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  1. Machoke <3 I want to BE a machoke lol and they are purple and green(shiny), my favorite colors.
  2. Hm. This is both good and bad lol I prefer Knock Off to have its current power so it doesnt kill mons Im trying to catch for their items. But Ive also kinda wanted the buff cuz Knock Off is a move I keep on a lot of my Machokes to use against psychic types.
  3. Check out all the threads where people are crying over level caps in Unova. Lots of people do it.
  4. Ash's Charizard. And all the first gen games had level caps for your OTs.
  5. Your OT pokemon disobeying you if you dont have the correct badges is a core element of the game and always has been. Its half the point of badges. Its been common knowledge since gen 1. I wish people would get over this already.
  6. I only use pokemon that I like and most of the ubers arent pokemon that I like.. is it a crime to use something I like vs the same 20 pokemon everyone else uses?
  7. Im not a troll T-T I suck at battling and have a full time job. I also dont use ubers. IMO a level 100 anything can one-shot almost everything so I dont see the point in needing ubers. If Im already one-shotting every mon how does an uber make it any less time-consuming? You cant use ubers in PVP. It would only work in the BF and Ive already tried a Aerodactyl / Jolteon combo and still couldnt get passed round 3 in BF x.x Do ALL of you use ubers to make your money??
  8. cant tell if joking or if people are legitimately stupid enough to buy potions for more than they are worth in the pokemart..
  9. I want the coat cuz my character is a Mad Scientist =/ When I first started saving for one, it was less than 5m. After I had enough to finally buy it, it was 10m and I had to start all over again. Ive yet to be able to crack 5mil, mostly because all my GTL stock keeps timing out when I cant login due to work. Now its 30m and people wanna complain about it possibly losing value. Now, recently, we had a merge and one of the new members told me the last update said that things expiring on the GTL was removed, but I saw no Dev Blog info on it... I restocked anyway and ever
  10. I love how people who regularly compete in official tournaments, ie, the best battlers in the whole freaking game, are telling me its easy to make money via PVP. Im sure Brad Pitt says its real easy to make millions being an actor, but it doesnt mean its gunna be easy for me!
  11. I KNOW. Cant freaking pass round 3 in BF ffs
  12. The only good tip to make money Ive been given is to sell PVP boxes. Unfortunately, I suck at battling. Took me weeks to get 1000BP. Ive never gotten a streak over like 25 in the BF by myself.
  13. Believe me or not. It happened and most of the members of VCO saw it happen. I refuse to berry farm anymore. Ive been playing this game for 2 or 3 years now and I dont see any way of making millions of pokeyen on a single account while also holding down a full time job. Even if I was willinging to have multiple accounts to money farm, thats too much time. It takes me hours to island grind and defeat all the hoenn gym leaders. I wouldnt have time for multiple runs either way.
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