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  1. With a critical hit there is almost a 70% chance it will considering Wild Charge does 2x damage to Charizard being electric. So yes it is possible.
  2. Because you aren't the first person to make such claims and every instance has been incorrect. Maybe if you'd care to read what Rache told you then you would have an understanding. In a nutshell, Arcanine can deal significantly more physical damage to Charizard because it has a much higher base attack. Your Charizard won't deal as much damage to Arcanine because of the lower base attack. Not to mention Rache built the teams for the gym leaders and knows exactly what their stat spreads are. One does not simply tell the designer that they are incorrect. Also considering I've gone through with Spinda odds are you just need to learn to use something other than your Charizard.
  3. Yeah no. Rache knows the EV/IV spread of the gyms since she designed their teams. If she's telling you that you're wrong, you are wrong. There is no arguing that. The stats have not been buffed for any of the Pokemon at all, if this were even remotely true it'd have to be a blanket buff so you'd see the same issues with NPC trainers. You really should compare the two as well. Stat Arcanine vs Charizard HP 90 78 Atk 110 84 Def 80 78 SpA 100 109 SpD 80 85 Spd 95 100 Tot 555 534 Given Earthquake is a Physical move, your Charizard won't be able to do much with it, even with it being Super Effective against Arcanine. Wild Charge is also a Physical move, but as you can see, Arcanine's base Attack is much higher than Charizard's base Defense. This is all stuff you should take into account as well. Even without the STAB for Wild Charge Arcanine is still able to do significantly more damage with a Physical move than your Charizard. Your extra info was pointed out. When you reach level cap any EXP gained is stored until the next time you gain EXP with that Pokemon after increasing your cap. Odds are you stored up around 12k EXP before you increased your cap.
  4. Hi, former GM. The amount of evidence that is required for an RMT ban is a magnitudes larger than evidence needed for botting. False bans do still occur do to misinterpreting evidence gathered, but the vast majority of RMT bans have more evidence than you think. Not up the staff's ass like you claim. I've just been on that side of things. As someone already said, some chat logs are provided on appeals, but critical evidence that could jeopardize capture techniques is not and will never be shared. Your point of view is severely biased as is since it was already stated that non-critical portions of evidence are provided in appeals. So the ball is in the player's court to prove innocence. Access to a fan made Pokemon game is not a human right. Perhaps you should learn how legal precedents apply before bringing up stuff like human rights, freedom of speech and such. You are not protected from being banned because ECHR. Being banned in any game is not a human rights violation. Having to prove your innocence in a ban appeal is not a violation of your human rights. Due Process and the presumption of innocence applies to government abuses of their people. If you read the Terms of Service it is already stated that PokeMMO reserves the right to terminate your account at any time for any reason. You agreed to it and it is an enforceable clause. ECHR doesn't protect you from that.
  5. He literally just said the appeal was approved because the user in question was able to prove their innocence. Transparency doesn't fix the fact that the burden of proof is on you to show you did not engage in RMT or botting. How can you say you can't appeal properly when it literally, "Hey I was banned for botting/RMT but I wasn't botting or RMTing. Here's my proof." Then you show your proof. I mean, I literally wrote your ban appeal in 2 sentences, now you need to show proof of your innocence. Desu has already said they won't be showing you anything that would result in giving away capture methods for botting and RMT. This is a standard thing. Never compromise your rule enforcement system because someone is salty about enforcement action taken against them.
  6. I can explain why replacing that XML file worked. The custom theme, instead of including that file and overriding the parts needed, was a complete copy/paste of the default theme with the modifications. So basically, you have your default and a complete edit of the default. In your case, changing the default theme colors wouldn't have worked because the theme you are using was pointing to the monster-frame.xml file within that theme's folder instead of the default. That practice is why my themes don't work anymore either, though if I get the chance to fix them I plan to use the more future proof solution of only modifying the files I need to change and pointing to the defaults for the stuff that doesn't need changed.
  7. He's talked to me like that plenty of times, even when I was on staff. Some of it justified, some of it not.
  8. Your current team will go to your PC and you will pick a starter for that region. You are not, completely, blocked from using your Kanto team, but the level cap resets for that region so that is something to be mindful of.
  9. This is, objectively, the best way to handle it. Fast forward options are simply out of the question, but small things like this would improve QOL drastically. It makes it easier for everyone and you don't have to revisit it in 6 months because everyone became used to 300% speed in game.
  10. I've not known one single instance of any game showing anyone the evidence gathered proving a breach of ToS on the part of the player because it makes it too easy to see what you did to get caught, which is not something that anyone wants. Just like Desu said. They aren't going to show you how to break ToS. It is clearly stated in the ToS that the burden of proof is on you to show you never took part in any RMT and, in cases of botting, were actually in full control of your character at the time. If you fail to do so then your ban will be upheld. Sorry about your luck, but that's how it is and that's how it's always been. It's not going to change just because people complain that it's not fair that they don't get to see evidence gathered against them. Bro, I know for a fact you know better than this considering I GMd while you were on staff. Don't go around acting like you know what GMs do all day. You were never a GM in the first place. Bans only get issued in instances where they are warranted. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, gets banned simply because a Global Mod or CM asks a GM to ban them and you know this. Don't talk about stuff you know nothing about.
  11. This is not something that they will do. It's always been policy for staff hosting events to have them available to all players regardless of language. Capture contests typically feature translations for the most commonly used languages in game as is. Back when I hosted Find a Friend I always had the rounds as English/Spanish/Portuguese/German/Italian/Chinese trying to accommodate as many players as possible.
  12. 8 years? Game started in 2012, is 2019 now. That's 7 years. Next year will be 8 years.
  13. I mean does October 2012 count here man?
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