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  1. Dude nice avatar

  2. If you need any help on how to change the friend icon feel free to drop me a PM. :)
  3. This looks really really awesome! Could you change the name to Perry though please? :))
  4. I tried to recolor it best I could sorry
  5. If I buy RP this month I'll get you a green dye. I have the render I want but I'm just going to quickly recolour it to semi black & white so that it looks better like yours
  6. I think I've told you before, I really really like this sig, I was wondering how much you'd want for one like this?
  7. Good afternoon Perreh, I am sorry I could not make it to your tournament. I hope the event was fun.

  8. y tho

    1. Perreh
    2. DarylDixon


      wo is dis perreh

  9. lmao bad name???

    1. Perreh


      Do I know u

  10. Thanks a bunch!
  11. Choice of two colors: blue & purple Name: Perry Team (Optional): PokeMMO Staff Render: Mayuri from Bleach, let me know if you don't find anything tyvm
  12. love iiiiit!! that looks just like my same when @TheChampionMike says something pleb-ish tyvm brook-sama
  13. I really really really like <3 but do you think you could try with the serious expression? just out of curiosity :> tyvm will be mailing you my donation, your ign is the same as forums right?
  14. Wowowowwo @Brooklynmr these look awesome (and cute), I want one too if you want to make me one :) Character pic: Blue eyes plzzz I don't have blue contacts yet Skin color: brightest Eye color: blue Expression ex: goofy,flirty,serious: omg lets go with flirty pls Hair color: pink (mohawk) Shirt color/ Dress color: white/really bright grey overcoat Jean,skirt,short color: also white, bazzb is boring Accessories (I'll let you know if the website has the accessory you want ^^): gloves, not snow gloves nor cooking gloves, just gloves that fit the hand really well Donation (if there is one): I'm probably on the top 10 poorest players but I'll manage to get you 100k
  15. Public Test Server, it sometimes is put up for players to test new features before they go live, just to be sure nothing is broken and to take suggestions etc.