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  1. Pay 2 win at its finest is the best way to sum this up. Those who can afford to donate get a distinct advantage over those who cannot. Even if it were a free option you'd be foolish to not have it toggled, at which point it'd be easier to just speed up everything globally.
  2. Or, and I'm just going out on a limb here, they are mainly using that as a means to make sure they are properly working before they get introduced into PvP so we don't have a million temp bans on them. Is it entirely possible there are legit reasons that don't revolve around the argument that the devs are lazy or do we want to continue riding that dead horse? Serious question here because it seems like people forget how many times moves have been temp banned or disabled because they were broken. They have the luxury of having HAs sandboxed while they make them work, may as well take advantage of that.
  3. Say hello to WoW for me. You get the older content when you purchase your subscription, but you have to purchase the new expansions when they come out to get access to that gameplay. As for Sims 4, that's a business decision on the part of EA to make more money. Here, when dungeons are a thing, you will get them for the low low price of free. Bear in mind that the gameplay is still in active development as well and some "core" aspects are still missing, IE: Hidden Abilities. Yes, you are reading that right, HAs are a core aspect and I will address the decision made in one of your other points. The dungeons are, in fact, content as along with them would be certain legendary Pokemon as well. The design reason for doing it this way is because releasing everything as it was in the vanilla games is bad design for an MMO. The vanilla games were designed to allow you to experience everything the game had to offer without a need to interact with other players. As such, there were no issues in giving you everything you wanted. It has nothing to do with having no faith in the dungeons it has more to do with making PokeMMO more like an MMO than an online version of the vanilla games. As I said above, there are still core aspects that are being worked on and the reason why is because they need redesigned to fit an MMO rather than being slapped in as they were in the vanilla games only to be reworked later. The devs do not like placing a bandage over issues like that and prefer to actually solve the issue rather than slap in a temporary fix when possible. I'd be more willing to wager the reason for NPCs having HAs is more to ensure they function properly before you have access them as opposed to some perceived middle finger you think the devs are giving you. It's even worse when you feel like you having donated in the past gives you leave to go around trashing people and acting like a complete fool. Donors are appreciated by the dev team, do not misunderstand me, but donors do not get any special treatment because of that. This is not a valid argument, nor has it ever been a valid argument. Now bear in mind, the ONLY way to obtain Hidden Abilities was through the Dream World in Gen 5, which required you to use your browser to get them. So it's not them "thinking" of a better way to release them. They know how they want to release them but they have to make sure they are designed well first. Things like rewards need to be appealing, Hidden Abilities won't be the only reason for playing dungeons. If you've played any of the past overworld events, Halloween/North Pole/Chinese New Year, you can see hints of stuff they are working towards. Each of those events feels more like a testing ground for designs they have in mind and want to implement. At this point I'd wager it's less about final design and more about proper implementation. They want to be sure that the dungeons will be accessible in methods that make sense (Think how the North Pole dungeon had Santa Claus transport you there).
  4. Nope, their levels scale with your levels for rematches, but afaik the amount for rematches is the same.
  5. Holy multipost Batman! You are correct that exp gained from battles changes, but that depends on the generation. Only two took level into account, Gen 5 and Gen 7. The rest all use a flat formula that does not account for level. That also depends on which generation the experience gain formula here works on. If it works on Gen 5 or 7, you'd be correct, if not you aren't. Would be best to use a good size sample of Tangela to evaluate this though. To that further point, using diminishing returns on Exp gain based on level to justify diminishing returns for players who have attained a higher "level" in game is apples and oranges. The amount of exp gained is never a fixed amount as different species give different base amounts that are influenced by a variety of factors, seen here. Cash gain is a fixed amount base amount with only one modifier, Amulet Coin (2 here with addition of Riches Charm). Exp gain has no effect on the economy at all as it is non-transferable. It's not a good comparison. If you wanted to look at a scaling system for something that does, look at the diminishing return on berries if you forget to water them. Even then, the effect berries have on the economy as a whole is small compared to cash gain. This isn't a case to scale back the returns btw. As it sits, everyone has equal access to resources that affect cash gain when they reach that point in the story, or with access the to GTL. It's not like those who have been playing longer inherently have more access to those resources. Do they have an easier time? Absolutely, but they do not have any inherent advantages that newer players can't attain. It would be a different story if, for example, players like me who joined in 2012 had access to a permanent buff that newer players can never attain, but that's not that case. Even at a further point, not every player who would have attained a higher level, which would have to be retroactively determined for everyone's starting point, has millions at their disposal. The number of players with millions of yen is relatively small compared to the larger playerbase. So that alone makes scaling back returns based on trainer level less likely.
