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  1. are we just going to ignore how hilariously wrong this is? No, hidden abilities did not exist in gen 1 & 2. And I can see this with certainty, because, you know, no abilities existed in gen 1 and 2, abilities were added in gen 3. More importantly, actual hidden abilities weren't added until Gen 5, the generation PokeMMO is currently on. In gen 5, Hidden Abilities were not all released at once. In fact, similar to the plan for dungeons releasing them in PokeMMO, hidden abilities in gen 5 were essentially drip-fed to players over time. Some Hidden Abilities were straight up never released in gen 5, only being released later, or in some cases (Shadow Tag Chandelure), having their HA changed in gen 6+ after never being released in gen 5. A lot of your arguments seem to hinge on an appeal to "Well, HA's were always a thing, so they should be in the game", but that's just obviously not true at all.
  2. The Case for Level Caps

    You do know pokemon in the cartridge games only disobeyed you if they didn't originate from your game and were instead traded in, right?
  3. The monumental failure of clubs

    Okay, let's analyze this; Let's look at what's wrong with Clubs as they are now, and what these updates will do to change things. To do this, I'm going to give you the perspective of how I (and probably more than a few other people) used Round Table, and how this translates to how unusable Clubs are for this. So, previously, with round table, it'd go like this: See new posts in the Round Table subforum Click on the subforum, glance over at what team threads have new activity. If I care about any of those teams, I click to see the newest posts. Appreciate whatever drama/bantz/shitposts are in the thread, and maybe participate Pretty straightforward. Now, let's see the process as of right now: Decide, out of my own volition, to click Clubs for some reason, since there's no clear indicator of new posts. I could follow the forum threads, but understandably, I don't want to get a notification literally any time anyone posts in any of the several team threads I might be interested in viewing. Yes, there's "Recent Activity", but it doesn't go very far; All it takes is like 5 posts in 1 thread in quick succession and I don't know the status of the team threads in any other clubs. I'm in clubs, now what? Well, if I want to look at the team thread of a club I decided to join, thankfully, there's a "My Clubs" area to easily find them. If it's a club I'm not in & don't want to join for any particular reason, I have to go find it. I click whatever Club I want to look at, ending up at the home page, which is basically worthless. I guess I can glance it to determine if there's any new content in the team thread, but I can't really look down the timeline to read the thread, so it's not really useful for much else. I go to the forum topics. I click on the team thread and look at the posts. If I want to look at any other team thread, instead of going back up to the RT subforum and clicking another thread, I have to go back to the Club section and go through steps 2-5 again, which is way more of a hassle, especially since I have to effectively check every single relevant club section to even know if there's new content worth checking for. This is especially bad since this negative feedback loop has resulted in the team threads I care about being basically dead, so it's not even worth clicking on the club section anymore to see if anything's new, or post new content myself. So, what's the problem here, exactly? The problem is 2 major problems: One, there's an entire 2 extra steps, of clicking on the club, and then clicking on their subforum to get to the team thread. The second major problem is that the team threads are no longer aggregated in 1 page, but separated into their own clubs, meaning that these 2 extra steps become a shit ton of extra steps if you're trying to look at more than 1 team thread, and it's especially problematic because unlike before, it's not obvious what team threads have new content worth viewing. Okay, so now that we've established this, let's see what the new features do to fix this: "Club Content throughout the community": From what I can tell, this allows you to easily aggregate the subforums of individual clubs, putting them together and letting you visit them. This effectively cuts out 1 of the 2 extra steps, because you don't need to look at the garbage home page! And it even seems to tell you when new posts are here, like in the old round table, so it's kind of like how it was before? It's definitely more convenient than now. But it still has the obnoxious caveat that you have to be in the club to see the subforums here, which is especially obnoxious if teams decide to switch to "Read Only" so that non-team members can still view the content, but make it so only team members can actually join the club, as "Read Only" clubs, as far as I can tell, won't show up here. Really, this update does make Clubs way more usable, even though there's still an extra unnecessary step involved. With that being said, I'm still not actually convinced it'll completely solve the issue; Read Only clubs are an attractive setting option for people who want their club content to be looked at, but don't want randos posting in their team threads. Unfortunately, this also means that if people start using it, pretty much everything that makes Clubs more usable in the update is basically irrelevant for any clubs you aren't invited to. Yeah yeah yeah, "then maybe they shouldn't make their clubs Read Only and live in Public mode forever" jajaja I get it, but it's still a problem. I'd also still rather not join the club of random teams I'm not actually in just so I can actually look at their team threads in an even slightly convenient way, but I doubt a solution to this is ever going to exist. TL;DR: 4.3 makes any Clubs you are in infinitely more usable/readable. Read Only is a great feature for team clubs hypothetically, but since it precludes the part of the update that makes clubs actually usable for looking at the team threads, I don't think it's actually helpful. Being forced to join clubs of teams you aren't in just to be able to look at their team thread without going through a summoning ritual is still ass. There's still an entire extra step even with the improvements that wasn't there before even in a perfect world, and that sucks, but idk that's life I guess. Clubs you haven't joined are still basically unusable for regular team thread shitposting purposes, so you're gonna have to join every even remotely interesting looking club.
  4. Can you buff competitive prizes?

