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  1. Yeh this would be great no XD i don't know a game with this function because i don't play much games , i was just searching in suggestion box and this idea comes to m'y minde but with this function the game will be more interesting to play , also if people do a guide when you can creat your own theme for pokemmo that include a private server to store content directly and you downald from the game with a preview for your downald .
  2. hey guys what do you think if devs add a new function on the game where players could download themes , and mods directly from the client this will make the game more known , so just let we say that you would creat a theme and after you finish it , you will go to a website , creat an account and upload your file and directly in the game with the download function you search for it , and you download it and you reboot your system and it's done what do you think about this idea ?
  3. english: nice job french: bon travaille :)
  4. I understand what you meen xatu by creating new région the game will ne more will ne more fun and new pokémons will be implemented with new fonctions but this MMORPG is a remake of old games ans dvs are dooing a good work to make this game more attractive because basicaly this games can't be playble online but is a goof idea :) i wish that dvs could do what you say.
  5. can you make me a sig with kiyubi and can you write mohamedgold the dragon slayer
  6. Character: Kurama (naruto) Name: mohamed gold (with the dragon slayer)
  7. yeh in i dont like much this option the real pvp is in vermilion city and i wish devs hadn't add this freature
  8. yes,I understand but we can wait the most important now is to have a client for phones and tablets 
  9. if I were you,I will not post thread like this because the gtl is new and the game has become easy so why do you think that the staf will creat an application like this?
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