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  1. Regardless, you have been given an invite to the Reserves tournament and you can still compete in the next Invitationals to win an invite to the finals. Reminder that next week the invitational will be at a different time: @ 8am EDT | 12pm UTC | 1pm BST Time Conversion
  2. Original guide can be found @ [Storyline Guide] Sevii Island walkthrough made by DoctorPBC
  3. Artists Forum

    Answer is above. Creative media is dedicated for artists. Hope to see work from you soon!
  4. Has Android closed beta started?

    It isn't ready yet for release.
  5. Has Android closed beta started?

    The testing period for Android has not yet started and it hasn't been made public when it will. Stay tuned!
  6. Vais precisar de um pokemon com Pujança/Força (Strength) e Surf. 1º Passo: Derrota a Elite Four 2º Passo: Usa Voar (Fly) ou usa o barco para ir até à Ilha 1 3º Passo: Entra no Pokecentro e fala com o Celio, que está ao lado da grande máquina 4º Passo: Ele vai falar sobre o Ruby, depois disto terás de ir até ao Mt. Ember (também localizado na Ilha 1) 5º Passo: Derrota os bandidos da Team Rocket que estão na entrada direita do Mt. Ember 6º Passo: Entra na gruta e segue o caminho 7º Passo: Completa os dois primeiros puzzles com as rochas, na biforcação vai pela esquerda e segue o caminho até encontrares o Ruby 8º Passo: O caminho pela direita é o mais rápido para sair da gruta 9º Passo: Voa (ou vai a pé) até ao Celio com o Ruby e fala com ele. Ele vai promover o teu passe para teres acesso a todas as outras ilhas Este é o guia de como obter a Sapphire. Vais precisar de um pokemon com Surf e um com Cascata (Waterfall) para o primeiro passo. A partir daí, vais precisar de um pokemon que tenha Corte (Cut) e Pujança/Força (Strength). 1º Passo: Tens de derrotar os bandidos da Team Rocket que estão dentro da Gruta Icefall (Ilha 4). Para fazer isto, precisas de completar os puzzles de gelo e obter o HM Cascata (Waterfall) no fim da gruta. Quando já tiveres obtido o HM, podes voltar ao início da gruta e usar Cascata (Waterfall) (na cascata) 2º Passo: Vai para a Ilha 5 3º Passo: Vai para o Prado da Ilha 5 e derrota a Team Rocket que está fora do Armazém para obter a primeira palavra-passe 4º Passo: Voa/usa o barco para ir até à Ilha 6 5º Passo: Vai para Este do Pokecentro e depois anda/usa a bicicleta para ir para Sul 6º Passo: Segue o caminho até chegares ao Ruin Valley 7º Passo: No Ruin Valley vai pelo caminho da esquerda e segue-o, os dois caminhos que requerem Pujança/Força (Strength) levam-te apenas a um HP UP e um Full Restore 8º Passo: Depois de seguir o caminho pela esquerda deves chegar a uma gruta pequena e fechada. A porta da gruta deve ter Braille nela, usa Corte (Cut) na porta para a abrir (seleciona o pokemon, depois vai até aos ataques e escolhe Corte (Cut) enquanto estás em frente da porta) 9º Passo: Entra na gruta a cai no primeiro buraco 10º Passo: Segue o resto dos buracos da seguinte forma: Cima/Esquerda/Direita/Baixo 11º Passo: Clica na Sapphire, espera enquanto um cientista a rouba. Sobe as escadas e sai da gruta 12º Passo: Vai para a Ilha 5 13º Passo: Passa pelo Prado da Ilha 5 e vai para a porta da frente do amazém e clica A nela 14º Passo: Entra no Armazém, continua pelos caminhos no chão. Quando chegares ao fim do caminho um Admin da Team Rocket vai querer batalhar contigo 15º Passo: Depois de derrotares o Admin continua e derrota o cientista 16º Passo: O cientista vai dar-te a Sapphire, com isso volta para o Celio na Ilha 1 e dá-lhe a Sapphire Com tudo isto feito, terás acesso à Gruta de Cerulean e numerosos pokemons de nível alto. Aproveita!
  7. Yes, we all do. Our options are limited, though - in regards to prizes and other technicalities. I understand yesterday I might not have been in the spirit that both you and I would prefer but (as I have explained), it was a really rough day and I still tried to do my best. You were way out of line, though, coming in here saying I don't give a fuck after the hard work both me, Kaynine, and the events' coordination have put into this.
  8. Bracket links are now found in-game - they aren't often posted on the forums because of that. If it is such a big deal to be able to (also) find the link to the bracket on the forum event page I will be sure to include it in the next post, which will be better and earlier than a "quaint little announcement like 30 min before" as you described it. I shouldn't need to announce the start of the event in-game as the system does it automatically. Tournament hosts don't even need to be present when automated tournaments are taking place, yet I was in-game for most of the duration of this invitational but fell asleep since I had just come from a 14-hour drive from another country - my deepest apologies for not posting the winners, though. And I haven't posted them yet because I had classes the whole day and just got some time to finally sit down and catch up with what's going on here.
  9. Yes, I am about to add a post here and add them to the Hall of Fame. We also have signatures that the winners will be able to use on the forums. I was very busy today and didn't get around to do it (yet). You have no idea what you're talking about, so please don't go there.
  10. The first invitational will be starting in 20 minutes.
  11. For those asking, you will be able to get a Dratini instead of a Dragonite for first place.
  12. Can you buff competitive prizes?

