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  1. iirc they were planning to remove anonymity from GTL
  2. this idea might be an answer, please check it out and give feedback if you're concerned https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/73907-possible-solution-to-gtl-issues/
  3. * If you aren't aware what I'm referring to, please read https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/73580-what-happens-to-current-gtl-listings/ specifically the more recent posts (pages 2-3) The best solution I can think of is to allow players to have personal shops, maybe with a fee or a requirement to start them/keep them active. For example you list pokemon/items to your own shop for a fee, people can find your shop through the same drop-down menu used to battle players. I think this would increase incentive for interaction among players, free up the GTL for its intended purpose and allow the people who primarily are into trading to continue doing so. I think it would be nice to be able to either link your shop into trade chat, or if the ability to link isn't wanted then arrange a meetup if people want things you have. This would also allow people to browse shops in popular areas or if they stumble across somebody. let me know what you think or how you think this idea could be improved
  4. I wrote this and forgot to post it so I'm probably echoing some other people: from a buying perspective as well, I can say that whenever I've tried breeding to make a good pokemon, even with the old system of listings never going down (so long as the person who listed them is staying active on the game) and with there being 50,000+ listings up, I found it difficult to find even some 1x31's that I needed. some times I didn't find them and some times I had to pay up for them. I'd imagine this is going to get a lot worse considering almost every one that there was to find had been listed for well over 20 days. despite the many millions i've lost to delistings in the past and am losing now, I still think the best solution for now would be to fix the sorting of 'your listings'. and since we've been told now that they'll never go back to being unlimited then I guess we have to wait and see, I do like Weedle's suggestion though.
  5. as i've said before this isn't something i'm complaining about, but personally if i was warned in advance i would've stopped adding to my listings in attempt to narrow them down as much as possible in preparation
  6. not that i'm complaining about it, but getting a warning as the servers are down for the update in which these things will come into effect is impossible to do anything about
  7. I definitely see the need for the change but it seems that no one except for the small minority of people who actually have hundreds/thousands of listings care at all, it's really frustrating to see people who this doesn't have a negative effect on just coming on here and making fun of the people who it actually does screw over royally. I happen to fall in the minority because I love making profit off of markets when it comes to anything and as a result have made millions on this game over the past 2 years *despite several breaks* instead of grinding island runs / elite 4 endlessly or whatever other people have done. I think the rest of the people who this affects would feel similar as this game can get stale very quickly when you run out of things to do. As of now, I have 1000 listings that have already de-listed (not sure why only these did in a few days rather than 10 days), so I have to go to page ~100 just to see if anything new sold. I have plenty more that will be de-listing I just don't know when. I haven't been able to list any pokemon since the update, which i was looking forward to and had prepared for since anticipating the update whenever the announcement hit. I have already been through an issue twice where my listings for some reason all ended when I had only not been online for a few days rather than a week. This costed me millions both times, I wasn't able to get any help either time and it took hours of work collectively to get them back up. The only reason I initially made an account on these forums was to suggest things to fix crucial problems for me and people who play/have played the game like me. Unfortunately as stated above we make up a small minority and as a result; the suggestions normally, and somewhat understandably get brushed off or deemed as unimportant. To attempt to summarize: I don't see the issue with finding a creative method to make money and enjoy the game that would otherwise become quickly stale once you run out of things to do, yet we're looked at like idiots now for choosing this instead of grinding the mind-numbingly repetitive pokemon league/islands etc. I understand if this isn't important enough to cater to, given the small amount of people it screws over, but it would be nice to not have to see people blaming us / laughing it off and moving on any time we try to be vocal about it. Basically at this point we have to manually take out each pokemon which would take a ridiculous amount of time and is made beyond unrealistic considering our limited storage. The only realistic way to deal with this is manage them over a very long period and just take out/try to sell the best ones ~150 at a time (which is also awfully tedious due to the poor sorting of "your listings"). Until we do this which I'm sure most of us won't bother attempting, we effectively can't use the GTL unless we're up for sifting through hundreds of pages every time we want to. lastly, as I've suggested a while back, the best solution to this I can think of off the top of my head is to improve the way the "your listings" page is sorted: add some sorting options (date added, etc.) and maybe make a tab for ended listings - as well as add a button to automatically re-list an ended item for the same fee it normally would be, this just removes the process of manually making room in your party, then de-listing it, then dragging it into the 'create listing' page and setting the price. shoutouts to @Weedle , @EssDeeCee and @superpichu999's friend thanks for reading, I would appreciate at least getting a response from someone official on this matter before moving on
  8. A combined storage - maybe a team pc (pokemon/item storage) and/or a team bank (money storage) would be really nice too, a certain rank within the team would be required to deposit or withdraw from either of these. This would be customizable, but for example: officers and above are able to withdraw from the team pc, but members and above are able to deposit.
  9. I think this has been requested for GTL quite a few times, would be very nice to have
  10. There would be another section on the GTL where people could list a pokemon or item they want to buy instead of sell. It would work the same as listing something to sell, but instead of that you choose from a list of pokemon (or items) and choose a minimum/maximum for IVs + EVs as well as nature, gender, checkboxes if you want to make sure it's shiny and/or unnamed, etc. Obviously you would have to list the price you're willing to pay for such pokemon or item, so I would recommend charging the person making the WTB listing a flat rate of maybe $1000, while possibly charging the seller the same amount that they would be taxed for making a sale listing of that price (just an idea, I really wouldn't care how much the fee is). Also it would be nice if you could search the entire WTB section and make it show only listings that you own and are capable of selling, I'm sure this would be possible for items, but not so sure if it would be able to read everything in your pc or not.
  11. i used to have over 10% of GTL (3000+), lol
  12. I haven't played this game since the update where we were made to re-design our characters (if anyone knows what the reason was for removing a lot of the customizations, please let me know in pm or wherever necessary), due to my inactivity for well over a week all of my listings that weren't sold have ended and are only salvageable by individually claiming every pokemon/item and re-posting them obviously this isn't as big of an issue for most people but I think it would help nearly everyone if there was a button to simply re-post these listings, and/or a 're-post all' button thanks!
  13.   Currently these are the 3 options we're able to modify in-game (still not sure exactly what Theme Color 2 does)   I think it would be cool if you could make your own themes within the game, this would include: - more options such as but not limited to text colors and the background of windows (the white displayed in the image above) - the ability to save/name multiple themes you create & switch back and forth with ease much like the downloadable ones   thanks for reading
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