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  1. What is tomorrow but yesterday is today?
  2. The server time is based on UTC, which is the universal standard for all Internet servers to operate on because it does not shift with Daylight Savings.
  3. Hoenn requires a FireRed rom as well.
  4. Is there a separate file in your PokeMMO folder that has some name like hs_err? If so that may shed some light on what is going on.
  5. Are there any errors popping up when it tries to start? There really isn't anything in your console log to indicate an issue.
  6. A possible explanation for this is that your Pokemon still has a lower speed stat then your opponent even with a higher level. You see this more in particular with species like Snorlax where the base speed stats aren't all that great. Keep in mind that gym leaders, your rival, and E4 have decent IVs and are EVd optimally. So even if you have a Pokemon with a decent speed stat, if the EVs aren't there to boost it enough you will still be outsped by something that is lower level. Level doesn't always make the speed. A second, and just as likely explanation, is that you are ending up in speed ties and have bad RNG with them. When two opponents have the same value for their speed stat, the system rolls to see which will move first. Quick Claw isn't really a reliable way to move first since it's RNG based. If you still suspect there is something wrong with the way speed is being calculated, you should use the Bug Reports section to have a Bug Moderator look into the matter.
  7. From the sound of previous discussions on this topic. The legendary dungeons they are wanting to implement would essentially fill the role of the Dream World. From my understanding, anything caught in the Dream World had its hidden ability if one was available. Whether or not such functionality would be carried over or if it would be a random chance remains unknown. However, it would stand to reason from this that shinies wouldn't get any sort of special treatment for HA's with respect to implementation. Perhaps, as they have done with IVs, they could guarantee shinies of species with a HA available would always have it if captured in the dungeon, but HA Pills have been absolutely rejected.
  8. The amount of nonsense I'm seeing here is making my head spin. I have no idea who supports the idea or not let alone their reasons for their particular stance. To add clarity, yes, I did beat all 8 gyms in Unova with 6 Spinda. It still took a ton of grinding and I did have some help optimizing the team for certain fights and some coaching for a couple fights. It was stupidly more difficult than using a regular team. If anyone else wants to try their own challenge, by all means, but I fail to see how my stupid meme of a run really factors into this suggestion at all other than to be like, "Look, he almost beat Unova with 6 Spinda game is stupid easy." That being said, this suggestion really does not work at all considering level caps are a thing. It may seem trivial to make it work with level caps, but you have to factor in that the caps are not consistent across the board. Not to mention you do still need 4 badges to be able to access the GTL. By the time you have 4 badges you should, ideally, have a decent feel for how the AI operates. If you don't then you aren't paying attention at all. The AI is more likely to make certain moves at the same point or under the same conditions every time with minimal deviation. This is something you can see in the videos for my Spinda run, more specifically with the battles against Skyla. In order for this idea have any form of usability you have to allow everyone to access this feature regardless of how many badges they have. There is no lower limit on when players start to get stuck in the storyline. Some have trouble with the first badge while others struggle with the second; it's all subjective. The only conditions that should prevent access are having not beaten your rival immediately after getting your starter and any other pre-journey tasks, Oak's Parcel in Kanto for example. A hang up on this is making it work for Yen. If you want to do rentals in this manner, it would have to be on a collateral system. Renter essentially has to give up something from their team to borrow from you. This is where this whole system falls apart. With value being a subjective thing, different species are valued differently based on different factors and no all players value those factors in the same manner, the collateral would have to be something of equivalent value to the renter. Which adds more complexity to the design. If this were to work off of Yen, how would you propose rentals work? If the suggestion is to simply pay a flat fee to rent the Pokemon then what makes this any different from just using the GTL proper to purchase something? I suppose you could add time limits to the rental, but what happens if time runs out? Pay the fee again? Would you do a recurring fee based on days the rental is in a player's possession? To a further point, reclamation of rentals by the the owner is another issue that should be addressed. This isn't to say it's a bad idea by any means, but more to point out that there is very little thought into this system. I'm not one to say that this could or could not work. Rentals are already a thing in Battle Frontier if I recall correctly, but that runs on a different system. However, maybe that could be a better method of addressing this topic. What if, instead of using the GTL, an NPC offered a rental based on progression? Nothing crazy, but the Pokemon offered could be setup to have some utility specific to that gym and they return after you beat the gym or when you log out. Food for thought.
  9. You do realize that they literally broadcast a message at least 1 hour out as an announcement right? Very rarely does the server ever just go offline without an announcement.
  10. That isn't how graphics drivers work. They are based around a specific series of chipsets. You can't just download a driver for a different chipset and expect it to work. If you already have the latest driver that has been released by Intel you would be better off seeking assistance in Support Request.
  11. There really isn't a requirement for DirectX as the game uses the OpenGL library afaik. Things could have changed since I ran support, but last I recall there wasn't a DirectX requirement for PokeMMO. So long as your graphics card supports OpenGL 2.0 or later you /should/ be fine.
  12. Yeah, that's kind of the point of not being able to keep the ones that are in game right now. The devs don't want an Uber tier at all. It's why certain species that would otherwise be Uber have had some form of nerf to keep them out of Uber and why Garchomp seems to be having a serious discussion on how to effectively nerf it while still keeping it viable. It's why Baton Pass was modified to not pass buffs. The point is to try and allow the players to use everything that is in game in some manner. Having the ability to keep legends that would otherwise be Uber would effectively remove the special nature of their lore while simultaneously undermine other tweaks to gym leader/E4 builds that have been made. While they are not absolutely necessary, not every player in game is a comp player and the ones that aren't will just default to these species to farm easy money from the E4.
  13. Smoke Ball is supposed to be a guaranteed escape from the battle, unless it was changed by the devs at some point. This could be something that is at play. The mechanics I can find from the vanilla games don't mention how hordes affect the item at all. I would guess the same thing is at play here, but I can't say for sure.
  14. That is not the likely cause at all. I would suggest posting in the Support Request section as the support team will be able to help you find the root cause of your problem.
  15. On 2/27/2020 at 3:31 PM, AshTheChosen said:

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