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  1. What I meant was it is going to be implenented.
  2. I feel there is no need, there is already places to plant berrys
  3. I agree with Edniss, maybe look at some other Tournaments and see how they show what there doing. Then come back and edit onto yours with more detail.
  4. This is fantastic! I 'm not a fan of the color green, but in general this is great!
  5. I'd register, but I have really bad pokemon :P
  6. Hi everyone, I'm Jacob. I started playing POKEMMO about a year ago but kinda lost interest. I recently got back into it and deiced to join the forum. I absolutely love Pokemon, Doctor who, Hunger Games, rick and Morty and I am a die hard Gravity Falls fan. I seem to have a large knowledge on pokemon so feel free to approach me :)
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