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  1. Hi! May I know what the 3 shinies you were breeding?
  2. May I know how the boxes buying works? You paid the seller first and he mailed them to you? Sorry for my inexperience.
  3. Hi! Are you using Dittos as well? If so, how much did you pay for each? Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone! I really want a shiny charizard with my OT. I have done some research on the forum and I found out that breeding seems to be the best way to get a shiny charmander. For the breeding process, I buy 4 charmanders and 4 dittos from GTL, and breed 4 new charmanders. If the new charmanders are not shiny, then I will buy another 4 dittos from GTL and use the 4 charmanders bred earlier to breed another 4 new charmanders again. I keep repeating these steps until I get a shiny charmander. Is my way of breeding efficient and correct? I need advice and help from experts! (Thanks in advance!) Besides that, can anyone here share their own experience in breeding a shiny pokemon (especially charmander), like how many attempts to get one shiny successfully? Thank you! :D
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