    I don't understand why you felt this was appropriate? It wasn't really an attack on Kizhaz, but an attack on the incredulity of the statement, because the comment legitimately makes no sense. I don't know how to tell you this, but you're making a game for the players. If the players don't feel something is worthwhile, then there's a reason they do so. This isn't an uncommon sentiment either, so the idea that players would just "lower their expectations", especially considering this system has been around for quite a while, is completely absurd. The fact of the matter is, regardless of whether it is worthwhile or not from your perspective, if the players don't feel it's worthwhile, it really doesn't matter. You could sit here all day and lecture people about how worthwhile and well balanced prizes are right now from your perspective as a designer, but if the players don't feel that way and the game is suffering because of it, then obviously you need to reevaluate something in the system.
  5. For this month of usage, we're going to use the regular 4.36% cutoff point, to try and get the tiers into a more "accurate" ballpark of what they should look like before we start the regular 3 month cycles. As a result, there's going to be some relatively major tier shifts, but they should be significantly more stable after this month, barring updates. Additionally, in light of some of the major movements caused by this, we're going to move quite a few BL pokemon into UU for testing. Moving up from UU to OU: Jolteon Snorlax Weezing All of these pokemon were above the 4.36% cutoff for usage in OU. Moving up from NU to UU: Typhlosion Quagsire Medicham Clefable Dusknoir Nidoqueen Umbreon All of these pokemon were above the 4.36% cutoff for usage in UU. Moving down from OU to UU: Breloom Kingdra Cloyster Jellicent Chansey All of these pokemon were below the 4.36% cutoff for usage in OU. Some of those pokemon will likely be very strong in UU, but we have decided to not quickban anything, and will be keeping a close eye on UU for possible problems. Moving down from BL to UU: Darmanitan Azumarill Both of these pokemon were initially placed into BL for fear of them being too overwhelming to be allowed in UU. However, they are being tested in UU, for several reasons. In the case of Darmanitan, a large part of the reason it was initially banned was the sheer power that Sheer Force grants it's main STAB, Flare Blitz, effectively allowing it to be spammed incredibly effectively, regardless of resistances. However, without Sheer Force, Darmanitan loses a significant amount of power, as well as losing survivability on it's LO set. In light of this, as well as the fact that other, arguably just as threatening if not moreso threats are being pushed down to UU, the TC has decided that it is worth testing. Azumarill is a similar powerhouse, and will still likely be very difficult to answer in UU. However, even when it was quickbanned, it was not necessarily for being a completely unstoppable threat, but being a major, incredibly difficult to reliably stop threat. With the drop of Jellicent, it's largest and hardest counter, Azumarill seems like a reasonable threat to test out. While we still expect it to be a great threat, the projected popularity of Jellicent at least makes it worth trying out. Moving down from UU to NU: Gligar Gligar dropped below the UU cutoff, and is dropping.
  6. new mayor of pokemmo BESTFRIENDS

