard now.
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