  6. Multipost much dude? There is an edit button and this type of posting doesn't make your points any more or less valid. To the further point, nothing was taken out of the economy when Unova was added and nothing will be taken when Sinnoh is added. You've made a very rash claim there. You've gained purchasing power relative to the original value of certain items on the GTL because money is valued more than those items. This is really only a negative for players who only want to make a quick buck in game with little effort. Your claim that yen has been devalued is farther from the point. Yen is valued more, hence why certain consumable items are dropping in price. If yen was being devalued players would want more for their goods. Lower prices is a means of attracting the buyers. If you don't care to keep up with your competition on the GTL you will be stuck where you are now. As a real world example of this is Toys R' Us going bankrupt in the US. At their peak they had a strong hold on the toy market, and then Walmart began selling the same toys cheaper. Other retailers picked up the same model and began undercutting them. Toys R' Us figured they could maintain their current model and that other retailers wouldn't harm their bottom line. Babies R' Us was born from a need for their parent company to diversify to gain back lost ground, and in the end it all failed. They failed to adjust their prices to keep up with competition and wound up bankrupt as a result. How does that apply to PokeMMO? Well, if your listings are constantly getting undercut in value and you maintain that players will eventually be forced to purchase your listings you will soon find yourself waiting weeks for them to sell. Some may even expire and need relisted which means you have to pay more over time for your failure to keep up. Bringing up the point about, "Chinese players aren't selling anymore," is very ignorant. You are conveniently leaving out times when you are online. Odds are you are on at an off peak time for that section of the community. Aside from that I've noticed multiple threads from Chinese players afraid of being banned for selling. In otherwords, there are more factors you aren't looking at so you can't make that claim at all. You can't say, "we aren't talking about GTL listings but returns for players," because at the end of the day you have to talk about those. That is the driving force of the economy, not gym runs, not E4 runs. Player trades are the whole reason the economy exists. If that isn't happening, there is no economy. To that further point, it is happening, and in a very large degree. So if we aren't talking about player exchanges we aren't talking about the economy, we are talking about returns on gym rebattles, which need to be balanced to prevent a large influx of cash into the economy. Why? Because this update was a thing that the devs don't want to have to do again.
  7. Hotbar keys are for items that can be used out of battle is why. It could just be a 5th button like in the NDS games that allows access to most recent Pokeball thrown.
  8. I mean, if you want a better shot at making it work you could use Wobuffet with Destiny Bond. Shadow Tag with the passive trap so you don't need a slot wasted and then run moves like Taunt or Encore. It's more a matter of, if the AI takes states like Destiny Bond and Perish Song into effect, it will switch until you are out of PP. It's always better the trap the target of those moves to prevent the opponent from switching, unless that is your goal.
  9. No, because then that becomes the de facto rate. At that point it'd be better to just remove the option and increase the speed to what a fast forward button would give as is, which would eventually feel slow after a while. That's the big gist of what the devs have said on the matter in the past.
