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  1. I used to program games on BYOND back in the day, and I liked to keep up with fan-made online Pokemon games. Then someone told me there's a game that's finally connected a Rom file to a server and I haven't been back to BYOND since.
  2. Well that makes me feel better then. I'm glad you guys at least give Gen 2 more recognition than the franchise. I'll be updating the post Unrelated: I was actually discussing with my girlfriend the other day about how PokeMMO is the best Pokemon game out there because you guys have taken the time and effort to balance every mechanic to work seamlessly with every region, and the ability to travel to other regions alone puts this game on top.
  3. What was your first shiny? It is terribly unlucky, but that just means my first one will be extra special when I finally find them
  4. whaaa? well I can't believe I've never noticed that. Now I feel a real goof
  5. I sound a fool for asking, but exactly how many Johto Pokemon are there? I've seen a few and I've beaten every region multiple times. The starters aren't available in the wild, at least as far as I know (you'd probably know better than I would). And outside of PokeMMO, it's really been left in the dust as well in comparison to the other regions. It's just a weird phenomenon I'm noticing.
  6. Since 2012, I've been looking forward to seeing Gen 2 Pokemon and the Johto region make their debut on PokeMMO. There was hope when the Hoenn region was announced, to no avail. There was hope when some Gen 2s were seen in the wild, to no avail. There was hope when the HG/SS Roms were required for followers, alas however, to no avail. I've noticed however, Gen 2 is pretty much forgotten overall outside of Pokemon Showdown (And PokeMMO) - on Consoles, Handhelds, Browsers, etc. How come? Gen 2 had some of the best Pokemon, and Johto was one of the most beautiful regions. It also introduced the Time/Day Mechanic, Held Items, Berries, Breeding, and Specialized Pokeballs that we rely on so heavily these days. So with the recent developments and updates PokeMMO has been working VERY hard with (and I couldn't be more thankful for everything you guys do and the hard work you put in), why is it that Johto has been skipped over, and what is there to say about the overall disappearance of an entire region on almost every scale? Edit: I stand corrected on the Johto Pokemon in-game, so this OP has been updated to avoid confusion.
  7. To put it into perspective, I've been playing PokeMMO since 2012 and have never encountered a Shiny Pokemon.
  8. I still think it would be cool to have an option to scan a Pokemon you haven't captured yet with your Pokedex to have access to it's information (locations, evolution levels, moves, description, etc.) Having to wait until it's captured doesn't make sense, since traditionally a Pokedex would be able to scan and give you that information.
  9. I guess it really comes down to what you're trying to do. If you want to have the strongest and win every battle, then you're the master of that. If you want to breed the best Pokemon or have the best collection, then you're the master of that. Personally I love battling, but I love exploring and customizing my own bases and hanging out in my favorite (and most aesthetically pleasing) towns. So I'm the master of that.
  10. You could choose to either just not use the roms or just dont' go over to that region, it's entirely up to you. I'll kick back in Kanto sometimes and just walk it for nostalgia purposes when I'm feeling a change of pace from adventuring. Having the freedom to do that is pretty rad
  11. Just a simple function, as used in the show. I had an idea and thought it would be nifty to put a Pokedex icon next to the name of the opponent Poke'mon in battle. When it's clicked, it'll display/state their name, type and description. This could be done at any point during the battle without taking up your turn. You could also disable the status effectiveness (super effective, effective, etc.) overlay on the moveset unless the Pokedex has been used on that Pokemon, which it would then become available (because how can you know what it's weak against if you haven't seen it before / registered it in your Pokedex? And if you know what it's weak against then why have the status effectiveness overlay over the attacks enabled by default at all?) I think this would be useful in helping newer players learn types of Poke'mon and their effectiveness as well, and it would add a sense of engagement by manually adding Pokemon to the Pokedex. However, don't enable all the intricate details (found locations, attack list, evolution, etc) until you catch it.
  12. You kind of debunked what I was actually thinking about dreams being an alternate plane we can only access subconsciously (or with certain substances, alternatively) with the fact that you DO see other people who aren't experiencing the same dream. Unless In this other plane we can generate company, but that's a far stretch imo and a theory I'll think about. As for dream eater, that makes sense why it doesn't work on those types. However there is also an incredibly neat thought that I've been dancing around since I was a kid as to whether or not our "reality" is actually our fantasy. In which case, dream eater would be SUPER fucking mean where it just took your "reality"away and left you "dreaming" then that would just kill it on impact. Again, there are some thoughts to go into that since we actually only exist as our brains piloting a body that grows and creates other brains inside of another brains body with liquids that one brains body naturally produces (birth). Our bodies only serve as a tool to maintain the survival of our brain. Being the most important, what's to say our reality is actually just an existence to keep us alive but our brains actually "exist" when they're most active, not when our bodies are most active? And THAT'S why we can't access our dreams physically.
  13. I honestly believe a soul "our consciousness" (not to go off topic but stay on topic) can exist beyond what we experience. Where matter can't be created or destroyed, what makes up what and "Who" we are is very evident. So when we're asleep, our matter obviously isn't acting outwardly where we're on standby, so it would make sense for it to go somewhere else, and that's internally. Our body is just a tool, like a cellphone, used by a controller to communicate, act, and function to keep the planet and the human race alive through evolution and communication. Both of which we're failing at, but that's beside the point. That being said, I honestly believe it would make sense another plane of existence, well, "exists". Not a heaven or a hell, but a dimension. It's been recorded millions of times of people experiencing similar dreams through whatever crazy circumstances. Given the unlimited potential of our brain it would be almost impossible to dream the same thing as someone else. Now, if these are hallucinations, it would somewhat make sense since we experience the same reality together and inhabit the same planet with the same weather and struggles as each other. So to hallucinate similar experiences makes sense. But in the same places? Even as hallucinations, those are individually mapped to where we've been and how we've experienced being there. I agree with you, I just wanted to put in my two-cents. I believe a hallucination goes beyond just being a "chemical imbalance" since when you die, that's the biggest chemical imbalance but you don't function or exist when you die, only your shell of a body does. So where does that conscience go? Where does what made you who you are go? Maybe it would go to the only other place it would exist, and that's the only place we experience when we dream. Brain activity completely ceases to exist when you die, so I doubt "you" would just fester and buzz around your brain after death like a bee. We'd have been able to detect that kind of incredible activity and harvest / rebirth it by now with the amount of brain science and technology there is today.
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