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  1. Hey there. I listened to your remix of the original track and it sounds great, I really really like it, great work! Unfortunately, though, as much as I'd like to help you, I really am not the best when it comes to modding sounds, and your thread goes against the rules for the Creative Media & Client Customization sections: The best advice I could offer would be to PM someone who has already made a mod that changes some of the game's audio. (Like @Startear for instance). By the way, whenever your mod is done you'll want to post it in the Client Customization subforum, as it belongs there. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  2. Thank you so much for your report! This is intentional though, the team rocket grunt is actually disguised as a blonde attractive man, in the original games. Have a nice day.
  3. love iiiiit!! that looks just like my same when @TheChampionMike says something pleb-ish tyvm brook-sama
  4. I really really really like <3 but do you think you could try with the serious expression? just out of curiosity :> tyvm will be mailing you my donation, your ign is the same as forums right?
  5. Wowowowwo @Brooklynmr these look awesome (and cute), I want one too if you want to make me one :) Character pic: Blue eyes plzzz I don't have blue contacts yet Skin color: brightest Eye color: blue Expression ex: goofy,flirty,serious: omg lets go with flirty pls Hair color: pink (mohawk) Shirt color/ Dress color: white/really bright grey overcoat Jean,skirt,short color: also white, bazzb is boring Accessories (I'll let you know if the website has the accessory you want ^^): gloves, not snow gloves nor cooking gloves, just gloves that fit the hand really well Donation (if there is one): I'm probably on the top 10 poorest players but I'll manage to get you 100k
  6. This fixed it, thanks. java version "1.8.0_121" Got no screen tearing and my FPS cap is at 60. EDIT: chmod + x? not sure what that is, I only have cmd, have to launch the PTS through terminal using cd /Users/perry/Downloads/PokeMMO-Client-PTS-8552 2 bash
  7. Launched using the .sh, I'm using OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 . I've tried assigning different keys to try and walk and haven't been successful, also tried copy pasting my public server configs file to the PTS client, didn't work either. Can only teleport atm.
  8. All forum posts, bug reports included, need an English translation. So I happen to have just opened the client and I got an error saying that I cannot get into this update because the firewall, options or server is wrong, this sometimes happens to me in the normal client, but I have already restarted the PC, do you have a solution?
  9. Public Test Server, it sometimes is put up for players to test new features before they go live, just to be sure nothing is broken and to take suggestions etc.
  10. Oh, there were at least one or two more PTSs after that one, I don't think I'm crazy but I might.
  11. There were a few more PTS than just those two.
  12. Really cool idea, personally love it, prizes are way too OP though.
  13. Those legendary pokemons are not obtainable in-game, as you've noticed. There hasn't been any word from the development team regarding the addition of these pokemons.
  14. Supported, also can confirm that the building does mark Articuno as seen if you look through the binoculars.