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  1. OI A GUNDAM AGE FAN. Welcome!
  2. Sabekio

    Howdy ya'll!

    your coughs sound funny. FTFY
  3. Sabekio


    Famicom? Lol welcome
  4. Sabekio

    Howdy ya'll!

    It's about quality, not quantity. Fuark is quality stalker/creeper lol.
  5. Sabekio

    Howdy ya'll!

    Congrats. You've just released all your information for all the stalkers and creepers on this forum. Sorry, what I meant to say was, welcome to the forums!
  6. Oh you thought they were crap? Me too. Just didn't want to be rude >_< sorry. What BETA?
  7. They're okay I guess. You can use LunarIPS to make an IPS patch.
  8. Ew history, but yes computers :3 Yea, I never played with EV or IV either. Never even really grew up with Pokemon. Yea, social anxiety, same here. >_> Welcome to the forums lol
  9. Kingdom Hearts is awesome isn't it. Welcome :D
  10. beta seems a loooonnnnggg way off
  11. you will go mad waiting for updates. welcome!
  12. Sabekio


    Post number requirement for the sake of reducing spam. And welcome.
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