  10. Once they AI switches, the target is no longer subject to Destiny Bond meaning you'd have to use it again. Also bearing in mind that Destiny Bond only works if it is KO'd that turn unless it operates on Gen 7 rules, in which case the only way to remove the effects of Destiny Bond is a switch. So no, I know what I am referring to. It ruins the strategy if the AI is able to switch out as you have to use Destiny Bond again which effectively wastes a turn. Hence why Mean Look is typically combined with it so that the target is trapped and forced to attack.
  11. The game also doesn't need to be super easy either. There is nothing wrong with having a semi competent AI. To give you an idea, I've been playing FireRed with only Spinda and I have 4 badges and thus far have needed 3 attempts at most for important battles. The vanilla AI has had me 1 hit from being KO'd and instead of doing so it used Tail Whip or some other non damaging move. It's /that/ potato, and this is the gym leaders. Being that this is an MMO, having a larger learning curve is necessary to prevent chasing the proverbial rabbit as far as keeping cash influx in check. The large reason for the complaints is because no one is used to playing against NPCs that play somewhat like a real person, but the problem is that bringing that kind of design back 1) creates a two standard system in which you have to effectively manage pseudo AI for two different tiers of play (not a good thing to do) and 2) makes players feel even more frustrated when they finally reach endgame content and the difficulty goes from 0 to 100 with no warning. That is a standard clause in most TOS contracts, and while kids lie about their age all the time, that is a restriction. I would estimate based on experience the primary demographic in PokeMMO is 16+ whereas the target demographic for the vanilla games is still children between 6 and 13.
  12. ^ This exactly. There was some degree of AI, but it was largely potato. I'm speaking more of the cases where an opposing NPC would sometimes choose something like say Tail Whip when you are down to 1HP and allow you to KO their Pokemon. When the majority of the moves are chosen by RNG, there may as well be no AI at all.
  13. Competition Alley would suit this more, though this type of idea has been tried unofficially many times before and gone over horribly. As for OU teams being free to simply trounce Dual Type teams, a knowledgeable comp player would be able to construct a dual type team to your specs and keep up with a standard OU team with no specific typing. What you are doing with that restriction is assuming your members have no knowledge of team synergy and how to make things work. In that regard, it is an unnecessary restriction and one that is going to be extremely difficult for you to properly enforce, even with official tier lists at your disposal.
  14. Care to lead by example? No? Don't use this type of argument, this type of post only serves to alienate players more than you've alienated yourself. There are a number of threads around where players have offered tips for players struggling with the changes to the AI. The large issue with reverting it back to the original games is that the base games have no AI. The moves used by NPCs were chosen solely by RNG in the vast majority of cases. The AI here, while more competent, is a long way from being tournament tier. It's done things, that have since been fixed, like spam Roost when it could easily KO the opponent if it used a damaging move. Does that mean that the AI can't be outsmarted? No, there are still things you can do to get around it. The biggest hitch the AI has is when you throw something at it that keeps it locked into a loop where it doesn't have a better move than to switch or use moves that do no damage. There is also a pattern that the AI uses as well, it varies by team it is facing, but you are very likely to succeed if you pick up the pattern and outmaneuver the AI. If you would like some help figuring out if there is anything with your team that you could be doing better feel free to reach out in Competitive Assistance. While not strictly competitive, the advice that can be garnered there is infinitely more valuable than anything else I could tell you.
  15. While generally true, anything that can be purchased on the GTL can also be directly traded for other items. In that regard, they are indeed currencies. What you are seeing in some areas of the economy is indeed deflation. As an example, yen goes further when purchasing Leppa Berries as the price is now sitting around 800 yen vs the 1300 yen it hovered around for quite some time. You haven't lost purchasing power when you look at it, and using the formal definition of deflation, you have actually gained purchasing power. Deflation happens when there is a contraction in the supply of money. Since yen is considered harder to come by now the supply has therefore contracted, thus reducing the prices. It will, obviously, take time for things to adjust, but as it sits the market is trying to normalize for the period of time between the last update and the release of Sinnoh, which will inevitably change things again.
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