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  1. You go to Slateport in Hoenn and go on the boat on the right to go back to Kanto. :)
  2. You're definitely getting better at these, this is my 2nd fave theme you've done. Mega charizard x takes the cake for best theme. ;)
  3. Profile has been edited! :D

  4. IGN: DarkDragonborn Country: Australia Age: 13 Classy level: Why do you want to be in Team Mr: Because I think its cool :) Your Ex Team (If any): Lol no Why are you no longer a part of that team: I don't have an Ex-Team Do you Battle/Breed/Shiny Trade: Nope. <3 What tier do you play: Nope <3 Your Recommender: Walrus
  5. ♪ Background: [Background name // Background picture] Cerulean Cave from pkmn origins ♪ Colour theme: Black and blue ♪ Character(s): [Character name // Character picture] Mega Charizard X ♪ Text: The power of mega evolution comes from the heart, not the fist! ♪ Team: N/A ♪ Anything else: [Animation on the Text Y/N] Can the text slowly flash light blue every few seconds? :)
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