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  1. Currently between PokeMMO and the base games sure, but MMORPG and JRPG are completely different with respect to how core gameplay is handled. MMORPG require you to interact with other players for certain elements wheras a JRPG allows you to experience everything without so much as interacting with anyone else. MMOs have a fragile economy to balace, JRPGs do not. No, you need to read my posts again. Everything was explained in them as best as I can explain them. The only other caveat I can add will be posted to another point. Because the development team does not want anything in Ubers. They also do not like the idea of locking down specific species because they are overpowered because then you are giving players content that they cannot use. They also do not want to mess around with base stats. If any changes are made to so called "Uber" Pokemon the dev team wants to make them in a manner that does the least harm overall. Things like removing the ability for certain species to use particular movesets or abilities. This still allows you to access that species, but certain elements are completely removed from them so you do not lose the content. Passion is great, but you have indeed closed yourself off to any other counter arguments. You openly insulted people for disagreeing with you yet you say you did not close your mind to their opinions.
  2. The amount of extra overhead on the server would be astronomical. Plus you have to add that online translation services aren't 100% accurate because there are different dialects spoken for languages and sometimes those dialects have dialects of their own. Language is a beautiful thing.
  3. You can hold your opinion and tell me I'm wrong all you want, doesn't make you any more right. The fact of the matter is that if you strip out any multiplayer aspects from Pokemon, it's a traditional JRPG. Even with the multiplayer aspects, the core gameplay is that of a JRPG. You are not required to make use of the mutliplayer stuff to experience the full storyline by any means. The only real thing you miss out on is completing the Pokedex, which isn't even required as part of the core gameplay but more of an achievement for the completionists out there. The Pokemon cartridges are not like WoW where you have to party up with people to do certain dungeons and experience the full breadth of each new expansion. The base Pokemon game hold very little behind the wall of networking with other players, but it's all data you can still access by other means anyway. You opened the debate and closed your ears and eyes to facts. The very facts that have been clearly laid on the table. Your choice to ignore them is ignorance on your part. Go learn the difference between a JRPG and an MMORPG. Learn what a Minimum Viable Product is. Basically, go learn game design in general.
  4. Let's break things down to a basic level here because there appears to be a misunderstanding, or perhaps I wasn't very clear. In the cartridges for each generation you have a single region. That region is populated with Pokemon. You obtain a starter, collect gym badges, and capture Pokemon all within that generation's region. You battle the same villains. You battle the same gym leaders. You have access to the same Pokeathlon arena and contest halls in the generations that use those systems. It's literally the same game as everyone else. If you played Red and I played Blue, we played the same game. The only literal differences were the Pokemon enabled for those versions. Mind you that each version has the data for all Pokemon already stored in the cartridge. If you were to use a GameShark or ActionReplay you could access that data without trading. It's the same experience with the only notable difference being that you encounter slightly different sets of Pokemon in some areas. This is what I mean when I say largely single player. Nintendo could have shipped a single version of the game and it would still be Pokemon.
  5. That should do it. If you use the installer, sometimes it's best to leave the default path. A good alternative path is to make the install location your Documents folder.
  6. You leave mods in the zip folder. Also, if you are getting this error it is due to the client being located in a location that does not have write permissions. You will need to examine where you have installed the client and reinstall it elsewhere if this is the case.
