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  1. 2x31 4x25 as per usual sorry idk why that isn't there.
  2. Petition to Mute Bianca

    In, please shut her up
  3. ops

  4. Update for Mac Users.

    I also use macbook, currently running OSX version 10.12.5 Sierra and I didn't have to do any changes to play the new update.
  5. Fatal OutOfMemoryError

    Please post this in the Support Request subsection of the Help Desk forum. Be sure to follow the guidelines. Have a nice day.
  6. Keep in mind the servers will be down for a while updating after these 24 hours have passed.
  7. Your Club is now Open so you must always provide an english to your posts if they're in a foreign language. The Club's privacy was changed per request of the owner @isi1993 .
  8. Add Possibile Abilities in the pokedex entry

    Fixed that for ya
  9. perreh chan~ 

  10. patience is key for unova

    This thread isn't needed. As said before multiple times, the patch is arriving soon, you just have to be patient. Making more pointless threads won't make a difference on the release date. Don't worry though, the wait will be worth it.
  11. *pokes*

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      we'll talk ingame tomorrow cause im about to go 2 sleep bai

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      Goodnight. :)

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