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  1. Oh how terrible. Surely it's not like changing Pokeballs is something that's been requested more than just that one instance.
  2. No, there isn't support for that yet.
  3. I'd definitely posit this as well. They aren't exactly the most noticeable vanity item from previous years.
  4. Considering you have no actual knowledge of how staff investigates RMT it's better that you not speak on difficulty. This isn't a valid argument to have spectating removed from the Halloween event either. Players try to RMT regardless of whether or not there is a seasonal event going on. Those players get banned when they are caught. Once they are banned, nothing comes from the assets that they gained because they are locked away. You are seriously grasping at straws here.
  5. You get 3 battles in Striaton? I didn't know that.
  6. A couple points to yield here. There is a legitimate argument that can be made for toggling spectating for your battles, but there are still issues with the idea. 1) The option can only work in PvE battles. There isn't a good way to reconcile the differences in PvP as some players prefer spectators while others don't. This is why PvP challenge dialog allows the option of making the match private when you send the request. The other player has to agree to this kind of match. Official tournaments are not likely to ever disallow spectators in any means so you are really asking for a means of blocking spectators in PvE. 2) Complaining about others "stealing" your team is quite honestly an illegitimate argument. As I've pointed out. The Pumpking existed well before there was an established Chinese community. Not once in the past 5 years has anyone every complained about their team and strategy being "stolen". This is honestly because the majority players don't care. The outcome of a PvE event that everyone has access to doesn't affect them in the least. Someone replicating your team has absolutely no effect on you in any manner. It is just as likely that someone used a strategy that had high success years ago that they adapted to the current changes. It is also just as likely that the means of reliably beating Pumpking without inducing sleep were already known prior to anyone in the Chinese community "discovered" them. It's the nature of the beast. Think of any team build. If you think it's original then it's probably already been thought of and used in the past. PokeMMO has been around for 8 years now. The odds of you coming up with a wholly original team are slim at best and non-existent at worst. This is the nature of the beast for any kind of strategy game. Pokemon as a franchise has existed for almost 30 years. Games that have been around that long are likely to have almost every viable strategy known in some manner. You are not going to have a wholly original strategy unless you make a brand new strategy game.
  7. That's why you set the rate such that it's still more profitable to battle the Pumpking. The point isn't to negate the battle. The point is to give the candies an actual outlet after the event ends. This could be either a straight exchange for a reduced payout or by converting them to Spooky Candy. In either case the Special Candy has an outlet such that it no longer rots in your inventory. To be completely honest, allowing items that were made to be exchanged during an event no outlet after the event ends isn't very good design. The only exception being if a player does not have enough Spooky Candy to qualify for an exchange.
  8. Are we going to roll back to the 4 badge Kanto days of PokeMMO?
  9. Just know what you used and the moves alone does not guarantee success. You need to understand that. You also need to understand that Pumpking's typing progression has not changed since 2015. This means that you likely stumbled upon a strategy somebody else already knew about. The only players you seem to have an issue with are players who are new to the game because I can guarantee you that no veteran of the event is doing this. If someone is recording you battling without your permission, you ask them to stop, and they don't block them. That should stop them from being able to spectate you period unless my memory has failed me here. Last I recall, blocking someone removes you from their view of the overworld. Use the tools you have available.
  10. ^ Read that You cannot 100% without a doubt prove anybody "stole" your research. Pumpking has existed for several years. The typing has not changed since it was first introduced. This means that way back in the day someone could have already found an effective strategy and adapted it to the changes over time.
  11. Once upon a time they weren't.
  12. Beating Pumpking isn't a race. You don't gain anything other than bragging rights for beating him first, and quite frankly it's extremely likely you weren't the first to do it. It's just as likely that the strategy you took time to research was one someone else already knew would work and shared with someone else. Word of mouth is something that simply cannot be stopped. Even if they were to overhaul the event so that it became an instanced dungeon, you won't be able to stop someone else from sharing a strategy. Just the simple act of you sharing your strategy with someone almost guarantees that it will be shared with someone else later. There's nothing you can do about that. In fact, in order for someone to fully replicate your strategy they would need their team to be on par with the team you used. This means moves, natures, abilities, held items, and equivalent EV/IV spread. The only part of that list you can 100% guarantee came from the strategy you used is the moves and just having that one piece does not make for automatic success. As far as monetary investment is concerned. Can you 100% guarantee that each person who you claim to have used your strategy didn't spend anything to ensure they can replicate it? Absolutely not. There is no possible way for you as a player to verify that each person who you claim to have used your strategy didn't have to spend some money and/or time putting it together for themselves. This is the simple fact of life. Very few players are going to have your exact team just sitting in their PC box. If you used a comp team then you should already know that comp players are a minority of players in game, which places the odds of someone just having your team in their PC by happenstance even lower. In the end it balances out.
  13. Don't get too hung up on the exchange numbers because those can be changed. The reason why 5 Goodie Bags for 1 Special Candy came to mind is because you get that for beating the boss on Normal. The actual exchange rate can be changed. The other idea is to have a means of converting Special Candy into Spooky Candy once the event ends. In either case, the exchange rate needs to be balanced in such a manner that fighting the boss is still encouraged, but that you do still get something for those Special Candy you have sitting in your bag once Pumpking is to tired to fight. It is possible to have both methods. The overall point is to give Special Candy a use once the event actually ends because the only reason it went for 250k on the GTL was because of the mindset that rare = valuable. The unfortunate reality is that the secondary use is an RNG based healing item which places the real value below that of a regular Potion. In an absolute pinch with no alternatives it's great no matter what, but under normal circumstances you risk wasting a 250k item for 20HP. Aside from a perceived boon for cash, is there any real reason to hold onto stacks of Special Candy? Realistically, no there is not; they are made to be used, but nobody is going to willingly use these to heal unless they have absolutely no other options. So why wouldn't you want there to be some use for them after the event ends that sees some kind of reward for turning them in?
  14. Ok, exactly how does it defeat the objective to have that functionality AFTER the event ends and the Pumpking can no longer be challenged? During the event the Special Candies can be treated exactly how they would normally be treated by triggering the battle. It should be noted that players who have already beaten Pumpking on Normal Mode are really standing to take a loss on that exchange because the Hard Mode reward is an upgraded Goodie Bag. So then it comes down to wasting your special candies on the Pumpking to try and get the Hard Mode reward or hold them and get a bunch of regular goodie bags at the end. This has nothing to do with the normal flow of the event itself, but more to do with allowing the players to have another use for them after the Pumpking is done battling. That said, at worst it's a healing item if you are in a pinch and need to heal some HP. Though this isn't much of a concern for players sitting on millions already because they are likely to have already stocked up on their healing items. That's more for average players who don't bank up a ton of cash.
  15. I didn't bother counting tbh. I was playing to enjoy the event more, not really make money tbh. Besides, I caught some decent breeding fodder to rebreed my Gengar from 2013 and also to start a Spiritomb breed so even if I took a loss on Goodie Bags, I could potentially sell of the breeding fodder that I won't need and bring the loss down more.
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