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  1. Charizard + Gyarados, so they can both become dragons
  2. Doing free sigs, PM me if you need one

    1. Winterclaw


      I'd love to have one beedrill sign.

      Beedrill's face staring to camera and using fury attack. Like in this video

      between 0:25 - 0: 28

      Winterclaw name letters become little shiny and fade after end of the fury attack.

    2. MonkeyDKouteshi


      i would use one.

      A pikachu with a straw hat and luffy from one piece colors: red and yellow Name:Kouteshi Team: [sNÁK]

  3. Welcome back to PokeMMO!
  4. Welcome to the forums Kazumii-chaaaaan, Enjoy your stay here at PokeMMO and if you need any help PM me or whisp in-game(xSuki) o/
  5. Looking for Water Comps

    1. ShadowGary


      I got Kingdra and quagsire, go check my shop.

    2. xSuki


      Don't even knew you had a shop...

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