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  1. XelaKebert

    but for why tho

    We do not publicly discuss punishment details. If you feel you have been punished unjustly you should PM one of our SGMs(Kizhaz, Rache, or Bearminator). They will look into your complaint and discuss the matter with you in better detail.
  2. XelaKebert

    Black and/or White ROMs

    We do not allow any discussion for how to obtain roms as they are copyrighted. We do not provide or allow any member of the community to provide assistance on obtaining roms. This is why you are not getting any assistance. If you have any further questions please refer to our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. If you still have question feel free to contact myself or any other Game Master or Senior Game Master.
  3. XelaKebert

    How do i start generation 2 place?

    Gen 2 is not available as a playable region.
  4. Friends with alts. It's still very abusible. The cooldown would have to be applied account wide but that still doesn't take into account alts on other accounts. If a reward were given it would need to be large enough to entice players to compete in these events more.
  5. XelaKebert

    How can this happen?

    Moved to Suggestion Box.
  6. The ways this could be abused do not include alts but also friends. All you need is a few friends to repeatedly lose to you until you earned the desired amount of money then you do the same for friends. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  7. XelaKebert

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Let's keep this related to shinies that exist in PokeMMO.
  8. XelaKebert

    Its the first time i feel so bad in this game

    https://pokemmo.eu/code_of_conduct Just because there is a bug that doesn't mean you can exploit it for personal gain. This behavior is forbidden in the Code of Conduct, linked above, and has always been against the rules. In the future, please report suspected bugs in the Bug Reports section linked below. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/
  9. XelaKebert

    fatal error help me

    This is being handled in Support Request. Closing.
  10. Hi I’m jisoo, pre-accepted your advice of filling the form in quote on the support request topic(Fatal rendering error),already done the form in a quote,

  11. Hi I’m Xonderlandz, pre-accepted your advice of filling the form in quote  on the support request topic (play with no sound effect after the update) ,already done the form in a quote,

    plz help as soon as possible ,since I have to host a tournament tomorrow GMT 12-16 on the live-streaming... Thx for your help       sincerely ,Ted

  12. XelaKebert

    Koga overleveling the cap

    You skipped Sabrina, which would boost your level cap to a point where you can face Koga.
  13. XelaKebert

    Hidden Abilities

    No hidden abilities are supported. The abilities work but can only be obtained on species that get them. If it is a hidden ability for a species then you can't get it yet. No other legends work.
  14. XelaKebert

    I need black and white rom

    No, it's against the rules.
  15. XelaKebert

    Battle Speed

    Animations have never been moddable. That is why.

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