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  1. How do you propose to resolve moveset issues if the cap is 44 and a Pokemon learns a move at 45?
  2. I mean sure, if you treat each instance of the cartridge games as its own universe it makes total sense. In a singular world it really doesn't make sense to have a million so called legendaries roaming around if canon has confirmed that only one exists.
  3. You should check the in game dex as 3rd party resources will not be accurate for PokeMMO as the game uses a different moveset. Are you positive about Flamethrower and Thunderpunch being used? The other 3 moves are possible for Shiftry to learn as Shiftry has them in its Gen 7 move list. I believe the rule for movepools is that they are based on Gen 7 so long as the move existed in Gen 5, or something of that nature. The Elite 4 teams aren't set like they were in the cartridge games. They now have a few different teams. Most, if not all, of the teams in the Elite 4 and gym leaders use Pokemon that are canon in some manner. If it's the post I think you are referring to, the poster was not completely honest about their Alakazam's stats and made rash assumptions about the stats of the Haunter. The stats have never been boosted above what is possible for their stat build, ever. That would be simply unfair. Furthermore, if the stats were boosted above what is legal for their builds, the below would not have been possible at all.
  4. You lose no progress in game. All of that is saved on the server. You will lose your hotkey bindings, but you can back those up by navigating to the folder you have PokeMMO installed to, going to config, then copy the file(s) named for your character(s) to your desktop. Once you install the new client place that config file back in that folder.
  5. Try redownloading the client and reinstalling it.
  6. Try using Repair Client. Afaik the default theme is supposed to show move type in the info screen.
  7. A screenshot of the issue would go a lot further in helping to get your issue resolved though.
  8. Exactly this.I don't personally know the player in question, but it would create a precedence that may cause further issues later. Where would the line be drawn? Memories are great things to treasure for a person. Perhaps each of you have something you can already remember them by as is. Having a free vanity would cause any meaning behind it to be lost once other players who do not know the person it is dedicated to start picking it up and it becomes a trendy thing.
  9. I agree with that, but that's where looking at end rewards comes into play. A tedious grind is only worth it if the end justifies the means.
  10. That's the point of an MMO. There is supposed to be some level of tedious grinding to make the payoff worth it in the end. Perhaps rewards could be looked at to see if they are worth the grind or not, but removing the level cap for donors is not a good idea. If it did become a thing I can guarantee NPC levels would scale accordingly to keep the difficulty. You aren't getting a free lunch for donating.
  11. Ok, then by that token all NPC levels should scale accordingly. If you want the level cap removed because it's a "hassle" then the levels of NPCs should scale to reflect your current team. You don't get a free lunch because you donated money. There has to be a balancing act for everything. In this case, making the NPC levels scale accordingly makes it less likely, although it will still happen, that someone will create an alt account, donate for this purpose, and then transfer an OP team over to steamroll the game.
  12. FTFY Anyway, multiple issues came up that took the dev team away from dungeons from what I can gather based on announcements they have made.
  13. Legendaries do not spawn as shiny either since the only ones that you can capture you do not get to keep forever.
  14. Who are you people? On topic: A goal for 2019 for you could be to form a larger network of news channels for PokeMMO and have them linked on your Mayor Bestfriends channels. After that, if you haven't already done so, seek out people to provide captions in other languages for your Mayor Bestfriends videos as well. For Mayoral duties, the goals themselves should be up to you based on a holistic reflection of your past performance. Think about where you fell short and work harder to improve in those areas.
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