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  1. Cheating is God's gift to those who are untalented.

  2. There's a loop thru every hole. All you gotta do is find your way thru it

  3. I still live on...............

  4. rng is a bitch.   I think it should be scaled to 2-3 to make it fair for each of the players. That would mean no first turn wake ups and no wasting 5 turns of sleep.
  5. To add on, after reading all the comments, 2/10000000000000000000 people don't give a damn about if this "exploit" can heal pokes. I don't even think that is a exploit tbh. What is the matter with healing pokemon? Does it make your pokemon get special effects?     I bet if this was in-game, you mods would be using this "exploit" too.
  6. Its only gonna be till the end of this month so its really not worth the time to fix
  7. Eh idk if this is really needed but I guess big things come in small packages. Would be a good idea to put a red border on it but other than that its really not that hard to click.
  8. Going inactive. Later Plebs

  9.   Pls ban Grey. He uses steroids on pokemons to join tourneys.
  10. It usually takes me a couple hours. I finish EV training at like lvl 37-38 ish then I have to grind xp >.< 
  11. Time to get into the Christmas spirit :3 Santa hats for every1 \o/

  12. Someone has been added to my wanted list >:D

    1. GokuSSGSS


      And thats me!

    2. Edniss


      That's even not me. ;_;

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