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  1. Moved to Android Beta Bug Reports.
  2. XelaKebert

    Voice Chat System

    Moved to Suggestion Box. Please use this section for suggestions instead of Support.
  3. XelaKebert

    System of auction

    That's not how auctions work. Players are bidding on an item. Knowing what the high bid is currently is essential for the system to work otherwise nobody will use it. Too much risk for most people. It has nothing to do with value. If players wanted a value they could do a reserve on it wherein if the high bid doesn't meet their expectations it is pulled.
  4. XelaKebert

    System of auction

    In any auction the current high bid should always be public. No sense in bidding without knowing if your bid will be the high bid or not.
  5. XelaKebert

    LAN - Offline

    There are no plans for this functionality to ever be a thing.
  6. XelaKebert

    All pokemon in the PC is missing

    No. This is an uncommon thing. Sometimes it takes a few relogs but other times they never come back. In either case we are unable to assist any further.
  7. XelaKebert

    All pokemon in the PC is missing

    No. Odds are this is a visual bug. Relogging should resolve it but if not we cannot help you.
  8. XelaKebert


    The mods only change music/sprites on your end. They do not affect who you can match with or see in game.
  9. XelaKebert


    They go to your PC when you visit any region for the first time.
  10. XelaKebert

    LAN - Offline

    As mentioned, there is no way to play this game offline.
  11. XelaKebert

    Login Fails Connection timeout

    Handling in Support.
  12. XelaKebert

    Shiny Piloswine Lottery!!! Drawing Today!!!

    Ended up drawing a second time as the first number was not taken. Congratulations to @DrChansey. Please PM me your IGN so that I can award the prize to you.
  13. XelaKebert

    Shiny Piloswine Lottery!!! Drawing Today!!!

    I am home and will be running the drawing as soon as I confirm accuracy of the list. If you purchased a ticket prior to this post make sure you have paid for your tickets. Good luck to everyone who has entered.
  14. XelaKebert

    My Combusken wont evolve to Blaziken

    Relog and try again.
  15. XelaKebert

    can't login on android

    Moved to Android Beta Bug Reports.

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