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  1. The encounter with Zekrom is part of your initial run through the Elite 4. Once you beat the last Elite 4 member you should enter a cutscene when you enter Alder's chamber that shows N having beaten Alder. There is some dialog between them before N's Castle pops up around the Elite 4. You then have to go through some stuff in there before you encounter Zekrom. If you have already beaten N and Ghetsis in the Elite 4 then Zekrom is lounging in your room eating all your pizza rolls.
  2. A few ways to handle that are to either have it laid out like the GTL where the statistics are paged, or they can have a minimum usage score required before a move will show up in the statistics. Perhaps a combination of both would work, though infinite scrolling can be an option if it is viable in this context.
  3. Success: Spinda Only Unova run Failure: See above.
  4. If we reveal remaining PP in PvP, what about having it only be if the move was used so any moves not revealed would be ??? until they are used.
  5. Wait your turn. I called dibs on next.
  6. Santa Suit and Pumpkin Mask. I AM JACK SKELLINGTON!
  7. I know, I said it wasn't cut and dry. This stuff takes time, especially when trying to finish the functionality for NDS regions. On top of patching bugs and refining current mechanics. Notwithstanding their personal lives here, but I wouldn't be surprised if the devs had very little time in the past few years to actually work on dungeon design full time.
  8. Dungeon design isn't cut and dry. You first need the layout, then you need spawns, then you need loot drops, and then you have to make sure that the difficulty scales. This isn't withstanding making the rewards fit the effort and agreeing on a rate for the keepable legends that will keep them rare while still allow players access to them.
  9. Not entirely true. Most legends aren't in game, but it's because the devs have different plans for them. The ones you can get currently don't allow the use of Master Ball because it would be a waste to use it on something you can't keep.
  10. If they add Johto it is almost 100% certain they will use the HG/SS remakes for a couple reasons. 1) The data structure for the Pokemon in the original G/S/C is entirely different from what we have now. Back in Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemon didn't have EVs and IVs, they have DVs. They used a different means of calculating stats. This is the big reason why you couldn't trade from G/S/C to R/S/E or FR/LG. This is also why FR/LG exist in Gen 3, to give you access to the Gen 1 & 2 Pokemon that don't spawn in Hoenn. 2) The NDS sprites already pull from HG/SS for those graphic styles in Hoenn. Why would they try to reconcile the difference in sprites between GBA, NDS, and GB/GBC? 3) Everything that already exists in Gen 2 also exists in HG/SS with some changes. HG/SS also adds more potential endgame content, Pokeathlon anyone? It doesn't make sense to go all the way back to 1999 and add less content when you can use what you already have. 4) They already know how to read and render from an NDS file. In order to use GB/GBC files they would need to write different code to handle it, and then reconcile issues with point 1. At that point it'd be much better to cut their losses and work from the NDS remakes.
  11. Unfortunately, the reason for the "robotic" responses is due to a post back in 2018 announcing that there had been a large influx of RMT activities in game. That was posted in September and one month prior they noted the following stats: [quote] Since August, we have terminated more than 3,500 accounts related to RMT activity and botting, and are still banning hundreds per day. [/quote] The banning of 3500 accounts in such a short time is nothing short of significant. SGMs were, understandably, overrun with ban appeals. This meant that in order to get them cleared they had to spend less time crafting responses to give proper weight to evidence collected and the counter evidence of the players. Something to keep in mind, when you are appealing a ban, it is on /you/ to prove your innocence. If you cannot provide sufficient evidence to overturn your ban then you will stay banned. While mistakes are apt to occur, especially when banning so many accounts per day, it's important to note that appeals are for you to /prove/ your innocence in these cases. As others have already pointed out, they won't show you how they caught you because there are players who are actively trying to find ways around the system. If they know how they were caught they know what to avoid and can tell others how to avoid it as well. They don't want that because a playerbase full of people cheating kills the longevity of the game, looking at you PUBG.
  12. Nope, the project is closed source so no custom servers.
  13. I mean yes, but mistakes do happen. That said, the issue with mistakes is a human thing. The GMs and SGMs can't be right all the time and changing the system because of a human issue isn't going to solve anything. What will solve the vast majority of ban issues is players reading the Code of Conduct and Terms of Service before they agree to it. Remember guys. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The rules are made available to you when you sign up and are accessible 24/7. If you choose to not read them and get punished for something in them, "I didn't know," is not a valid defense.
