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  1. I agree with basically all of the criticism in this thread, and I already ditched the TC a couple months ago because I don't foresee the TC getting fixed anytime soon (or ever). However, I think a good amount of solutions in this thread are missing the mark to some extent, which is reasonable, since I don't think people realize how deeply fucked the TC currently is. So, let me go into it: First of all, I'm going to go ahead and point out the system is structured in such a way that makes it heavily resistant to change. To be frank, tiering is extra work, and the staff seem significa
  2. uhhh me, right now, I am saying that. we were definitely told about the change prior to the update, however, it wasn't "should we change BP", it was "we're unbanning BP next update because we changed it, unless somebody objects to the unban".
  3. I'm honestly completely bamboozled by this whole post. You state Arceus as by far the least balanced Uber, but that's not even true. It's probably the most versatile pokemon that exists, sure, but it's definitely not the best. I'm not even sure that Arceus is considered the strongest Uber threat in any gen, it's just considered an Uber staple because of how good it is at filling roles in your team, giving Arceus pretty good usage. However, the best pokemon? Not really. In reality, Kyogre was the defacto king of ubers until ~gen 6, since it's water STABs (especially Water Spout) are
  4. Listen, it's not that simple. Sure, the TC is "dictated" by staff, but the goal of the government isn't to keep staff in check, it is to ensure mutual cooperation with them. In that sense, the TC is an important branch of the government.
  5. Well obviously the TC is the Supreme Court.
  6. Sorry Bestfriends, but I think you're taking this far too personally. Dusty doesn't seem to have any ill intent in this at all. First of all, you can't just say "2020 is an election year". I don't know how to tell you this, but there are countries other than the US, I have no idea why you were expecting the election to specifically be on 2020. PokeMMO democracy works differently. If you had publicly stated that you were planning on having another set of elections in 2020 in advance, people would have felt more secure in the legitimacy of PokeMMO's democratic systems, and maybe this
  7. So, I'm gonna go ahead and beat a dead horse, because it seems really obvious that these Gen 5-based arguments regarding the Sheer Force LO Set vs. Guts FO are comically out of place, even aside from the reasons people have mentioned. So, first of all, yes, as everyone has already said, there are tons of pokemon in Gen 5 that we don't have in PokeMMO that contribute to LO SF being better. However, more specifically, it isn't just the greater amount of things that can switch in on Conkel and handle it defensively that matter, but the diversity of such things, and how much harder the
  8. so a snipped the bits I'm not gonna reply to or were mostly filler. First of all, some of your main points for these formats are that they're easier/cheaper to enter due to requiring less pokemon, and that they're faster. However, you also acknowledge in "Disadvantages" that these formats actually DO require 6 pokemon, as you bring a team of 6 and then select the pokemon you'll use, and that formats like these are typically Best of 3, so it doesn't make matches TOO much faster, since you're playing more games to compensate. So, based on this, you're already aware that a
  9. Yes, I am aware of how speed boost works, both normally & in PokeMMO. No, it being better than it normally is in the games is not automatically grounds for banning it. A lot of things aren't implemented 100% correctly in MMO, and that can include implementing things in a way that makes them better than they should be (see: Rage Powder), but that isn't automatically grounds for banning it. They have to be problematic in order to actually deserve a ban. Yes, this bug makes it so that there are less things that can come in and answer a Speed Boost Yanmega o
  10. It might make Yanmega better than normal, but even with this, Yanmega isn't doing enough in UU to be super problematic anyway, so a ban's not warranted. It's also worth mentioning that AFAIK this bug has been around since Speed Boost was implemented, so it's probably just something we're gonna have to live with until they get around to it.
  11. are we just going to ignore how hilariously wrong this is? No, hidden abilities did not exist in gen 1 & 2. And I can see this with certainty, because, you know, no abilities existed in gen 1 and 2, abilities were added in gen 3. More importantly, actual hidden abilities weren't added until Gen 5, the generation PokeMMO is currently on. In gen 5, Hidden Abilities were not all released at once. In fact, similar to the plan for dungeons releasing them in PokeMMO, hidden abilities in gen 5 were essentially drip-fed to players over time. Some Hidden Abilities were straight up never
  12. You do know pokemon in the cartridge games only disobeyed you if they didn't originate from your game and were instead traded in, right?
  13. Okay, let's analyze this; Let's look at what's wrong with Clubs as they are now, and what these updates will do to change things. To do this, I'm going to give you the perspective of how I (and probably more than a few other people) used Round Table, and how this translates to how unusable Clubs are for this. So, previously, with round table, it'd go like this: See new posts in the Round Table subforum Click on the subforum, glance over at what team threads have new activity. If I care about any of those teams, I click to see the newest posts. Appreciate whatever dram
  14. I don't understand why you felt this was appropriate? It wasn't really an attack on Kizhaz, but an attack on the incredulity of the statement, because the comment legitimately makes no sense. I don't know how to tell you this, but you're making a game for the players. If the players don't feel something is worthwhile, then there's a reason they do so. This isn't an uncommon sentiment either, so the idea that players would just "lower their expectations", especially considering this system has been around for quite a while, is completely absurd. The fact of the matter is
  15. Listen, I know you're new around here, and don't understand the finer points of the delicate political and societal ecosystem of the PokeMMOTM landscape, but I will not sit here quietly and take this blatant disrespect of the most esteemed PokeMMO political office. First of all, Bestfriends is a long time and beloved member of the community, providing quality of content for dedicated PokeMMOTM players, such as coverage on ingame playthroughs, and even brief discussions of pokemon outside of story, looking at notable pokemon like Hercalacross and Sailamence. Sure, it's his first tim
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