  7. I've explained it very well but I can elaborate for you since it seems that there is a misunderstanding here. 1) The games were designed to be a social, single player experience, but the majority of mechanics in the games can be experienced by a single player. The only exception is the Entree which requires a second person. Aside from version exclusive species, you experience the full game regardless of the version you've purchased. This was how the games were built and developed. You don't ever have to trade or battle or interact with any other players if you don't want to. The only real thing that keeps you from doing is completing the Pokedex. That's it. 2) Legendary Pokemon are akin to the rarest equipment you can find in any MMO. This means that not everyone can have access to it and that you will have to grind for access. If everyone has immediate, or very easy, access to it then it's not legendary anymore. It's the same as anything else. Doing this for Legendary Pokemon would undermine their entire canon history with respect to the vanilla games, anime, manga, and every other media Pokemon has ever produced stating such. 2a) The only reason why the vanilla games don't do this with legends and allow everyone to access them with little effort is because of point 1. 3) Given that this is an MMO adaptation of the vanilla games, some mechanics will have to be altered to suit the MMO experience. There is no getting away from that. An MMO has aspects that a largely single player experience does not have. The most notable aspect is that there is now an economy that needs to be balanced. 4) You are the only one who is lacking any sort of substantial argument or maturity in these discussions. Calling anyone else out on it while simultaneously degrading others who have explained what I have also explained makes you a hypocrite. It's been discussed several times and every time it bears restating that the dev team has plans for them. Those plans will take time because they require careful balancing and design to ensure that the rewards are worth the effort to obtain them while keeping legendary Pokemon special and rare. That is the biggest challenge faced by designing dungeons. It's not a unique challenge either. Any game with dungeons has to balance effort, risk, and reward for the players and it takes so much time to get those in line.
  8. There is a lot wrong with that. You are comparing a resource that you propose be made non-consumable to a resource that is consumable. They are apples and oranges. If every shiny caught on these days were to be made untradeable they would still have a net draining effect on the overall species value simply because more players have them. Not everyone wants 20 shinies of the same species. Premier Balls and such are items that leave the economy once used so they have a draining effect up front, but as they are sunk out the prices begin to go back up in conjunction with supply and demand.
  9. Not all legends are Ubers so some wouldn't necessarily need to be banned from OU.
  10. This has been shot down before. It adds nothing to gameplay and only encourages logging in to stockpile bonuses. The devs have stated in the past that if they did bonuses that they require the player to interact with the game more than just logging in.
  11. You do know IQ measures the ability to perform tasks a kindergartner can perform right? Higher IQ means you are just better at performing those tasks. Congrats on patting yourself on the back. Back to the topic. Mewtwo, Rayquaza, and Zekrom/Reshiram only have one of them in existence canonically. The mechanics behind Mewtwo and Rayquaza keep this in line with canon. In addition to canon lore, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, and Zekrom/Reshiram are considered Uber. While the devs could just program them in as banned, which they have, they want to preserve rarity and make them feel special. From my understanding of past discussions on the topic, there will be a lot of legends that are permanently obtainable but they will be extremely rare and obtainable only in their respective dungeons. Legendary Pokemon are on the same level as Legendary Equipment in other MMOs. They wouldn't be legendary or special if literally everyone could get them with little effort.
  12. This is a clarification of the question. Yes, I am in fact aware of the B/W ROM requirement. However, Teddi stated Fire Red is required because you need both Fire Red and Emerald to access Hoenn. It's been that way for quite some time unless something has changed since I departed back in October.
  13. You need FireRed and Emerald to access Hoenn.
  14. It's not a clear cut issue. This issue affects several different builds and systems. It doesn't seem to be isolated to a singular type of system.
  15. Nah, you should examine your team's weak points. You use Ice types which are weak to Rock type moves. Someone mentioned trying Water types packing an Ice type move. Starmie with Ice Beam should help. I'd suggest something that takes neutral damage with an Ice or Dragon type move as well. The point of the gyms being harder now is so you can't always rely on the same strategy of smashing the same two moves for every gym. I know Razimove mentioned that I beat all 8 with only a team of Spinda. Which, while true, required much more strategy than anything else. Moves had to be changed, held items swapped around, leads rotated between attempts all in an effort to find the most effective setup to be able to win. I'm certain you can do it without resorting to endless grinding. Take a moment to think about what you have and how you can use it. Pokemon, yen, and items are all effectively resources. Battling is all about resources and how you use them. You may even be able to use your same team to be Iris. The AI tends to get locked into certain patterns; pick up on those patterns and learn to predict what they are. An example being predicting a move that could KO you, swapping to something that won't and would cause Iris to swap, then predicting the swap and sending out something faster that can deal the damage you need. I believe you can do it, but that doesn't mean anything if you don't believe you can do it. So my question to you is, do you believe in your ability to pick up and out maneuver Iris?
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