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  1. Hey, I'm using your XYmod, but I have a problem.  

    1. h4ckkl


      I don't know how to send pictures on this forum, but I can only explain to you that I see my pet has double shadow. 

  2. I stop playing the game, I'm done, saw 151 pokemons and get all 8badges :) Did beat the league :D I did all what i wanted ;) I can not promise thet the download will be aviable forever so... uhm download it and upload it before I will remove it in the future^^. (I never use mega but who know...)   Enjoy it ;)
  3. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/57388-mod-animated-mega-evos-for-your-pok%C3%A9mons-permanent/ I create an other Version with your mod I hope its okay for you.
  4. This mod is the X/Y already, you just have to replace the other folders. It include all the old Pokemons but now all from this List: http://www.pokewiki.de/Mega-Entwicklung#Liste_bekannter_Mega-Pok.C3.A9mon are replaced with their Mega form.     "I did just replace some Pokemons (37) but Gigolo made over 400"   So 37 ;)
  5. Yeah I thought that too :D Thats why I did try it and now its soo nice :) I hope Nintendo make a Mega Dragonite too *_*
  6. --- No longer Support, I stop playing, I will not look in this Thread ---- Hello Trainers!, I did download the Mod: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/56472-mod-animated-battle-sprites-from-xy-oras/ And after a while I had the idea to make the normal Pokemons to theyre Mega version if it is possible. So I did create in the last few hours an update for the Mod from GigoloimCabrio. Now have every Pokemon like Charizard a Mega version instead of the normal. Charizard and Mewto have 2 forms, so I did give them the X for normal and Y for the Shiny Version. My Game is in German, because I am German, but I think the screens say more as enough how cool it now is :D I did just replace some Pokemons (37) but Gigolo made over 400 , so thats why I let the credits in the Mod info to his Thread, I just made a small optional Update. It would be to hard to update every pokemon from hand like I it did so I did update the complete pack. So you just have to download it and replace the other sprites. That is the faster way for the consumers, it was harder for me but now easy for you. Some Pokemons are not correct placed, I have no idea how to change theyre position, so life with it or use the old one. I hope its okay for GigoloimCabrio. Greetings Dracken How to Install: 1. klick on the Download 2. Download it. 3. put all the 4 .zip folders in your PokeMmo->Data->mods Folder. 4. start the Game and open at the right bottom corner the Mod management. 5. enable every of the Mod. 6. Start the game 7. use one of the Mega Pokemon and be happy ^^. -----DOWNLOAD----- https://mega.nz/#F!Xtd2xB4R!XScV9PFLILv94pNGQ3q1vg (cansomeone say if it work? first time uploaded on mega) (the download, not the mod^^) Screenshots: (From my Mega pokemons ^_^) --- Just by the way, if you see here wrong English you can say it to me and I will change it :)
  7. That is the Quali who you get from the Web, its just a Gameboy not a Wii ;)   I am done with my MEGA mod I will upload it in a new own Thread.
  8. My friend have the same problem, is it maybe a problem with the German game? now it looks good :) a bit much the yellow but I think its okay.. Btw: My MEGA Simsala looks nice too but he should more eat O_O
  9. I working on a MEGA Update for this mod, I hope its okay for the owner? :) I will make a reupload of the pkmns with the Mega forms, so you can have your Babys always as a Mega :)       (I play in German)     -- I will use the Mega Charizard X, if someone want the Mega Y Charizard I can change it.   It would be cool if you give me Feedback what you think :) http://www.pokewiki.de/Mega-Entwicklung#Liste_bekannter_Mega-Pok.C3.A9mon   I have the Idea normal Charizard is X and Shiny is Y because Shiny have the Y^^, then will it look more different ;) and the shiny X is ugly, its green xD   Normal:   Shiny:     Legendarys they aren't catchable like Latios will I not implement.   Confusing thing about "Sceptile" http://www.pokewiki.de/Gewaldro#Sprites_und_3D-Modelle He stay uhm.. wrong? so if someone have he don't be confused this is his normal position, that he is looking at you . THis is how YOU see it as owner: In the normal form he look like this:     He is not in the Mod pack included, is he not catchable or why?     uhm okay... why is he #279 in the Mod but in the Original 254? I am a bit confused :D   Okay... all after 251 are complete random, that is crazy and a lot more Work, can you explain it?       -----   I did create the Thread here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/57388-mod-animated-mega-evos-for-your-pok%C3%A9mons-permanent/ You can make the Mod as optional in your Thread if you want, its just a Update to your Mod.
  10. nope changed nothing, I use the mods HD items and pokemon X/Y animated and your theme.
  11. The Gift Shop have a wrong close button the X is out of the Shop, but in the XML file is nothing like this: <param name="closeButtonX"><int>-30</int></param> <param name="closeButtonY"><int>10</int></param> I found this in the social.xml and that is needed for the Gift Shop too.       Fixxed it: <!-- GIFT SHOP --> <theme name="gameshop"> <param name="border"><border>30,0,0,0</border></param> <!-- ab hier von mir --> <theme name="closeButton" > <param name="background"><image>close-button</image></param> </theme> <param name="closeButtonX"><int>-40</int></param> <param name="closeButtonY"><int>15</int></param> <!-- bis hier --> <theme name="combobox" ref="combobox" allowWildcard="true"> I added the stuff inside "my" lines.  
  12. I understand XML files I have Notepad++ I will look if I can work there. <!-- Used for attack buttons @ Battle Frame --> <theme name="battle-move-button" allowWildcard="true"> <param name="font"><font>battle-font-small</font></param> <param name="font2"><font>battle-font-tiny</font></param> <param name=""><image>button-big-red.*</image></param> <param name="border"><border>0,10,5,0</border></param> </theme> So if you Look at Line 6, what means the border? And I found no image files with button big red, only the "sprites".   I found it in the file images.xml You definate it at line 54 <alias name="button-big-red.hover" ref="button-big.hover" tint="#D30A44"/>   now its complete yellow, but I just wanted a small border :(   P.s.: Your message is better to read if you use some 'Enter' ;)
  13. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/56738-mod-anime-music-mod/   there is a Music MOD.
  14. Dont work with german :( Game say its corrupted and close the client T_T damn, why work it not with the german version? :(  
  15. Hello I have some Problems.     I use the Xb Controller and if I scroll down, he don't scroll to the End, had this Problem never with the normal Client. Same Problem if I use S (using wasd) it show not the last items. only if I scroll down with the mouse.   default theme work without problems if I use S to go down. ÄÖÜ are missing in battle-font_00 , battle-level_00 and battle-tiny_00.       The Item is called in German "Äther", but the "Ä" is missing:     It is hard to see which attack is selected:     I love red really, but I think its better if you change it to the Original yellow.   I try to show it you, now you can see it good ;) I have no Idea where I can change it. Same problem for item selection in the bag.     I hope I did not write to much wrong; my biggest problem is time past and simple present^^. German problems...     Greetings Dracken   I did change the sprite, but only the bag is changed :/ http://i.epvpimg.com/8vbxg.pngthis is my new version, but I think the second one at the bottom is wrong :/ http://i.epvpimg.com/JRuXg.pngtryed this now, but it is still red :/ hmmm
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