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  1. A bit drastic here. When Windows 10 came into the picture some graphics cards that were previously supported had their compatibility broken by upgrades. Don't do this unless you know exactly what you are doing and are 100% certain that a bad graphics driver is the cause. The OP is saying their game is slow with Compatibility Mode on, which was the answer to the aforementioned issue. That part is a known issue and something that is addressed in the Support article below. Not necessarily true. Min System Requirements can be found in the article below. From the sound of it, the OP meets them. Again, super drastic and not entirely needed. Not everyone is familiar with Linux and suggesting they migrate from a platform they are already familiar with to a brand new one adds to problem. While it can be argued that Linux is easy to learn that is beside the point. Something this drastic should never be suggested as a fix all solution because it may not fix the issues. Use the tips in the first article I linked and that should help.
  2. So extra sale slots for item stacks? That could be something to refine the idea. Have up to 4 listing slots for what you want to list. Up to 4 Pokemon or 396 items (4 stacks of 99) could be listed for the same price. Though the concerns below are something to be considered. This is very true, it'd be nice, but the effort may be more than the payoff.
  3. Selling multiples of items is already a thing. You can sell up to 99 in one listing. Being able to list multiple of the same Pokemon for the same price would be nice though.
  4. Which official games? The only way to remove the animation in the official games was to turn them all off.
  5. I believe Trapinch has access to Arena Trap so revenge kills?
  6. XelaKebert

    New Server

    I mean, the much easier alternative is doing a full character wipe. Basically you want them to pay for more server hosting to have an optional reset of progress.
  7. You'll have to change the email or contact an admin.
  8. Yes, could be a rom corruption. Try replacing it with a new one.
  9. Do the above, but make sure to not move at all for those 2 minutes. You will be teleported back to Littleroot Town.
  10. There are things they won't give concrete percentages on because stuff can be tweaked later, such as passive Pickup. They can tweak the loot tables for Pickup and Passive Pickup at anytime for any reason so giving percentages doesn't really do any good. I do believe when Sinnoh comes out they plan to add more info to the Pokedex for encounters, but that's about the extent of it.
  11. When they happen. There is no ETA for when they will happen.
  12. Phenomena are random, so if one occurs everyone will see it serverwide in that area regardless of client.
  13. For the record, Pidgey is a flying type you can catch early on, in fact most people do catch one.
  14. All you need is Spinda for the gyms. Don't question this. It can work. PRAISE SPINDA!
  15. You have more light to get through Rock Tunnel now than you did playing in Gen 1 without Flash. It's not impossible and it's not any more or less challenging. You simply have a smaller ring of light.
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