    Also invite @Darkshade as he is the brains behind economy.
  13. > "It makes those tradeable shinies less desired" Also, dnite is supposedly rarer than salamence - or more difficult to catch.
  14. Please address those concerns in the Suggestion Box thread, if you wish to. :)
  15. Here you may find the date & time for each of the Mewtwo's Elite Championships' invitationals Main thread Players who come in first and second in the Invitational tournaments will win a guaranteed invite to the Finals, and both third place winners will be awarded a reserve invite. Reserve ticket holders will battle in the ninth week to decide the order of the reserves. The Invitational tournaments' format will be 64-man - Single Elimination - OU - 6v6. The Series Finals and Reserves Tournament will be 16-man - Double Elimination - OU - 6v6. Players who already have an invite are not allowed to participate in the subsequent invitationals. This does not include RESERVE invite holders. First Place Prize Finals Invite 650,000 Pokeyen OR 650 Reward Points Second Place Prize Finals Invite 350,000 Pokeyen OR 350 Reward Points Third Place Prize Reserves Tournament Invite 250,000 Pokeyen OR 250 Reward Points Invitational #1: 64-man - Single Elimination - OU - 6v6 April 15th 4pm EDT | 8pm UTC | 9pm BST Time Conversion Invitational #2: 64-man - Single Elimination - OU - 6v6 April 21st 1pm EDT | 5pm UTC | 6pm BST Time Conversion Invitational #3: 64-man - Single Elimination - OU - 6v6 April 29th 8am EDT | 12pm UTC | 1pm BST Time Conversion Invitational #4: 64-man - Single Elimination - OU - 6v6 May 5th 8am EDT | 12pm UTC | 1pm BST Time Conversion Invitational #5: 64-man - Single Elimination - OU - 6v6 May 13th 12pm EDT | 4pm UTC | 5pm BST Time Conversion Invitational #6: 64-man - Single Elimination - OU - 6v6 May 19th 12pm EDT | 4pm UTC | 5pm BST Time Conversion Invitational #7: 64-man - Single Elimination - OU - 6v6 May 27th 5pm EDT | 9pm UTC | 10pm BST Time Conversion Invitational #8: 64-man - Single Elimination - OU - 6v6 June 2nd 5pm EDT | 9pm UTC | 10pm BST Time Conversion by ShinyGoku

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