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    Denonimize GTL

    not here for any back and forth, only wanted to say that i don't think flipping is "a problem". if you create a marketplace, re-selling is always going to be an option. it adds more value/demand to items than most people realize, because instead of demand only coming from "i want to buy this item to use it", it also comes from "i want this item because i think i can sell it for more either now or in the future", and that huge boost in demand is what keeps the marketplace alive & interesting, as well as helps in shaping the price ranges of items. i personally think that without it, the game
  2. do you mean like the way i mentioned it in the original post? i think the fees are healthy for the game :(
  3. Suggesting to make a tab/section in GTL where you can essentially post things you want to buy rather than sell So you could post that you're buying 1 or more of an item for a specified price, and the listing would be public until expired or fulfilled. For example, I could list that I'm buying x3 Fancy Butterfly Wings for $2,500,000 each. anyone who owns this item will be able to accept aka sell to me for that price, anywhere up to 3 times. We could also add this for Pokemon of course, with your own set of specifications such as IV range, nature, etc. just like how the search bar works. Th
  4. i think my whole net worth is approximately the price of 1 electric storm, feels bad
  5. anyone play battle factory at all? what are your favorite rental pokemon to get for whichever specific mode you play? I made a quick, somewhat sloppy personal opinion tier list for the first 7 wins of level 50 doubles, what I'd refer to as 'tier 1', after you get a 7 win streak it becomes 'tier 2' and so on, since the sets change. lmk if you have any strong opinions about it S+ croconaw farfetch'd illumise minun murkrow plusle raticate S azumarill clamperl haunter kadabra machoke porygon volbeat A aipom anorith delcatty delibird furret ivysaur kabuto magby spinda B beedrill charmel
  6. apologies, just spotted another thread that said it would be back soonTM this thread can be locked or deleted, but if there is any additional info i'd love to know
  7. After the short maintenance yesterday, there was a bug that made you get stuck at the same spot when starting battle factory every time, I reported it and the mode was temp disabled. Just wondering if any mods have a report on what went wrong or any estimation on when it'll be back, as it's the main reason I log on :( ty
  8. cosmetics are whack to sort through when you have more than 50, i'm sure many people have more than 1,000. would be great if they stacked to 99 like regular items do this is bound to have been suggested before but i've never seen it, maybe there's a reason it hasn't happened yet, if so just fill me in
  9. my assumption is that the elfbot items have demand, it just seems like less since it's spread between so many different ones
  10. not in reference to shiny hunting or anything like that, i only really use GTL and battle factory for a while now, i don't know how high of a priority this would be or just how many other people would be in favor of this, but - it often can feel really sluggish especially when certain factors add up. i.e. leftovers, black sludge, confusions, statuses (especially rest), stat changes (especially pokemon with moody, but also things like speed boost, quiver dance, stockpile, curse, bulk up, calm mind), those are the things off the top of my head. not a huge deal i just figured i'd share my mi
  11. thanks for the reply iirc the first line of elfbot items came out 2016 (penguin stuff 2017?), their prices are similar but some of the elfbot ones are probably a little higher also sleigh bell ribbons seem to be around that price
  12. like limited items and event items, listed with their respective "release events" or time of release just wondering if anything like this already exists, would be interesting to look at, hard to keep track of all of them. thx
  13. Vampire Fangs came out at the same time as Ghost Costume & Witch's Broomstick right? was just wondering why they their price has always been significantly lower. were they more common? do people just dislike them? hmmm
  14. iirc they were planning to remove anonymity from GTL
  15. this idea might be an answer, please check it out and give feedback if you're concerned https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/73907-possible-solution-to-gtl-issues/
  16. * If you aren't aware what I'm referring to, please read https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/73580-what-happens-to-current-gtl-listings/ specifically the more recent posts (pages 2-3) The best solution I can think of is to allow players to have personal shops, maybe with a fee or a requirement to start them/keep them active. For example you list pokemon/items to your own shop for a fee, people can find your shop through the same drop-down menu used to battle players. I think this would increase incentive for interaction among players, free up the GTL for its inten
  17. I wrote this and forgot to post it so I'm probably echoing some other people: from a buying perspective as well, I can say that whenever I've tried breeding to make a good pokemon, even with the old system of listings never going down (so long as the person who listed them is staying active on the game) and with there being 50,000+ listings up, I found it difficult to find even some 1x31's that I needed. some times I didn't find them and some times I had to pay up for them. I'd imagine this is going to get a lot worse considering almost every one that there was to find had been lis
  18. as i've said before this isn't something i'm complaining about, but personally if i was warned in advance i would've stopped adding to my listings in attempt to narrow them down as much as possible in preparation
  19. not that i'm complaining about it, but getting a warning as the servers are down for the update in which these things will come into effect is impossible to do anything about
  20. I definitely see the need for the change but it seems that no one except for the small minority of people who actually have hundreds/thousands of listings care at all, it's really frustrating to see people who this doesn't have a negative effect on just coming on here and making fun of the people who it actually does screw over royally. I happen to fall in the minority because I love making profit off of markets when it comes to anything and as a result have made millions on this game over the past 2 years *despite several breaks* instead of grinding island runs / elite 4 endlessly or whatever
  21. A combined storage - maybe a team pc (pokemon/item storage) and/or a team bank (money storage) would be really nice too, a certain rank within the team would be required to deposit or withdraw from either of these. This would be customizable, but for example: officers and above are able to withdraw from the team pc, but members and above are able to deposit.
  22. I think this has been requested for GTL quite a few times, would be very nice to have
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