    Listen, I know you're new around here, and don't understand the finer points of the delicate political and societal ecosystem of the PokeMMOTM landscape, but I will not sit here quietly and take this blatant disrespect of the most esteemed PokeMMO political office. First of all, Bestfriends is a long time and beloved member of the community, providing quality of content for dedicated PokeMMOTM players, such as coverage on ingame playthroughs, and even brief discussions of pokemon outside of story, looking at notable pokemon like Hercalacross and Sailamence. Sure, it's his first time in office, and he hasn't done a significant amount, but he had to take time to hand select his cabinet, a strenuous and time consuming task. To say he hasn't done anything and deserves no such title, despite his past contributions and the fact he won the election is blatant slander. Quite frankly, it's nothing less than political mudslinging of the lowest degree. He hasn't demanded any sort of respect from any authority, not that he needs to. You said it yourself; You don't even understand what the mayorship placement entails, and yet you're outright flaming and aggrieving this man for doing his best in his elected position. Speaking of demanding respect, you made time to advertise your own thread, with your own VERY IMPORTANTTM DONUT STEEL Super Survey That Will Stay On Everyone's Permanent Records as a completely shoehorned addition to your post. It isn't enough to outright insult our mayor, but you also have to advertise your own content? Well, I guess all that matters is you've found a way to feel superior to everyone involved in the election and everyone who posts on the forums at the same time, so you've got that going for you. Yes, the first post of the thread is garbage. Unfortunately, after the complete and utter collapse of the original Mayoral Regime after the devastating Riga.exe bombings of February, the original systems in place for this system were destroyed, and Fred was the only person who could run the election. Yes, it wasn't professional, and yes, it made the position seem like a joke, but to anyone experienced in the community, lengthy prose about it's importance isn't necessary; it's understood implicitly. Ultimately, the person going around the forums actively aggrieving people and spamming links to their thread is not our Divine Emperor, Mayor, and Supreme Authority of All Things Above Bestfriends, it's you. And if you can't even manage some Poke-Respect for our mayor, then I don't know how you can expect to receive and Poke-Respect yourself. From my perspective, the troll here isn't Bestfriends, it's you. Additionally, just to explain some of the roles of the mayor and the benefits it provides to the community, since you professed to not understanding it, allow me to list them: The mayor maintains order, acting as a speaking point and representative of multiple facets of the PokeMMO community. They assist new players, educating them and introducing them to larger groups of the community to become involved. They maintain a constant thumb on the pulse of the playerbase, listening for discontent and attempting to resolve problems. They are literally granted divine powers and hold a great sway on the growth of our crops, ensuring we survive the winter. Quite frankly, you should do more research before posting.
  7. Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    You bring up a good point, actually. When is pokemmo gonna legalize cannabis? We've got farming system with all sorts of berries, but we can't grow this?? I vote we completely remove Gems and replace them with various strains of cannabis.
  8. What Gamefreak can do?

    so, these types are super effective against earth AND resist it? no variation whatsoever? I'm very disappointed.
  9. VGC RU - Discussion

    VGC isn't a constant format, it's a format that changes every year at the whim of Gamefreak. In case that isn't clear enough, there isn't really any plans to implement VGC, nor would it really be that feasible to implement it well anyway. If by "VGC" you just mean the format of 4v4 doubles, then that's not really planned either. RU isn't planned at all at the moment either, and is pretty unlikely in general.
  10. Shiny discussion rate

    I have literally no idea what point you're trying to prove, or what argument you're trying to make. It's been stated before, quite clearly, with no real room to interpretation, that the shiny rate is not only variable, but variable on an individual player level, affected by certain actions (presumably with your odds decreasing if you seem to be a bot). It's possible that things have changed in the ~2/3 years since this was announced, but we haven't received any information otherwise, and there's no real reason to believe it has. I have no idea what you expect to prove by trying to get people to waste their time on something that's already been verified, getting them to slog through 100,000 encounters, an entirely arbitrary number, just to "verify" something to you.
  11. Implement Nasty Plot as tutor

    Okay, this has gotten way too ridiculous. Reading this thread, it seems like you people honestly believe that without Nasty Plot, these poor, weak, defenseless ghostie booooisTM are so helpless and frail, they can't possibly compete in this big bad metagame. But like, that's just not true. Cofagrigus and Mismagius are both perfectly viable without Nasty Plot. Does not having it make them ever so slightly worse? Yeah, just like how not having working moves/abilities/items, implemented Hidden Abilities, or the dozens of other things and moves not being implemented makes certain other pokemon less viable. And unlike some other pokemon, these 2 are perfectly usable without Nasty Plot. It's not even one of their defining characteristics, although it is probably one of their better moves, they're not unusable; Far from it, they're still pretty good in their tiers. At the end of the day, there is no reason whatsoever to add a move tutor for 2 pokemon that are perfectly fine without the move. I'm sorry, but I guess at some point, people will have to settle for their B+ rank threats, instead of their A+ rank threats. It's tough, but that's life.
  12. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    It's still happening.
  13. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen7ou-673154184 This is what peak stall gameplay looks like. You may not like it, but it's true. Edit: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-673154184
  14. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Water Absorb Quagsire is generally outclassed by Unaware, but until we get Gastrodon, it has a niche imo. Like I said though, you're right, it mostly outclasses it. Disagree on Gligar hard though. Acrobatics + Flying Gem Offensive Gliscor is legitimate. You're right, people probably have multiple Gligars and most of them probably can't be realistically turned into offensive Gliscors, and even if all of them could be, you probably wouldn't want too many of them anyway, but the point stands. I don't really get the Altaria point. I can't imagine Cloud Nine outclassing Natural Cure on a Bold/Relaxed Defensive Altaria, since Natural Cure is such a good defensive ability, and Cloud Nine is situational at best. At best you could argue it's a sidegrade I guess, but I really feel like you're massively overrating Cloud Nine on every pokemon that can get it.

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