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  1. Charizard's Attack!

    Please post images such as these here.
  2. Match Fixing

    Alright, time for this thread to close up. For clarification, if you are found to be fixing any officially hosted match, automated or otherwise, you will be punished accordingly. Intentionally fixing matches is indeed covered under the Code of Conduct as has been pointed out.
  3. Cuenta "Ayuda" Account "Help"

    Lamentablemente, no brindamos asistencia con la recuperación de correo electrónico. Si ingresó la dirección de correo electrónico correcta, haga una publicación en la sección de solicitud de soporte y lo asistiremos más allá. Unfortunately we do not provide any assistance with email recovery. If you have entered the correct email address please make a post in the support request section and we will assist you further there.
  4. Logo Designers

    Please read the rules of the section before posting. Rule 5 states: Additionally, please do not make any commercial solicitations of this nature using any PokeMMO service.
  5. Kitty Konundrum (Saturday, March 3rd)

    I see what you did there.
  6. Dear Xala i need ur help wit my game 


    each time i try to log on to my character it give me a black screen with 5 running man icons also, i am trying to create another account because i think y account is the problem but i saved my account on to the application please help would really appreciate it.

    1. XelaKebert


      Please fill out the information I requested in your petition.

  7. [Video] Mission Spinpossible

    The first of the videos from my battles against the Unova Elite 4 is now live. The end of the road nears and the fate of the Spinda Army will be revealed soon™.
  8. See Bug Reports

    Our Bug Moderation team will look into any issues posted in the section. Please do not create topics like this as they do not help our team get to your issue faster.
  9. Mod file extension

    I also use 7-Zip and I am able to Right Click and select Send To -> Compressed Archive File.
  10. What's your fav pokemon

  11. Event Description: The Chairman of the Unova Pokemon Fan Club is looking for some more Pokemon to befriend. Will you come help find him some friends? Date: Saturday, February 24th Time: 11AM EST | 4PM GMT Venue: Icirrus City Pokemon Fan Club Ch. 7 Prize: 100k per round Rules: Event information will be broadcast over Channel chat. There will be 20 rounds in which a Pokemon species and nature will be given by the event host. Players will then search for and capture that Pokemon, and the first to show it in Normal chat at the event venue will win a point for that round. The winner of a round will receive 100k for their trouble You must link the Pokemon in Normal chat at the event venue, no other chat will be accepted Pokemon must be obtained after the required Pokemon are revealed in chat You may not breed the Pokemon for an entry You must be the OT of the Pokemon You may not trade another player or use the GTL to locate the required Pokemon You may only win 4 total rounds Any attempts to cheat such as submitting an invalid entry will result in disqualification Host: XelaKebert **Please ensure your ingame mailbox is not full** Spanish: Portuguese: French:
  12. Ultility Pokemon Guide

    This is incorrect. Payday is not affected by Amulet Coin in game.
  13. Forum Toxicity needs to stop

    Alrighty. Time for this thread to close up. In the future, please report posts you feel are violating the rules using the report function.
  14. what's up with this

    Please post in Support Request so we can assist you better.
  15. New players looking for info.

    I'll let you guys be the judge of that once I finish all the video footage. I did wrap up the challenge recently but I will reveal the results with the appropriate video. On topic, I don't suggest 6 Spinda as your team because you will spend a lot of time grinding and beating your face against the keyboard; unless you're into stupidly difficult challenges.

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