  14. Looks like you need to replace a bunch of the XML files in that theme folder.
  15. It's that same section. All unofficial events go in there.
  16. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Caitlin#In_the_core_series No, that's part of her dialog. She was an NPC in the Battle Castle in the Gen 4 Battle Frontier.
  17. Trolls gonna troll. You heard incorrectly. The devs are very tight lipped about what they work on and when they release updates. So I will be just as surprised as anyone else if Johto were to come out tomorrow. Edit to add: Not on the dev team, but you definitely did not get correct info.
  18. What do you mean by Comfort Points?
  19. You've missed the point of that topic entirely. The topic wasn't complaining about new players undercutting prices on higher priced listings, it was point out that there was suddenly a large influx of items like Amulet Coin at progressively lower prices, which is indeed concerning. You are using that as a means to justify holding a stance that something makes a difference in gameplay when it does not. It's not "what" the system was designed for but rather "who" the system was designed around. The system was designed to get players who are used to the vanilla games allowing you to level well beyond the level of the gym leaders and roll through with your starters to think more seriously about their team. Not necessarily in a means that makes them want to play competitive, but in a manner that prepares them for future content. As an example, look at the Pumpking event. If you were allowed to just smash through everything with your starter then that event would come as a very large shock to you given the higher difficulty of the boss. This is all stuff the devs have mentioned before. This part right here invalidates literally everything else you can say on the matter. Mere access to anything on the GTL does not imply intelligence on how to use it effectively. That is something acquired through active gameplay. You literally are saying GTL makes it easier but then saying, "6x31 doesn't equate to intelligence," but you can replace the 6x31 with literally anything on the GTL and it will still yield the same result. It completely defeats everything else you can say. Example: "Access to Choice Specs doesn't imply intelligence on how to use them." "Access to a level 50 Emboar doesn't imply intelligence." Repeat that over in your mind and internalize it. You've already acknowledged that the GTL doesn't actually make a difference.
  20. You reached so far for your arguments you neglected the average user, which is what the system is designed around. Your average player isn't looking for those Pokemon and this is something you need to realize. You are making this argument on the basis that everyone has some high level knowledge of field abilities, what they do, and when they need them. This is quite simply false. Sure there is a segment of the playerbase that has that knowledge, but your average user isn't seeking those specific abilities out. I know what you meant by "anticipating the story" and you are quite frankly incorrect. You are making assumptions based on a small segment of the community instead of the community at large. You don't need 6x31 Pokemon to beat the storyline and they most certainly are /not/ cheap for your average user. In fact, your average user likely hasn't even looked at IVs and is using their 6x15 starter and 5 randoms they caught. The thought of picking up a 6x31 hasn't even crossed their mind at all. I've already made the same argument that IVs don't equate to intelligence, but you are arguing that access to them does. Just because you have access to something that can help you win, that doesn't mean you know how to use it to help you win. There is a difference here. Not to mention that not everyone is here because they know the original games. There are players who this is their first time experiencing a Pokemon game. You are over generalizing the population of the game. The AI is designed in such a way that it is reasonably challenging without being a major barrier to users who don't know comp. It's meant to get the average player with some exposure to the original games thinking about how to build their teams rather than using an overlevelled starter to bulldoze the gyms. What you are claiming about GTL access making things easier is absolutely false. You based that on a generalization of your own experience. I could make the same arguments from mine, but I won't because they wouldn't hold any water. Players with high level experience in Pokemon aren't the majority of the community, they are a small percentage. They are who your entire argument is based on. If you cared to do any surveying of casual players you'd find that the GTL itself makes no significant difference. The difference maker is knowledge. As players gain knowledge they will inevitably clear the game faster. The average players who are clearing faster are the ones who are learning and thinking on their feet regardless of whether or not they use the GTL. The sooner you realize that, the better.
  21. It doesn't reduce the difficulty at all. Sure you can get abilities like Frisk and Flame Body through there, but you can also catch them yourself. It doesn't "anticipate the story" because the GTL is independent of the story itself. Just because you have access to a large variety of Pokemon and items that can be very helpful with the story, that doesn't mean you know how to use them and with the level caps in place based on your progress in your current region it certainly does not cheapen the storyline at all. Getting four badges may seem like a low bar for access to it, but it's far more reasonable than making you wait until post-E4. An average player is going to have some difficulty getting to that mark. Not too much, but it's definitely not like it was in the cartridges.
  22. Please do not defile the glory of Spinda by using its name in the same sentence as speedrunning. Spinda is too good for speedruns. Spinda does slow runs.
  23. Not implemented. It is unknown if there are plans to implement it or not.
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