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  1. More like a month   I don´t wanna play the hater,I know this was made with good intentions,but please remove this thing. I haven´t seen a single person who liked it,at the very least not competitive players,no one wants to spend hundreds of thousands on a single salac berry that can´t even reproduce itself. If you wanna play berry mechanic at least make it closer to the original,the current one is an abomination
  2. I couldn´t agree more here,I know the staff wants to give an emphasis on grinding,but this looks confusing and not very rewarding.Not only that,but I just checked and we still don´t have the berries back after a TM battle.This really needs some fixing,otherwise just put them back in saffron market,it´s frustating to rely on something like that to have important items for battles that will disappear right after you use it.
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