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  1. Shop currently closed. Reason: Check my profile.
  2. Darkshade can't be in the list, please? I really want do something green. :c
  3. I forget to read the list... [spoiler] A quick Celebi for Darkshade: [/spoiler]
  4. I'll do it without resize them. The requests are open.~ _____________________________________________________ Updates: .gif pictures available for signatures Text: Text color: Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Background: Link of Picture (.gif):
  5. Yeah but when it's not resized the picture is so weird for me. ^^ I try use some tools on it and publish it when it's ready. P.S.: The requests for this type of signature will be longer than my 'normal' signatures, I think.
  6. Thank you, Ploegy. I know how add a.gif picture to a signature now. :) But now I must learn how resize it and others.~ [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  7. Soon.~ I want finish Until Down for the 4th time. Haha. P.S.: We won't talk about off topic things here please. Come in a private message if you want a conversation.
  8. I'm sorry, I am not really motivated for a bear crazy and horrible. xD ^^
  9. Really hard. Because I'm not really a fan of this game. Here you go: [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  10. Tenzeko

    I'am Back

    Long time no see. Welcome back, Rajat.
  11. I have Photoshop CS6 for free, without the cracked version or anything else. P.S.: I have Photoshop for free because a friend paid for me. Hue.~
  12. Photoshop CS6 is free and easy to have on Google. And thank you.
  13. I have a question, Pereiraa. Can I do it on a paper In Real Life?
  14. Okay, no problem. Feel free to ask another signature. ^_^
  15. Seriously? xD (I hate this item ><) Anyway, good luck to everyone.
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